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Marvel Movie Roundup: Superhero Karen Gillan, Another Rumored Doctor Strange Actor, And More

"It's Strange, MD."

doctor strange

Also: Kevin Feige tries to convince us that we’ll totally still dig Ant-Man even though Edgar Wright’s gone. Really. What are you… no… don’t walk away!

First up, Karen Gillan: She’s playing the bald-headed lady space pirate (pause for choir of angels) Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy, but who would she want to play if she were on the opposite end of the moral spectrum? The answer is… Spider-Girl! For definitions of Spider-Girl where she doesn’t really know who Spider-Girl is. Take it away, SFX:

If you could play a superhero, which one would you choose?
Yeah, who is there…? I want to play a version of Spider-Man that’s a lady.

Spider-Woman – does she exist?

There’s a Spider-Woman and a Spider-Girl.
I want to play Spider-Girl!

In the realm of characters Marvel Studios actually has the rights to, we have Dr. Strange, a role Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Johnny Depp, and Jared Leto have been rumored to play. Now there’s another actor reportedly in the mix: Édgar Ramírez, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for his starring turn in the critically acclaimed Carlos.

This rumor’s a little more solid than the others, since Ramírez himself told IGN he’s been “talking” with Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson about being in the movie. As Doctor Strange? As another character? Who knows. Unlike Hardy, Cumberbatch, and Leto, Ramírez has worked with Derrickson before, in this summer’s Deliver Us From Evil, so that’s a point in his favor.

How nice would it be if Doctor Strange weren’t played by a white guy? Though frankly I’m surprised a Joseph Gordon-Levitt rumor hasn’t surfaced yet. Or is JGL being rumored for literally every single superhero ever a relic of the bygone days of 2013?

According to Kevin Feige, Marvel will be choosing their Doctor Strange “probably in the next month or two.” At CineEurope, Feige opened up about just how critical Doctor Strange is to the MCU, explaining that:

it’s very, very important for us to explore every nook and cranny of the comic-book universe… there’s a whole other side of the Marvel comics, which is that supernatural side, the interdimensional side of the Marvel universe. Doctor Strange is, I believe, our entry point into that other realm, which has dozens of characters and storylines all of its own.

There are female superheroes in the comics, too, Feige. I mean, if you really want to explore “every nook and cranny.” Nudge nudge.

And finally, Kevin Feige went into reassurance mode regarding Ant-Man, explaining much of it “will still be based very much on [Joe Cornish’s] draft and the DNA of what Edgar has created up to this point.” But the little details are what make an Edgar Wright movie an Edgar Wright movie, not the broad DNA. Nice try, Kevin. He continued:

Ant-Man is a very important character for us. We like that people don’t necessarily know what it is, we like that it sounds sort of strange when you first hear the notion of Ant-Man, or a hero that can shrink, but he’s a very key Marvel character. He’s a key Avenger. He’s an important character we want to bring into our universe and Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and an amazing cast all set to start in August, we believe that we’re on the road to the best version of Ant-Man that we could have.

AKA “Wait… no one wants to see an Ant-Man movie? ‘Edgar Wright superhero movie’ was the main draw here? Hell. You guys, he’s awesome, I promise! He can talk to ants!”

Just give me Guardians of the Galaxy already.

(via Blastr, /Film, /Film)

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