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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Real Or Not Real?

Feed Your Oscar Fever With Honest Posters Of This Year’s Nominees

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CollegeHumor‘s posters are only of the nine films up for the big award, but it does make me wonder what titles for the other nominees (complete list here) would be. Like Pacific Rim. EXCEPT, OH WAIT, PACIFIC RIM DIDN’T GET NOMINATED FOR BEST VISUAL EFFECTS. EVEN TRANSFORMERS GOT THREE OSCAR NOMINATIONS. DAMMIT.

Ahem. Thus begins my yearly litany of “Don’t take the Oscars seriously, Rebecca. Don’t take them seriously. They don’t deserve it. Simmer down.”

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  • Anonymous

    Luke Thompson told me Cloudy With A Chance OF Meatballs 2 didn’t get nomminated for Best Animated Film because the studio didn’t send screener DVDs to voters, so maybe Pacific Rim was snubbed for the same reason.

  • Lapin

    This folk music geek is sad that Inside Llewyn Davis wasn’t nominated. Its fake title could have been “Starving Artists (and Justin Timberlake)”.

  • Lien

    I didn’t get the captain Philips one. Were there fake pirates of Somalia somewhere?

  • Grant Barnes

    Well, while Pacific Rim didn’t get nominated at the Oscars, it got plenty at the Visual Effects Society awards!

  • Anonymous

    Hate to explain the joke, but I think it’s a dig at Americans and Europeans who came in, cleaned out Somali resources, fished out and polluted their waters, and now call people trying to get money any way they know how to care for their families “pirates.”

    TL;DR Captain Philips was the real pirate.

  • Cowtools

    I thought it was a parody of reality TV show titles like ‘The real Housewives of Atlanta’ or whatever

  • Anonymous

    Which makes it even weirder that Lone Ranger(!) picked up a nomination in that category over Pacific Rim!
    Did Disney do some heavy leaning…?

  • Grant Barnes

    I would not be surprised in the least. The Academy is pretty dadgum far from objective, and snubbing Pacific Rim over the LONE FREAKING RANGER audhfabfiuahflaksdjflakdfadklsfj I think I just had an aneurysm.

  • Alyson L

    Oscars is all about politics. Del Toro doesn’t play the politics game – and its BS that PR didn’t get any nominations in the any of the effects fields.

  • DWH

    I wasn’t overly impressed by Pacific Rim’s VFX, to be honest, but on the other hand, I wasn’t impressed by Iron Man 3 or Star Trek, either (literally, while watching IM3 I found myself thinking “WHO APPROVED THAT??”). Transformers at least had some of the most impressive rigs I have ever seen in animation; they just lost because they were otherwise visually messy. I thought Man of Steel might have gotten a nod for their particle FX work, but the battle scene FX weren’t very good, so I’m not shocked. At the end of the day, the Academy actually doesn’t know much about the technical stuff, so it’s not worth getting worked up over.

  • Lien

    …but the movie had none of that except for maybe how the pirate accused the captain of “scaring the fish away”. Not saying what you said is not true, mind you. If anything, it’s more about how a captain disobeyed the pirate warning and endangered the whole crew of his ship. Even the crew member of the REAL ship constantly pointed out in the press that the film didn’t emphasized enough on that (we only see a small clip of the captain reading his E-mail with a pirate warning alert then deleting it). If that’s the joke, it’s too complicated and requires too much research to get it unlike the other posters.

    I think “a**-hole captain” would be a better title seeing the captain in the film just rolls his eyes at his crew members when they begged him to head back to port before and during the pirate attack. And also for other moments but it would be too much spoilers.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen the movie. I actually boycotted it because I’m tired of the demonization of Somalis, but this movie did raise a lot of awareness about the truth behind piracy in Somalia, so for anyone following the hype, it would probably be a viewpoint they’re aware of.

  • Andrea Pantoja

    I apparently took away the wrong lesson from Gravity, because I just thought, ‘Hot Damn, I need to go to space.’

    Ps: I share in your Pacific Rim rage

  • Lien

    Oh oh oh! Well you will be pleased to know that the film did an excellent job of portraying the Somalians with dignity. The movie starts with the “pirates” (more like starving teenagers being bullied into joining piracy) in their impoverish village and close to half of the film is spoken in Somalian. The actor who portrays the de facto leader of the group, Barkhad Abdi (a Somalian refuge turned actor), did an excellent job as showing them as human being. And by showing them as human beings, i mean as starving, tired (they were out at sea for four nights straight), confused and most importantly, scared kids who just want the job to be done without any danger. They don’t do evil terrorist faces when they point their Ak-47, they tremble their visor with their skinny fingers, scared and tired.

    I understand that concern you got, i had the same sentiment when i first saw the trailer but trust me, the movie isn’t a bravado-ism of military might over the evil pirates. It’s about a scared captain, who is being held hostage by a scared group of somalian hunted down by the entire world…. and well i won’t spoil the ending but there’s nothing heroic at all!

    Trigger warning, the film got lots of hostage physical assault. Some of my survivor friends got triggered in some scenes but they did tell me they love the message. I say, wait till they release the film in theater during the oscars. Some small theaters do that.