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Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

Rumor: Writers Have Been Brought in for a Peggy Carter Series, and They’re Both Ladies Update: Confirmed!

Rumors of a period television series based on Hayley Atwell‘s Peggy Carter abounded shortly after New Years, and have yet to be officially confirmed by Marvel Entertainment. At least we know that Atwell herself would be super down to continue the role. In any case, Marvel’s pretty good at keeping things a secret, but if the show is in pre-development stages, then Deadline might have some information on where it’s going.

From Deadline:

I’ve learned that Reaper creators Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas have quietly boarded Agent Carter, Marvel’s drama project in the works at ABC. Because of the unbelievably high level of secrecy surrounding Marvel’s development, no one is confirming, but I hear Fazekas and Butters are writing/executive producing.

Fazekas and Butters are a writing/executive producing team (as you can tell from their nearly identical IMDB profiles) who’ve worked on Law & Order: SVU, Hawaii Five-0, and Joss Whedon‘s Dollhouse. If true, their choice as a development team is good news for what stands to be Marvel’s third entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a woman in the lead on screen. (The others being the “Agent Carter” one shot and the upcoming Jessica Jones Netflix series.) Such a choice might be a gesture towards recognizing how male dominated Marvel movies have been in their first and second phases.

But still, there’s that nagging fact that even the mere existence of a Peggy Carter television series in any stage of development has not been confirmed by Marvel. So keep your fingers crossed, Peggy Carter fans, and those gifsets lively.

Update: Confirmed! Agent Carter is in development at Marvel with Atwell to star and Butters and Fazekas as showrunners!

Agent Carter takes place a year after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger and follows Steve Rogers’ (Chris Evans) girlfriend Agent Carter (portrayed by Hayley Atwell) as she builds her career as a secret agent while the hero is frozen in ice.

(via Deadline.)

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  • MarieMJS

    Oh my God I hope it’s true, Marvel need to confirm this and do it fast because I desperately want it….

  • Emily Neenan

    I want to go to there.

  • Charlie

    Sounds great :) Can’t wait!

  • Anonymous

    So if this goes through, Marvel will have two female led superhero shows, which is two more than DC (what with Amazon being scrapped) and will officially have my TV heart (though I’ll still thoroughly enjoy watching Arrow).

  • Adrian

    Women writing women? What a novel idea.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps they sold it to the execs as “girl on girl action”?

    “Wait, you mean we signed off on a show about a woman written by a woman and occasionally involving two women battling with no guy in sight, and NOT soft-core porn? Damnit!”

  • locuas

    so, they worked with Joss Whedon in dollhouse? then there is a chance the rumor that they may be involved in something related to the MCU could be truth. Having people who have worked with Joss Whedon would make it easier for both parties to discuss the continuity between shows.

    Again, it is not sur ethe peggy carter show is a thing, but i am led to belive the part that they are involved in something for the MCU.

  • Anonymous

    I need this to be true. Need it more than I can explain!

  • Aeryl

    The guy who spread the Sif story now here on The Mary Sue hinted at it too!!!!

  • Guest

    Wait, are you talking about me? Because my little thing was just a joke.

  • Aeryl

    From the Sif article

    Furthermore, Lee also suggested the Agent Carter series we talked about earlier today has a chance of making it onto ABC.

  • David

    Wait, Item 47 doesn’t count? I thought Lizzy Caplan was the lead of that? At least, I thought she was the selling point of the short.

  • Anonymous

    This has a lot of potential. Since the 40′s and post-war period for Marvel is largely unexplored on film there’s presumably characters from that era they could use without having to worry about potentially contradicting the movies.

  • SuperFubar

    Reaper was a pretty good show. I was sad when it was cancelled.

  • Thomas Hayes


  • Adrian

    Hmm. I’m very pro an Agent Carter series but I’m very con the limitations of the show being on ABC. I would’ve preferred it being on Netflix.

  • Anonymous

    Was anybody else really disappointed that the Zodiac Key in the Peggy Carter One-Shot was just a vial of blue liquid with an Ankh painted on it guarded by incompetent generic thugs?

  • DonnaBrazileRocks

    I thought this too, but their good track record with shows that seem closer to this in concept (ALIAS, Revenge, Scandal) doesn’t hurt. A Netflix Agent Carter miniseries would be probably just amazing, though.

  • Adrian

    Despite the limitations of being on ABC, I think my biggest con is a show that’s 20+ episodes long and all the filler that entails.

    Even Arrow, a show that I love, would be much more on the ball if it didn’t have to churn out 22/23 episodes.

    The model adopted by Bates Motel, Breaking Bad, Man Men, and Bates Motel just allows more concise storytelling to me.

    It’s also the way Marvel’s shows on Netflix are going to be.

  • LifeLessons

    OMG I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!

  • Sarah Rivas

    Peggy Carter is simply awesome. I really hope this show happens because it would be great to have another smart, funny and strong woman on tv!