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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

If we got angry about this kind of thing we'd be angry all the time

This Newspaper Editor’s Statement on Why He Doesn’t Like Female-Starring Movies Is Just… I… I Have No Words

Movies with female leads might make a ton of money at the box office, and they might be a big enough deal that their posters and commercials are plastered everywhere, and they might star people whom everyone is talking about, but dammit, that doesn’t mean you should review them in a newspaper! At least that’s the view of the editor who tried to ban movie critic Michael Calleri from reviewing movies with female leads.

The e-mail in which the editor in question, Frank Parlato, Jr. of the Niagara Falls Reporter, expresses his hatred of all things vaguely feminist-seeming is truly a thing to behold. I find myself almost (but not quite) unable to muster any anger over the blatant sexism on display here because this guy is clearly crazier than a bag full of cats. Seriously. Try to read this with a straight face. I was going to pick a few choice morsels but found myself unable to cut this block o’ stupid down, so I’ve bolded some individual nuggets instead:

Michael; I know you are committed to writing your reviews, and put a lot of effort into them. it is important for you to have the right publisher. i may not be it. i have a deep moral objection to publishing reviews of films that offend me. snow white and the huntsman is such a film. when my boys were young i would never have allowed them to go to such a film for i believe it would injure their developing manhood. if i would not let my own sons see it, why would i want to publish anything about it?
snow white and the huntsman is trash. moral garbage. a lot of fuzzy feminist thinking and pandering to creepy hollywood mores produced by metrosexual imbeciles.

I don’t want to publish reviews of films where women are alpha and men are beta.
where women are heroes and villains and men are just lesser versions or shadows of females.

i believe in manliness.

not even on the web would i want to attach my name to snow white and the huntsman except to deconstruct its moral rot and its appeal to unmanly perfidious creeps.

i’m not sure what headhunter [referring here to Headhunters, a very good non-female starring Norwegian film] has to offer either but of what I read about it it sounds kind of creepy and morally repugnant.

with all the publications in the world who glorify what i find offensive, it should not be hard for you to publish your reviews with any number of these.

they seem to like critiques from an artistic standpoint without a word about the moral turpitude seeping into the consciousness of young people who go to watch such things as snow white and get indoctrinated to the hollywood agenda of glorifying degenerate power women and promoting as natural the weakling, hyena -like men, cum eunuchs.

the male as lesser in courage strength and power than the female.

it may be ok for some but it is not my kind of manliness.

If you care to write reviews where men act like good strong men and have a heroic inspiring influence on young people to build up their character (if there are such movies being made) i will be glad to publish these.

i am not interested in supporting the reversing of traditional gender roles.

i don’t want to associate the Niagara Falls Reporter with the trash of Hollywood and their ilk.

it is my opinion that hollywood has robbed america of its manliness and made us a nation of eunuchs who lacking all manliness welcome in the coming police state.

now i realize that you have a relationship with the studios etc. and i would have been glad to have discussed this in person with you to help you segue into another relationship with a publication but inasmuch as we spent 50 minutes on the phone from paris i did not want to take up more of your time.

In short i don’t care to publish reviews of films that offend me.

if you care to condemn the filmmakers as the pandering weasels that they are…. true hyenas.
i would be interested in that….

What do you think? Does the ridiculousness outweigh your fury? Do you have it within you to take this guy seriously even a little bit?

(via: Jezebel, Artvoice)

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  • “M”


    Oh, you saw that one, did you?

    Well, at least they’re not hiding behind the weak-sauce pseudo-rationale that “films featuring women don’t make money” anymore. They’ve been ducking & dodging behind that since before Thelma & Louise was said to be “a fluke”.

    I like my sexism (and my racism, FTM) right out front where I can spot it / them … though even though now I know how he got the gig, I’m still struggling with this dude calling himself any kind of “editor”.


  • Ladies Making Comics

    This newspaper editor’s failure to understand rules of grammar, punctuation, and capitalization makes me think he’s in the wrong job. Also his belief that his personal beliefs should shape the content of a NEWSpaper

  • Anonymous

    My initial reaction is pity. Anger follows but my first reaction is to think of what life must be with such a small brain. “Manly” men aren’t afraid of strong women, weak men are. Imagine how inferior that man must feel to be threatened by the portrayal of fictional women. Then realize how right he is to feel inferior.

  • Anonymous

    What a sad, sad man to be so angry at what is so clearly making this a better world for women and men to live in.

  • Jen Roberts

    whoa. this guy is waaaay too obsessed with “manliness”. I feel bad for his sons. “You’re not eating your dinner in a MANLY WAY, son! Don’t eat like a wuss! It’s men who eat like you who are ruining America!”

