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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

Nathan Fillion Poses Sexily With His PS4 Like a Big Ol’ Fake Geek Boy

DISCLAIMER: Calling Nathan Fillion a “fake geek boy” is a joke. It is impossible to be a fake nerd. As with the Fake Nerd Boys tumblr, the headline of this post is a satirical swipe at the way women in nerd/geek spaces are disproportionately judged based on their physical appearance compared to men.  See: The “Fake Geek Girl” myth.

Get it? Got it? Good. If I catch any flak for calling someone a fake nerd, I swear to the Force….

(via: Geeks Are Sexy)

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  • Patrick Denny

    I’m a fake geek boy…

    I keep wearing comic book character t-shirts just because my kids buy them for me. They think I’m a geek. Don’t want to let them down. However, I have very little knowledge of the actual characters, outside of what movie adaptations have (mis?)informed me about them.

  • Samuel

    The fake nerd boys tumblr needs Stripper Vash the Stampede.

  • Alia Castiella

    Shiny. o_O

  • jenovapooh

    Do some research then. Otherwise, they’ll find out when they are older.

    So, just if you want to keep the idea alive.

  • Ashe

    I don’t care that you called him a fake geek boy: I care that you quoted The Master Of Disguise.

    Off with your head!

  • Emerbes

    Just a quick note on the whole “fake geek” thing. I do think there is such thing as a “fake geek” but I agree that it’s totally ridiculous to apply that term to women merely because they are women. I’ve known people who aren’t nerdy in any way, who then suddenly start to wear geeky t-shirts and fake glasses and start calling themselves nerds, simply because they think it’s cool to do so. And they do this without expressing any interest in things that would be considered “geeky.”

  • athenia45

    I prefer the term “n00b dude.” :D :D :D

  • Russell Jones

    “If I catch any flak for calling someone a fake nerd…”

    … you swear by your pretty floral bonnet you will end them?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the bar is not that high. “Acceptance of others’ geekiness as being cool, and interest in some but not necessarily all geeky things” pretty much covers it. I also find there’s a strong tendency to be imaginative and really excited when humans get something right for a change (i.e. when medicine cures something major or NASA does….well, anything. We <3 you, NASA!). So if you like scientific and social progress, and are interested enough to pay attention to your kids while they explain why Batman is better than Superman, and even argue points (as opposed to telling them to shut up and stop being little geeks), if you watch Dr. Who and read The Mary Sue (and comment)….you may very well be a geek.

    It's OK. We have acceptance now. There are groups that can help you. You can come out of the closet.

    I've been going through this thing in recent years where I recognize geekiness in a fellow (interest in the sciences, Monty Python, role-playing, combat with swords…), who gets quite defensive when complimented on their geekiness. I kinda thought we'd moved past it as an insult…have not the geek inherited the earth? And the funny thing is, you rattle off a list of common geek interests, and they say "Well, yes, I do like those, but I'm not like (name generic geek stereotype from TV)." Well, of course they aren't. Most people into sports aren't Biff*. Most actresses aren't Ginger. Lots of bunnies go their whole lives never eating a carrot. Monochromatic stereotypes don't cover the real world.

    (*OK, I don't really know that for sure, but I hope it's true.)

  • Saraquill

    Hopefully he and the PS4 were using protection.

  • Sierra53

    And suddenly, I want to buy a PS4 more than an Xbox One :/

  • According2Robyn

    [dismissive nasal sound]

    You of course realize [haughty nasal sound] that “geek” and “nerd” represent entirely separate paradigms and therefore persons who label themselves “nerd” do not, a priori, consider themselves “geeks” and cannot therefore [exasperated nasal sound] be accused of “fake geekery” due to their insufficiencies in geekatude or, [amused nasal sound] for that matter, in “fake nerdery,” as nerditude has not achieved the same [depressed nasal sound] social acceptance as geekery.

    [huffy nasal sound]

    Also, fake glasses? The hell?

  • AverageDrafter

    I was feeling like a super hero poser, then this year for Christmas I got (from my dear sweet wife) Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinity Crisis, and Final Crisis (thank The Highfather I read the New Gods Omnibus last year – I did so to “get” Kirby, and man did I ever), along with a Flash of Two Worlds collection (say “CARMINE INFANTINO!” without smiling, I dare you) for good measure.

    After furiously searching for annotations and burning a hole into Wikipedia and various databases for hours, not to mention reading the damn things, I feel pretty well steeped in DC lore to get by. Still a poser, but a much more informed one.

    Now I can feel justified in my disgust for Man of Steel without feeling empty inside.

    Anyone have suggestions for a similar Marvel crash course?

  • Patrick Denny

    I’ve been calling myself a WebGeek since ’96 or so. Still work in web dev and can JavaScript circles around most people. I own 2 arcade cabinets, a working Colecovision, a non-working Colecovision, a Vectrex, and a “Hanaho Hotrod” joystick. I let my son & daughter inherit my (original series only) Star wars Lego. I also own and annually wear a Mork from Ork costume.

    I am some Geeky my friend. And proudly so.

    I was more poking fun at the “fake geek girl” thing, where women wearing comic t-shirts get are grilled for their canon knowledge and derided for any minute mistake, where as dudes like me, who wear green lantern shirts but have no idea there are 7 lantern corps (something I had to look up – thought there were 5) get a free pass.

  • Patrick Denny

    Surge or otherwise…

  • AnnaB

    I’m just so over people having to prove themselves. If they want to wear glasses and certain t-shirts because they like the look of it, think it’s cool, or whatever, then it’s honestly no one’s business whether they really like the character on their t-shirt or not. Anyone who thinks that these people are faking something to fool others have to get over themselves. Something like that, it’s not about anyone but the person wearing the outfit. If they crave attention or it helps them attract the people they wish to attract, then that’s not the worst way to meet people. Anyone who’d want to get the attention of “true” geeks couldn’t be all that bad, anyway.

