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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Oh My Stars and Garters

Finally, the Best Use For Kids Bedsheets Based on Licensed Properties: Nerdy Corsets

I’ll admit to being pretty impressed with the work of Castle Corsetry. There are some times in life when you just need a corset (Renfaire’s being among them, although I wouldn’t necessarily wear any of these designs to them) and if there’s something I like, it’s repurposing bedsheets or other patterns clearly intended for young boys into clothing for adult female geeks.

(via Geek With Curves.)

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  • tony m

    one of my really good friends made a my little pony underbust corset!

  • Aaron Treat

    Except for the fact that the very existence of corsets disgusts me.

  • klgaffney

    I’m not even a Ravenclaw and I love that corset. Damn, that’s nice.

  • klgaffney

     What on earth for? As an autie, I find them very comforting, particularly if I’m feeling anxious in public events. Once laced in, I immediately relax. Nothing is as nice and secure-feeling, and yes, comfortable, as a properly-fitted corset. It’s like having armor to go along with your skirt–or t-shirt and jeans.

  • Aaron Treat

    The history of corsets is as a torture device to make women fit an impossible standard of beauty while depriving them of the ability to perform any task that required physical exertion since it’s hard to exert yourself when you can’t even breath. And you can throw in the possibility of organ damage to boot. It’s sort of like foot binding but not as extreme.

    Back in the day, they loved to talk about “a woman’s constitution”. How quiet and retiring females were and mocking them for their weakness, while demanding they wear impractical, incredibly uncomfortable and confining clothes. It’s like forcing someone to wear sunglasses and then mocking them for not seeing as well as you. Not only that, but believing you’re better than them because of it.

    Corsets today may not be as bad, but I still don’t like them or the history associated with them.

  • Rarity

    I don’t even wear or like corsets and I need that Ravenclaw one. 

  • klgaffney

    Interesting–you’re not the first person to have that reaction that I’ve seen. I’m no fan of the attitudes of the Victorian era myself, including that ‘angel of the house’ bullcrap (Granted, I wouldn’t be the sort of woman they’d be pointing that at anyway, we got all the dangerous insatiable savage animal imagery, lucky us).

    I think corsets get that kind of immediate visceral reaction-due-to-association when the reality is that they’re far less constrictive, damaging and torturous than most high heels I’ve ever tried on (and screw that, if people can’t be bothered to make a comfortable shoe, all the pretty in the world won’t get me to wear them).  Good supportive shapewear is pretty freeing. While there’s always women (and men) willing to screw themselves up for a fetish or a fashion trend (especially the upper class and the aspirants to such), then and now, they’re not my problem. There’s also plenty of images of women doing damned hard work in corsets (the real drawback in a properly made corset isn’t that you can’t breathe in them, the issue is that they’re warm–it’s easy to overheat). There’s historically accurate models of corsets you could take a horse over fences in without a problem. Having researched the history and experienced the modern context, I guess I have trouble seeing the corset in anything resembling a strictly binary good vs evil frame?

    Besides, if it comes down to the appearance thing, there’s also the sheer transformative fun. Does that make sense? If I want to exaggerate my curves for a night, I can bounce off in a curvy little black dress in a matter of minutes, then take it off and go right back to my original boyish form and be pleased with both. No torture, weird diets, or internalized self-loathing even enters into it.

    I get that your associations are yours and that’s fine, and I don’t want to sound like I’m picking on you–you don’t have to like them–there’s all kinds of fashion trends I hate. It’s just that I’ve never seen anyone showing up to hate on high heels or try to protect us from all the damage poorly-made shoes do to our feet whenever women squee over shoes, and that strikes me as a funny contrast. I guess that everyone’s used to high heels–they’re a thoroughly modern and commonly-seen torture device. :p