  • Sara Green Williams

    That’s cool – he can have his opinion, and when I’m the only left who can help save him during the zombie apocalypse, I’m fine if he gets eaten ’cause he refuses to team up with a gender roll-swapping feminist.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Right?! Those things, coupled with his blatant disregard for half his readership, makes me wonder how he came to be the editor of a newspaper. That’s what ticks me off more than anything.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I feel sorry for his employees. Especially the female ones. Poor people.

  • you guys

    So he’s a typical Stormfront user instead of a typical /v/ poster.

  • Christina Gleason


  • Rafael Ortiz

    Somehow I picture a weak, short, balding guy (I resist referring to him as a Man since he has not earned that title from my point of view) who has spent his entire life hating women. this man has no business being in a position of authority. He’s an insult to my gender and a Horrible Human being

  • Claire Winkler

    Wow. That guy needs to see a therapist. So…if women are empowered in film they siphon off that power from the men around them right? Like individuals can’t just be intrinsically strong, there is a finite quantity of fortitude and it’s supposed to belong to men? His repeated references to ‘eunuchs’ and ‘manliness’ are Freudian gold. It reminds me of something that a plantation owner in Antebellum Mississippi would say to somebody who suggested that blacks might actually be people.

  • Kev Tomes

    … my manliness… ;_;

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Not a man?! But he’s so obsessed with ~MANILINESS~!

  • John Wao


  • Anna Sophia May

    Wow. I just want to hit this guy. I’m continually amazed at how ignorant and hateful people can be. Perhaps locals might wish to write letters to the editor calling him out on it, perhaps cancel subscriptions, etc? I don’t live in that area, but this just makes me sick.

  • Denise Farley

    I’m not mad. He sounds like a sad, crazy fuck who deserves my pity.

  • Mark Matson
  • Anonymous

    According to the journalist who the letter is addressed to, he hired himself; he’s owner-editor-publisher. The full post is here:
    The whole story also speaks volume about the newspaper industry, how one man can single-handedly destroy a honorable publication.

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    No, you’re phrasing it wrong

    He ~*~*~*BELIEVES~*~*~* in manliness

  • Anna Sophia May

    Also, for an editor his writing could use work- few capital ‘I’s, extra periods in the ellipses, lower case P in Paris, few capital letters at all, incomplete sentences, run ons… how on earth, with his “skills” and attitude did this guy get the job?

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    Honestly, I was too busy rolling my eyes at the sheer stupidity to get angry.

  • TKS

    Wait, those non-existent capital letters where in the actual e-mail as well? I thought that was a result of the copy and pasting! What?

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Haha, it sort of becomes a parody of itself after a while. He probably makes his kids wear fake beards.

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    Yeah, I can’t be mad at this. It’s so ridiculously blatant that all I can muster is a laugh instead of my usual side-eye + scoff combo.

    I tend to get more irked when asswipes paint their sexism as progressive, insightful or helpful-there are so many loopholes and mansplaining and backpedaling and nose-thumbing, whereas this guy has made it clear he’s not worth a single breath of explanation. Saves me time!

    My only question is…are they weasels, or hyenas, Frank?

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    I really want to know what this guy looks like yet I paradoxically cannot care enough to Google him. His article has so little to do with the actual film that it reminds me of Ebert’s griping in his review of Fanboys (and others)…stay on target, idiot.

    But, seriously, this guy is somewhere between Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd. Don’t let him rile you up more than a three-foot 1-dimensional cartoon character should. Fuck him.

  • TKS

    Sexism is over! Wooo!

    I feel sorry for someone who’s world view is similar to a song from Daria! The Daria Musical.

    “It used to be enough,

    To be strong and good and tough,

    And to try whatever hasn’t been tried,

    But now I’m a jerk with a brain that doesn’t work,

    If I don’t consult my feminine side

    Of what it is to be manly?”

  • Mimi Champlin

    The writer of this letter is clearly gay.

  • Kelly Ohl

    Closet case.

  • Mimi Champlin

    I think he’s gay

  • Anonymous

    I think he may be the next Republican running for POTUS. He sounds just crazy enough…

  • Annette Blank

    Irony… his name is now associated with Snow White and The Huntsman on the internet! Yay!

  • Joanna

    Empowered fictional female characters magically castrate all men within 100 mile radius of the viewing epicenter. That’s why there are so few films that feature female leads. *nods wisely*

  • Rebecca Pahle

    You’re right, my mistake.