  • brandon

    Awful, groan-worthy clickbait from The Mary Sue (as usual).

    Funny, awesome photo and tweet from Nathan (as usual).

  • Ashe

    [sniffs haughtily, brushes Doritos dust off keyboard]

    Are you talking about 50′s geek and nerd culture paradigms or the 2K geek and nerd culture paradigms? They’re COMPLETELY different things.

    [adjusts glasses]

    You ALMOST sound like a fake geek girl. I don’t support misogyny, but stereotypes come from SOMEWHERE…

  • Ashe

    “And they do this without expressing any interest in things that would be considered “geeky.”"

    Man, who cares?

    So some random schmoes are dipping their toes in the pool you’ve already dove into. Enjoy the water and be a little less concerned with the very harmless actions of strangers.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Wait, what? Someone remembers that movie enough to remember a quote beyond “turtle turtle turtle”? What’d she say?

  • Ashe

    The main character pretends to be a rich businessman who repeatedly says, “Get it? Got it? Good.” Then again, that movie is an abomination even Hell would reject, so she could be referencing something else entirely!

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    *sees the title*
    *reads the disclaimer*
    *toasts marshmallows instead*

  • Anonymous

    Factoid: Nathan Fillion is a turn on for many straight men. No need to delve further into fake or real geekery (even as a joke), you had (and subsequently lost) many of the straight guys at “Nathan Fillion.”

  • Laura Truxillo

    Ah. Yeah, I think I’ve heard that before in other context. Very little of that movie was particularly original (with the exception of the acid-trip like plot).

  • Jake Mertz

    Um, but there is such a thing as a fake nerd…that’s anyone who professes interest in something that they’re not interested in, pretending to be nerdy and/or geeky about it, just to take advantage of people who are, in fact, interested in it. People do in fact do that, so fake nerds do in fact exist. And, both men and women have been known to be fake nerds and/or geeks.

  • Anonymous

    *changes desktop image*
    Sorry, you were saying…?

  • Flitzy

    I have never wanted to be a PS4 more… just sayin’.

  • Elizabeth Buchan-Kimmerly Kara Maarten won the 2013 Aurora Award for Filksinging (This is the Canadian equivalent of the Hugo).

  • Elizabeth Buchan-Kimmerly

    And since I am unable to post a link. The fllk is called “Fake Geek Guy”. Kara is hilarious. You many also enjoy “Beowulf Tore My Arm Off.”

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Just follow Wolverine. He’s in everything.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    I think the word you’re looking for is ‘newbie’. If someone wants to watch “Firefly” and at first it’s only for appearances and to cash in on some sort of geek social cred, I am still going to help them watch “Firefly”. Bam, fifteen hours later, we have a new shiny Browncoat.

  • Jake Mertz

    Actually, the word I’m looking for is more like “con-artist”. A “newbie” has no malicious intentions.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    I can’t wait to dress up as Malicious Fake Geek Girl for my favorite con next year.

  • Jake Mertz

    All you’d have to do is dress like a “normal” geek girl, because “malicious fake” geek girl wouldn’t look any different. It’s the intention that would be different.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    You’re missing the point.

  • Jake Mertz

    Oh, and what point would that be?

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Exactly; you cannot tell just by looking at someone what their intentions are or what their level of geekitude is.

  • Beverly Ann Nelms

    Thank you! I was wondering why people were talking about geekness when they could be talking about his hotness.

  • Beverly Ann Nelms

    Get it, Got it, Good was originally from a Danny Kaye movie The Court Jester. “The pellet with the poison is in the vessel with the pestle. The flagon with the dragon has the brew that is true.”

  • Beverly Ann Nelms

    My niece just posted a sweet photo of her husband kissing the top of their baby’s head. I immediately told her it was my new desktop. Rats. She might come over so it needs to stay.

  • Ashe

    Ahh, okay. That’s better than The Master of Disguise by far.

  • Aeryl

    Or maybe, because they can sense your repellent personality a mile away, they don’t express any interest in things considered geeky, TO YOU.

  • Aeryl

    One of my daughters friends wears fake glasses, because her sister and all her friends do, and she feels left out.

  • Anonymous

    heh. It’s an interesting defensiveness on the part of some geeks; “No, this is MY thing! I won’t share!” And there does seem to be a geek trend these days. But imitation being the purest form of admiration, I think we can afford to accept the compliment rather than lambasting the source.

    (If there are any real fake geeks out there, though, be warned: if I see you in a LotR shirt I may grace you with a 90 minute prepackaged rant on All The Ways Peter Jackson Strayed From the Books, and How It’s Just Blasphemy and Now Money Grubbing Blasphemy. You don’t get to complain: if you didn’t want it, you wouldn’t dress like that. Fake fake geeks who deliberately wear a LotR shirt and pretend to be real fake geeks in order to lure real geeks into initiating a 90 minute rant so you have a sound pretext for your 3 day counter dissertation, otoh? Well played.)

  • Axe Armor

    This is seriously true. I had a “friend” who was a self-professed “gamer chick”, like wearing a pokemon shirt makes you a gamer. In all the time I knew her, I never saw her play a single game, just kept hanging around me and my friends, stealing our children in the night and replacing them with fae doppelgangers.

  • Jake Mertz

    Well, if your post was serious, and she did indeed steal you kids to replace them with fae dupes, then that would be a pretty good indicator that she wasn’t what she seemed to be, what she wanted people to think she was.

  • Kim Williams


  • Tinytacohead

    Real gamer-nerds sleep with their PC’s and/or components.. just sayin! :P
    (great pic just the same, more respekt Fillion!! :)