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old gods do new jobs

Get Jealous: the UK is Getting Beautiful New Discworld Covers

Such lovely woodcuts I almost couldn’t decide which one to make the top of the post. The United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries (excluding Canada), I am properly jealous, for the new edition hardcovers that these images will grace will only be available in you.

(Sure wish Susan Sto Helit could have made the cover of any of the books she stars in. Quick, someone draw me Joan Jett as Susan rocking out on my ideal cover of Soul Music.)

(via Gollancz.)

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  • James Fletcher

    Geez, the UK always gets the best covers for Discworld books.

  • Colette of Cthulhu

    Nice, pity I already have them all with the Josh Kirby covers. :(

  • Myron Byron

    Susan Sto Helit…I hate being a fan of the neglected characters…

  • AStirling

    I NEED these. Time for me to make a good friend in the UK so they can play middleman for me.

  • Anonymous

    Gosh these are pretty. I guess I’ll have to bribe my friend to send me a few. Or go direct from

  • Anonymous

    I buy a lot of my paper books from the UK (usually Amazon or a third-party seller on Amazon) just to get the covers. If I’m going to own an object, I might as well like how it looks. (In Canada here … why are we the orphan child of the Commonwealth? EDIT: Ah, reading the comments is a little more enlightening … rights and all that stuff.)

  • Janelle S

    That image of Detritus warms my cold, cold heart.

  • Anonymous

    Ah! The luggage is still my favorite character. Maybe by the time I can afford these they’ll have the licence for all the books.

  • Anonymous

    The first two in particular are lovely! Yay, I live in England so I can get one! :D

  • Herbert West

    Excluding Canada?

    Oh, F U !!!

  • Anonymous

    I thought I should add – the artist is Joe McLaren. I didn’t know his name before, but looking him up I realise he’s done a lot of work I’ve admired previously for Penguin and Faber in particular.

    Also I’ve found out these will have a staggered release – I think it’s Mort that’s first up, to be released on the same day as PTerry’s new novel Raising Steam, in the UK (7th Nov). Since for for some reason I don’t seem to own a copy of Mort, I’ll be first in line.