    But either way… ~*~!~*~!~*~!~*~MANLINESS~*~!~*~!~*~!~*~

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Don’t forget, they’re also eunuchs. Those I suppose one can be a eunuch hyena or weasel?

  • Anonymous

    It rankled me, but not just because of his odious views–also because of his blatant mistreatment of newspapers and what they are supposed to do (provide unbiased reporting). And apparently his takeover ruined a once-great newspaper.

    My vengeance is that the paper is doing badly, but that makes me sad for all the journalists who need jobs. :(

  • Charles Ranier

    Niagara Falls! Slooooowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch…

  • Sara Sakana

    Dear Frank: Your “traditional gender roles” are artificial and obsolete. Fuck them and fuck you.

  • IrishmaleinAmerica

    Yes there’s nothing as manly as stating “Movies with strong women in them scare me…..”. Still, I wouldn’t argue with the guy about the eunuch points, because lets face it, when it comes to being a eunuch, he does sound like an expert on the subject. Perhaps he should write and direct a movie of his own? I can the title now… “The Man Goes Hunting! (while the woman stays home and cooks dinner)”. Frank? You’re a sad and pathetic little boy who really needs to grow the hell up. The fact that a person of your mentality exists is pretty offensive to the rest of the world.

  • TheBoost

    I think it’s worth noting this isn’t a real newspaper. It appears to be a free extremist ‘zine of some sort, that does kooky things like sending letters to the Queen of England demanding freedom.

  • Carol Darnell

    Wondering how he got the three kids – what woman would marry this neanderthal?

  • Marielle A Lien

    That’s just sad.

  • Kevin Shen

    My initial reaction was surprise and disgusted, then it turned to revoltion when he mentioned “gender roles”. If he has kids, I really feel bad for wife/partner. She probably is his slave. People like him just shouln’t exist. I hope his kids don’t grow up to be him, sorry, HE NEVER GREW UP. Really Mr. Frank, I don’t have a scathing enough vocabulary to describe you. I hope your kind never breeds, for all you are doing is contributing to the immoral, trashy scum of this Earth. There are already enough of you, and in case you have not noticed, nobobdy gives a rat’s a** about what you think! In fact, if you ever needed help in the future, considered it decided that I won’t offer it to you, rather, I would shove my filthy shoes in your mouth instead. All people ARE BORN EQUAL, but you can consider yourself excluded from that since you clearly are not a person. If anyone is inferior, YOU AND YOUR LIKE ARE!

  • Life Lessons

    I think he needs a new job and lots of therapy.

  • brooke welty

    So is this real? Is this really real? No. No this can’t be real….right?

  • Kevin Shen


  • Jennifer Edwards

    I used to do Medieval martial arts. Fully armored stuff. I would LOVE to take this guy on one-on-one and see how his manliness fares.

  • Kevin Shen

    I don’t think he’s ever know how to use eating utensils other than his hands, I mean, bear-claws as he probably calls them.

  • Max Vincent

    Just leave this idiot to drag his knuckles back to his cave. How the hell did this POS ever manage to marry–or reproduce?

  • Max Vincent

    You forgot little-dicked.

  • Anonymous

    So, what he’s saying is that he prefers gladiator movies…

  • Lisa Horowitz

    Exactly. What is he doing in journalism?!?

  • Sumiko Saulson

    He is also incensed by the societal insistence on using those effeminate capital letters. Capitalization is a feminist conspiracy! The masculine fingers of truly manly men are too big and thick to use a shift key. Clearly, women think we’re superior with our slender, shift-key using fingers!

  • TheBoost

    I think it’s worth noting this isn’t a real newspaper. It appears to be a free extremist ‘zine of some sort, that does kooky things like sending letters to the Queen of England demanding freedom.

  • wolfman

    Looked up this weekly new newspaper and their lede story this week is “Interview with three prostitutes”.

  • Anonymous

    This man is as rancid as a roadkilled woodchuck in August in the middle of an extended heat wave and drought. Moreover, his fears that he might be challenged on his own construction of manhood leak through the suppurating gaps on the surface of that woodchuck to bring a certain peculiar aroma of paranoia to his self-serving rant. He is a Visigoth in a Singapore hi-rise, a Pict in the Nikkei Exchange. His world is lost and he is going down for the third time in a bucket of sewage, but rather than ask for help he is vilifying the Teeners standing around the rim for having grown up in a different time.

    I don’t care how many people have died, they still haven’t made this throwback boss.

  • Terence Ng

    Those star thingies and squiggly lines aren’t manly, dermmit!

