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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

What Boys Think of Girls

Olivia Wilde Talks About How Male Actors Were Bored In Genderswapped Movie Script

Here’s actress Olivia Wilde saying some great things about women in Hollywood. She sat on the State of Female Justice panel, a public event series by Laura Flanders as part of the One Billion Rising Campaign. The Tron: Legacy actress speaks about her own experiences, what positive things the media can do for young girls, and what she herself can do as a producer.

(via Jezebel)

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  • R.O.U.S.

    Could not love her any more. Hilarious, smart, sassy, driven. Love.

  • MeatyStakes

    I could listen to Wilde talk all day <3 I just love how she says things, how she puts the issues so at ease and with such a mirth and passion for what she's saying.

  • Hadas

    Like an idiot, while watching this on the site, I thought to myself The Mary Sue should totally post this, let me see if they did, oh wait /facepalm

  • KF

    This is great. Thanks for posting thing.

  • Alexa

    God I was thinking about this issue all day and how a lot of male writers, especially Martin McDonagh who wrote In Bruges, say they can’t write female characters. To which I say its not that hard, write a human and make it female and make sure their actions are fueled by who they are, and not by their gender. In other words, its not that hard.

    But then again I guess it is hard because well there is kind of a big wall of institutionalized expectations of what people believe each gender should act like. But still the best way to be considered original is to you know not follow the guide lines of these expectations when it comes to gender. Because like Miss Wilde said it gets boring.

  • raff

    I don’t think ‘Salt’ did that well or the ‘Tourist’

  • Dara Crawley

    So two bad movies lead by women means it’s a bad film? Stop the presses, burn the film, backspace the script! We need to stop making male driven movies. John Carter and Pluto Nash did terribly but we didn’t stop making movies with male leads.
    Gender has nothing to do with the quality of a script in most cases

  • Anonymous

    I feel badly though bc I really like her as a person but I don’t think she’s a very talented or compelling actress. :/

  • MeatyStakes

    Well, she said she is getting into producing now so you might like that aspect?

  • Jake Mertz

    Hmm, somebody remind me to hire Ms. Wilde someday.

  • Stealthfire

    Yeah, but I heard that “Aliens” picture did okay.

  • Anonymous

    Olivia is fantastic. I recently saw Incredible Burt Wonderstone and saw her play the supportive role. And hands on she was much better and more watchable than both the Steves. I can easily see that movie gender role changed to make her the lead. She would have def killed.

  • Anonymous

    Olivia is fantastic. I recently saw Incredible Burt Wonderstone and saw her play the supportive role. And hands on she was much better and more watchable than both the Steves. I can easily see that movie gender role changed to make her the lead. She would have def killed.

  • Bailey Fields

    totally get the sense a big proportion of male writers writing big movies do not know how to write women as humans. i think a huge issue is women simply aren’t the ones writing any of this stuff. how are men supposed to portray women when they get their schooling on how to write female characters *from other dudes writing women*.

  • Alexa

    Again its kind of institutionalized for many writers to believe that all women act and think the same and thus they are all kind of basic. I mean recently I heard in the movie That Awkward Moment there’s a scene where Zac Ephron is having trouble figuring out what to put on a book that will attract women to which he draws a pair of shoes and then women in the room say “You get us completely.” Yeeeeaaaaah….Its here where I want to find the writer of the movie shake him and scream “Wrong!!!!”

  • Anonymous

    It’s a circular problem – until it’s commonplace then conceptually people will do the same old same old on automatic pilot. Women as well as men have to break out of the same silent socially-ingrained habits.

    I remember my favourite author Douglas Adams saying how he found writing for women difficult, and it was only when I started writing as a teen and found my protagonists to be automatically male that I really had to think hard about what was *my* reason… and no guys it’s not just genetics.

    Since that was the model in so much of the stories I’d consumed, in my head I had become accustomed to identifying with male characters. What other choice was there? I certainly wasn’t going to identify with the flimsy-assed dull supporting characters (‘woo I get to look forward to being overwhelmingly concerned for a male chars wellbeing in doing dangerous yet exciting exploits, ooh must contain my excitement’ was not the thought process that was taking place)

    So this process of understanding the silent limitations may just not be something guys do automatically, unless of course they’re not white, but then they’re not the ‘standard’ either so the same point of identification with heroes outside of your group applies.

    White dudes have less of a chance of getting that automatic kick up the pants that tells them they’re not ‘standard’ the way women & poc do, so it can for some be a bit more effort for them to identify themselves in others – but it certainly isn’t impossible. Just realise that all stories are human stories and just write human, ok?

  • Jake Mertz

    Hmm, I wonder how many people would want to see a science fiction/fantasy web show with a woman as the main character….

  • Laura Truxillo

    If I never see one more “Women love Shoes, right?!?” joke again…

    I swear, it baffles me. I mean, sure I talk about my shoes, but that’s because they’re glow-in-the-dark with superheroes on them.

  • Javadude54

    Like Continuum… one of the best scifi series ever? Though it isn’t a web show.

  • Anonymous

    I like that argument that most male writers make that they can’t write women “well”. It doesn’t seem to be an issue for female writers who write both male and female characters, whether protagonists, antagonists or supporting characters. Are we supposed to believe male writers are not as good as their female counterparts? Or that they’re not trying hard enough?

  • Alexa

    There are some exceptions, like Whedon. Well he’s not perfect but he at least attempts and succeeds more often when it comes to writing women. Again he just makes them human and they happen to be female.

  • Anonymous

    Dying to know who took the Eugene Levy role.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Well, villains, technically. The Riddler Converse that got put out awhile back have glow-in-the-dark question marks on ‘em.