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Our First Look At Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal Lecter

Sir Anthony Hopkins won an Academy Award for playing fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter in 1991′s The Silence of the Lambs. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill but actor Mads Mikkelsen is going to try come this fall with Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal on NBC. This is our first look, hit the jump to see his co-stars Hugh Dancy and Laurence Fishburne

(via /Film)

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  • Anonymous

    I had the BIGGEST crush on this man when I was in high school. He is awesome. Can’t wait!

  • Anonymous

    He probably fancies you as well… with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

  • Katrina Lovett

    My favorite comment from Hopkins about his work as Lecter and how he was so effective – He said something along the lines of describing the way he approached something as simple as blinking – He rarely did it on screen as Lecter, and when he did, it seems almost a concious “here, I am going to blink” thought, not subconcious. It helped to amp up the feeling that Lecter was very calculating in each and every thing he did.
    That said, all other Lecter actors are now held to this standard in my brain, and have been let downs across the board.