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    Unmanly Perfidious Eunuch Hyena Weasel Creeps

    Future band name???????

  • electrasteph

    There are days when I really don’t want to live in this world and would like to select another one. This story, and the one about the woman who died in Ireland because doctors wouldn’t abort her dying baby have nearly done me in in the past week.

  • Celina Mendoza

    People like this become “editors” of these crummy papers because they buy the cheap little newspaper office and call themselves editors. I worked for a crummy weekly newspaper in a small town right after college, and I was the only person in the entire office with a degree (or probably even a high school diploma)! I had no idea the paper had hardcore “Christian” values, and on the first day of work, the “editor” asked all of the employees to stand in a circle holding hands, and then she prayed all weird and asked God to keep “the gays” from buying ads in her paper. I was disgusted, but I didn’t know what to do, lose my first and only newspaper job or be forced to pray awful prayers. I stayed a couple months then went to Europe. And I hide when I see that editor in stores.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    If it were Creepy Hyena Eunuch Weasel Unmanly Perfidy fans could call it CHEW UP. Much zippier.

  • Rebecca Pahle


    I figure hyphens are appropriately manly? :)

  • Celina Mendoza

    Yeah, that’s exactly how someone like that becomes editor. They’re usually freaks who who have an office with 10 computers and 10 employees and they buy a whole newspaper because they think their opinion matters SO MUCH that they need to share it with whatever po-dunk town they live in. Lol. I worked at one. Lol.

  • Celina Mendoza

    My annoyance over the email has to do with uneducated freaks buying “newspapers”.

  • venturesister

    I don’t have enough emoticons or laughter abbreviations to express how loudly I laughed at this. I’ll take “signs there are bodies buried in my backyard” for 200, Alex.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Wow, proper capitalization in that one! He got someone to edit him, I guess.

  • Terence Ng

    —-This is not manly.

    ==================THIS IS MANLY!

    Stop trying to castrate us men with your emasculating typography!

  • Anonymous

    I would dismiss it as pathetic and a little ridiculous, if there weren’t still so many men who think and behave this way. I felt it last night when a man expected me to give up my seat on the subway, looking at me and saying “long day”. Really? Really, guy in a nice suit and expensive shoes? I know you think my day was just full of dress shopping and planning what I’m going to cook for my husband tonight, but a girl can really get tuckered out making sure she looks good when her man gets home. Besides, standing in these heels might make my ass look nicer for you, but it’s murder on my toes.

  • Leman Russ

    Misogynist… That is all

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Capslock is therefore an expression of ULTIMATE FEMININITY.

  • Anonymous

    I’d bet my frilly pink apron that this man thinks ‘Gor’ is the pinnacle of cinematic achievement.

  • Jacob Knapp

    Yeah, sure he can have his opinion, but here, he’s clearly wrong.

  • Amanda

    I’m undecided… is it manlier to cook your meat over a fire, or to have your women-folk serve you?

  • Amanda

    Hiring women? UNMANLY! They should be at home, standing in the kitchen and waiting for a manly man to tell them what to do.

  • anne speck

    Clearly the Boy Scouts have missed an opportunity to bring out a line of movies under their own label. Perhaps that should be Mr. Romney’s next endeavor.

  • Liza Wyles

    Wow, I hope we find a way to butch up all these re-telling of fairy tales. Because all these princess-y damsels in distress are really threatening his manhood. Or manliness. Or madness. Or…forget it, he is SOOO not worth our collective brain power giving a thought about.

  • Anonymous

    probably “manlier” to just eat it raw. Only “wusses” get food poisoning.

  • Anonymous

    wow. this screams MRA!!!! God save the manliness!! The entire letter is so stupid I can’t even muster up the emotion to be angry.

  • OdinsEye

    Over a fire, women folk can be excused from serving because they should be cleaning or having babies…MANLY!!!

  • Kate
  • Jenn W

    This newspaper is an absolute joke, and not in a funny way. I can’t say that I’m surprised that they have such an anti-woman view and promote “manliness” above all else. Back in July one of their reporters published an opinion piece on the NHL’s new affiliation with the “You Can Play” project that was actively battling homophobia in sports of all levels. It was complete drivel but his editors totally supported him. Here’s the article if you want your head to explode with rage:

  • bob

    what he said is wrong, but the gender intolerance goes both ways in our modern society. I just hope that one day these people find some assemblance of peace and are treated as those who need guidance rather than being ridiculed. Its our society that creates men like this, men with no inner clarity, men who are afraid of change. I just hope that this society becomes an equal one, no matriarchy or patriarchy. It is true, at least in my small school, that all they teach is that women are smarter than men. If that isn’t sexism, then i don’t know what is. How do you quantify the value and intelligence of a whole gender like that? Its ignorant. We are not genders or races or even ages. we are foremost people and an expression of the soul. and if you think that ridiculing this sick man will help balance this society you’re wrong. wrong and sick too. All your doing is bringing to light some misguided man, whose role will only be to decompose any sense of equality we have worked so hard for. Peace and Love by the way.

  • Lynnda Hale

    Rebecca, it would not be half his readership, unless we ask the men-folk to read the big words to us…just enough to keep them fed and pay their bills! Thats all the edumacation I’s be needin!

  • Lynnda Hale

    Failing in an epic fashion?

  • Laura Truxillo

    It’s like if Soldier from TF2 suddenly tried to write a newspaper column. But was also a massive prick.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Hyenas might make more sense in context–hyenas live in a matriarchal pack, and the female of the species is bigger and stronger than the male (common in nature, but uncommon in mammals).

    Or he could be completely talking out of his anus. Either one.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Wait, one more pop culture reference:

  • Nick Gaston

    I…think that was the origin story for at least one slasher villain.

  • Nick Gaston

    “moral turpitude”?

    The only other person I’ve ever seen use that phrase was a tight-collared “moral majority” crusader in a Bloom County strip. From 1982.

  • Anonymous

    There were two women on the masthead when he bought the place.

  • Chanel Diaz

    I think he literally copied and pasted this from a Feminist critique and just switched the pronouns.

    Hilarious enough, I just read from Ms Magazine “10 Reasons NOT To See Snow White and The Huntsman”

  • Saura

    lol Wow, what a douche. I feel sorry for his kids and hope they’ll be able to overcome his indoctrination. Overcompensating much? :) And is his self-esteem so low that he would be threatened by such things? *Real* manly men would have no reaction either way to a strong female lead. It would be no big deal.

  • Amanda LaPergola

    I bet he’s been in a cockpit PLENTY of times.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    I think the entire quotation of this article is part of an origin story for a slasher villain.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    It is known.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Now I can’t breathe from laughing.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    There is a Daria musical?!

  • Carmen Sandiego

    And yes, I’ll google that for myself.

  • ShifterCat

    Seriously. How did this guy get an editing job? Never mind understanding good writing, he doesn’t even understand how to make a sentence comprehensible.

  • Benny

    10 bux says that dude is a closeted cross-dresser.

  • TKS

    I wouldn’t mind at all! It’s called “Daria!” it’s episode 307.

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    I love hyenas.

    He’d probably call them ‘animals who practice misandry’.

  • Kathleen Lund Coates

    wow! male chauvinism is not dead!

  • Noga Gordon

    He’s probably gay.

  • Corey Turner

    Just googling him to see what this nut job looks like, and I came up with all these stories about his corruption and craziness. Who buys this paper?!

  • L1558

    He needs to never have his opinion published again. Pure ridiculousness. “Manliness”, by his definition, seems to be developed as a reaction to fear of female power. I’m sorry, but I’m not playing beta. Way to go teaching your son that women are second-in-command! I hope he never meets my daughter. :) Oh, and yes….he’s an idiot.

  • Jay, King of Gay

    curious how maniliness, for all it’s strength or bravado, can drown in a teaspoon of female empowerment.

    This rant is basically a man saying over and over again:
    “I cannot handle women who are confident, brave, strong, and can rescue themselves. I desperately need weak women so that men get to be the strong ones, all the time. If but one Woman is allowed to have courage and strength, it snips the testes off all men everywhere! My strength, my sense of self, is entirely dependent upon women being weak, and frail, and needing me to save them.”

    It’s utter BS. If all of society is dependent upon one group to be marginalized and self-repressed, then our society doesn’t deserve to exist.

  • Philippa

    All male actors in a film = not at all gay [GG]

  • Scott Lockwood III

    Yeah… So, there’s a guy who I bet hasn’t had sex in a while without hearing “No daddy, no, stop it I don’t like that there!”

  • Rone Barton

    How dare you call a bag of cats crazy. Depends on the particular cats in said bag, you mammal bigot.

  • Natalie Willoughby

    WOW. Just… wow. Sounds like a spokesperson for the Tea Party.

  • Andrea Gaulke

    At some point, my brain started reading this rant in Gaston’s voice…

  • Born Analog

    I’m not sure I can take any editor seriously who can’t be bothered to use proper punctuation, grammar, and capitalization. No wonder print media is in a state.

  • Anonymous

    Well said, Jay, it’s frankly bizarre how fragile this man’s ego is. “Aah! That woman isn’t a background set piece decked out in a hilariously offensive outfit! Manliness levels fading…jars…too tough to open…ingested beef……veal…*ker-dead*

  • Kate Edwards

    This doesn’t anger me. I just feel very sorry for him. A person with his mind stuck in the past, his life must feel really disconnected, lonely and like an uphill battle against reality. I just … I feel really sorry for him.

    It’s like he’s in a bad relationship with reality, and is becoming abusive against his partner (life) instead of accepting that he actually needs to grow up.

  • Anonymous

    Really, my primary reaction is a vague bewilderment that anyone could interpret “Snow White and the Huntsmen,” which was comically sexist for a movie about Kristen Stewart in some really badass armor, as a threat to the patriarchy.

  • Guest

    hahaha, he sounds like my father. i bet he’s a birther, too.

  • Peter Hockley

    I pretty sure this guy is one of the American Taliban that is Christian Fundamentalism, emphasis on the mentalism!

  • Mindy Carney

    All I can say is that I feel better about the world in general after reading these comments. Whew. Our friend Frank, here, is a cretin who can’t write and carries a powerful streak of narcissism, and I imagine his wife secretly swills vodka simply to cope with his existence. One of their sons, no doubt, is gay, and cannot wait for the day when he leaves the nest, never to look back except with rage as he stomps around his therapist’s office trying to recover from living in the same zip code as his father, let alone under the same roof. What a sad, strange little man.

  • Anonymous

    C’mon commenters: gay bashing? not cool.

  • James Haney

    I think we’ve found this weeks ‘Fuckwit Of The Week’

  • Hal O’Brien

    As has been said of someone else — So deep in the closet he can see Narnia.

  • general douchebaggery

    the over-arching point he was making is still valid; there is no such thing as manliness in movies. except maybe the expendables (which is still trivial pandering, but at least they’re dudes). And the hate you people throw at him is just the point; you act like fucking girls, who jumped on a bandwagon to put pretties in your hair.

  • Pat Mason

    his belief that his personal beliefs should shape the content of a NEWSpaper make him a typical old fashioned megalomaniac! How is he different from any other editor – except being less professional and more self centred?
    Maybe fewer people will read his paper – but that’s HIS problem!

  • Anonymous

    The tragic thing about arguments like this is that it’s a response to a real problem (the growing infantilization and disempowerment of men) but instead of questioning the patriarchal, capitalist structures that are the cause of it (Businesses selling products and politicians are the ones that profit from the modern portrayal of Dad as the bumbling, helpless, perpetual child that shirks responsibility to buy gadgets and toys while Mom buries herself further under a disproportionate amount of work and childcare, not women – women benefit from partners that act like capable adults!) it retreats further into the patriarchy to look for a solution. Which, of course, is never going to work. I often wish we could get a real masculinist movement started – one that embraces the excellent ground feminism has covered instead of, as is so often the case, misplacing blame on it as the cause of men’s problems.

  • Kristy Mayo

    I’m not sure what’s more offensive: the content or the terrible grammar and lack of punctuation.

  • Shae Filbert

    Aw, but he’s a real cutie. Just look at that balding head. He must have way too much testosterone!

  • Rebecca Pahle

    If females star in movies they’ll start getting IDEAS… THINKING…

  • Anonymous

    The saddest thing is – he has sons. :(

  • Monty Buck

    Wow…I sure hope the reviewer finds a publication run by someone more open-minded. You think this sort of thinking is limited to a minority, but somehow it keeps coming up on the internet.

  • Anonymous

    In my humble opinion, guys who get hung up on gender roles are insecure about themselves – otherwise they wouldn’t care about it.

  • Grace

    As a grammar nazi and feminist, I’d like to formally request that this man be removed from the gene pool.

  • Fission Error

    “cum eunuchs.”

    the importance of punctuation, sir.

  • Heather

    Never been more proud to be a metrosexual imbecile.

  • Jayne Koath

    Dude, get this guy a Fox news segment! ><

  • Penny Sautereau-Fife

    This guy’s brain is clearly allergic to reality.

  • Amanda Evans

    I’m actually really glad when people like this guy reveal their true natures, just like with Akin and Murdock, so that the sane portion of the population now knows to avoid him and his newspaper. It’s better that sexist pigs be out in the open, then it’s much easier to combat.

  • Christopher Kelly

    Well, at least Dan Dido and Jim Lee could have a new pen pal. The target audience of the new 52.

  • Ben English

    “cum eunuchs”

    I don’t think so, meng.

  • Jo

    So your personal beliefs should shape the newspaper instead? I’m going to assume you’re a naturalist, which makes his beliefs and yours nothing more than chemical reactions. Who’s to say your beliefs trump his?

  • McKenna

    I might just be able to laugh and say “whatever, he’s a nut” but he has sons to which he will most certainly be passing this way of thinking. That’s more upsetting to me than any of the nonsensical dross he spews out here.

  • Anonymous

    He’s an editor who can’t use correct spelling, punctuation, or capitalization? I think I’m more offended by that aspect of it.

  • Anonymous

    Da fuq does Jo’s reply even mean? Does anybody know?

  • Hezaa

    Homosexuality is the manliest thing ever! Think about a big, strong man fiddling around with some stupid lady parts. That’s so effeminate. I bet the lady is even wearing pink… or lace! GROSS. No, the only thing for a real man is EVEN MORE MAN. Put some flannel on that. Or better – leather! Lots of it!
    If he has a gay son, he must be so proud.

  • Tennyson E. Stead

    The upside here is that his letter made it out into the open. With luck, his readers will judge for themselves whether this man should serve as a reliable source of information.

  • Jeffrey S Holmes

    If a strong woman upsets a man, he is not really a “man” not even much of a boy in fact. In some movies with woman leads there are weak men, but there are weak men in real life too; I take them as reminders of how not to be. Doesn’t he realize that what he wrote shows him to me very UN-”manly”.

  • Richard John Warren

    Bag of cats. Also, the Niagra Falls Reporter? With apologies for any offense taken those who read it, this is like the student editor of a high school year book pontificating on the deplorable state of the publishing industry. (Except a high school student might have better grammar and writing style.)

  • chocomog

    Wow. You have to like this guys honesty though. I mean, he’s completely insane and backwards, but he’s up-front about it. No beating beating around the bush for this guy. No “now, I’m not sexist or anything, but…” no pretending that he’s an ordinary Joe and that anyone who disagrees with him must be over-reacting. Just some good old fashioned misogyny.

  • Erin Astolfi Blank

    I’d have liked to see him promote complementarianism of male and female roles. He does have some points, male figures are often given backseats these days in certain film genres. Heck – look at the most recent Snow White and compare her to the Disney damsel in distress. Times have changed. That being said I LOVE the way Amy and Rory’s partnership are written in Dr. Who. I told my husband he’s one of the best husband characters I’ve seen in a long time, because she can verbally abuse him but he’ll stand up for their best interests in love when push comes to shove.

    So while I do like to see us gals get stronger roles in stories I’d also like to see more relational characters – pairs that are strong in themselves and for each other. That way both guys and gals can have role models to observe.

  • TsengMao

    I was getting madder and madder until I got to the “coming police state” bit, then I just laughed at how sad and stupid this guy is.

  • Morgan Powys

    The guy is a fruitcake, no doubt. That being said, I dont see how making a movie with a super competent female lead surrounded by weak moral corrupt incompetent stupid men is any different than making a movie with a super competent male lead surrounded by weak morally corrupt incompetent stupid women. Why does it have to one or the other? Yes, women are portrayed badly in movies past and present. How is portraying men the same way morally superior? It seems hypocritical to me.

    If you want revenge for how women were treated, just say so. But dont insult my intelligence by seeking vengeance and calling it equality.

  • Bethany Leshea Aslinger

    I am beginning to think his message was just an an excuse to use the word “eunuch”.

    But, point being, young boys absolutely need this strong, male character in entertainment to influence them and make them into strong (manly) members of society? What about the young girls in society? Who should they look up to? Cinderella? A homemaker and future doting wife? Thanks, but no thanks. I want some hell-raising, ass-kicking women who aren’t afraid to be both strong and weak at the same time. Women who are role models because they aren’t afraid to be human. Women who aren’t afraid to make mistakes, or become leaders, be superheros, be villains, or even simply loving moms. Yeah, guys are human, and so are women, and it’s about time he figured that out. If you fear for your masculinity by women making it big in the world of entertainment, then you’re sure as heck gonna have a time as entertainment progresses.

  • Melanie Burrett

    Bloom County is the best. I still read those every once in a while just for nostalgia.

  • Natalie Sharp


  • Natalie Sharp

    Reminds me of the dude from Doctor Strangelove. Purity of essence!

  • Em Singh

    Aww, you guys think that “news” isn’t biased.. how naive. At least this guy is “transparent” about it. Not that I agree with him except in one point.. there is definitely an emasculation of men going on in Hollywood & a promotion of immorality, but refusing to review movies with female leads just shows what his real issue is.. He is sexist & believes that women are incapable of being strong or an inspiration to their fellow “man”.
    That said, the USA has only a handful of news outlets now, compared to the past. These days all news is controlled and is the reason why there is so much media blackout on certain important topics going on all over the nation. This guy is a perfect example “if I don’t like it, I won’t spread the news about it”.

  • Sarah Cooke

    I find it funny . . until I remember the part about his two sons and therefore his part in raising the next generation of men

  • Clarissa Wilson

    Is anyone else thinking this guy might be Gaston? he sounds sort of like Gaston
    to me. After all, “No one plots like Gaston/takes cheap shots like Gaston”…

  • Constance

    I tried to read it all, but short as it is, I couldn’t get past his failed attempt at eloquence while disregarding proper grammar and punctuation.

  • Hotaru

    Well, it’s about time someone stood up and pointed out this system of oppression that has been disenfranchising male actors for decades. “Snow White and the Huntsman” has to be the most feminist film ever, with it morally repugnant all-female cast full of disgustingly dynamic and active characters, leaving no room for any sort of diversity of male roles whatsoever (not even as self-sacrificing love interests, the only thing Hollywood and their ilk seem to think men are good for), and no straw feminist characters who might give people the impression that feminists are all evil, bitter, man-hating murderers. Just once I’d like to see a film with an all-MALE cast that isn’t a romantic comedy or immediately written off as a “dude flick”.

  • Chris

    Agreed. It’s actually kinda refreshing to read a clearly terrible person openly talking about how terrible and dumb they are, instead of hearing from the usual “I’m not a racist/sexist/homophobe, but…” kinda person who lives an un-examined life and has no self-awareness of their own prejudices. This dude knows exactly what kind of person he is, and I thank him for being so honest. Means I don’t have to waste any more thoughts on his existence.

  • Claire

    Wow. So, second time today I have been speechless (the other was the congressional stenographer and her tinfoil hat being thrown out of the chambers). I thought, “Surely this must be some kind of mistake.” I looked up the newspaper and read through it and thought “This must be like The Onion because the entire publication comes off a bit… wonky.” but there is nothing that I can find that indicates that it is anything BUT a serious paper. I mean the image on the front page is ‘shopped. I’m thinking that it was started by Mike Hudson but this dude has made it his own personal billboard.

  • debiparna c

    Is this for real? Is he for real? Are his kids still living with him? Has he been taken to a psychologist yet?

  • S. McCandlish

    It’s just demented far-right “Promise Keeper” noise. The ‘Niagara Falls Reporter’ is not really a newspaper, it’s a typical wingnut blog ( that they bother printing up some copies of, and it seems to have about five contributors per issue, some pseudonymous, and only three regular writers, incuding Parlatto himself. The content veers from yawn-inducing “what band is playing in town this week” stuff to crazy political rants swimming with fallacies. If Parlatto’s anti-feminism were coming from a more mainstream source, it would certainly be alarming, but from a psychotically masculist Jebusfreak, it’s just blather-as-usual. Holding this up as shocking news is like holding up pro-animal-abuse statements by a fighting-dog breeder as surprising, or acting stunned at anti-black screeds being published by KKK members. PS: Yes, it is totally hilarious that the moron “newspaper editor” can’t even spell and punctuate correctly.

  • Eric Scoles

    If you’re not familiar with the term “Men’s Rights Advocate” (often acronymized as ‘MRA’), you will understand this man a little better for googling the term and reading-up. Alas, you might also have an aneurysm, so unless you’re horribly horribly curious, I don’t recommend the effort.

  • Eric Scoles

    I assure you, this is a real attitude. I actually don’t recommend learning more about it — I often wish I’d never bothered. It’s totally unassailable.

  • Eric Scoles

    With any luck they’re the rebellious type.

  • Eric Scoles

    an interesting choice of epithet. Hyaenas are one of the very few female-dominant apex predator species. Fascinating social structure, and have gotten a bad rap. (E.g., they are apex predators, not primarily scavengers — and astonishingly effective predators, at that.)

  • David Fisher

    I feel like it’s your right to determine how you want to (terribly) raise your own children (though this guy gives me pause). It’s another thing to say you don’t want articles written in your paper about things that offend you, except to condemn them. Particularly when your threshold for offense is so miniscule.

    It’s also very weird that he has such a hate-on for that one specific movie. I suspect that “fuzzy feminist thinking and pandering to creepy hollywood mores produced by metrosexual imbeciles” is a descriptor that could be applied to any number of films, of varying quality, with equal accuracy.