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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And I'll Form the Head!

Lucy Lawless And The Plot She’d Revive Xena With

In my dreams it would be that Renee [O'Connor, who played Gabrielle] and I, and Ted [Raimi], who played Joxer, would come back and basically stick Xena’s head back on her and go on a quest. At the end you introduce this new Warrior Princess, hand it over and let them run with it. So we could put the family back together, give the fans what they want, reinvigorate the brand and hand it on to a new generation.
Lucy Lawless, on how she would like a hypothetical new Xena series to begin.

The logistics of “stick[ing] Xena’s head back on” aside, I think this would be a pretty good way to revive the series. Lawless herself might not be taking up the warrior princess mantle again, but passing it on to a new generation could be just the kick a reboot would need to get some new fans who were too young to watch it the first time around. If Lawless would stay around to make cameos, though, that would be pretty sweet.

(via Blastr)

Previously in Xena: Warrior Princess

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  • Erin Treat

    Xena and Gabrielle together making cameos helping the new heroine would be so awesome. They’d be like the cool gay aunts who teach her how to be baddass. This REALLY NEEDS TO HAPPEN!

  • Charlie

    It would be nice to have a straight tough heroine. When I was younger I felt like the media was always saying it’s okay to be tough and badass as long as you like girls -.-

  • Anonymous

    Seeing as how I was just suggesting this shows needs a remake/re-imagining….oh please let this happen!

  • Nick Gaston

    “Aunts” hell…in a hypothetical series with the magic of several pantheons, and a heroine literally getting her head glued back on to come back from the dead? A full-blooded Xena-Gabriellaster Jr. isn’t that much harder.

    Hmmm…is Daisy Lawless doing any acting, these days?

  • Jodilyn

    Since when has being dead stopped anyone in methodologically based universes from appearing in a story.

  • Mr The Batman

    God I miss Xena on a Saturday night…it sounds SO wrong but I promise you it’s not like that…not that Lucy isn’t attractive…oh for god’s sake it’s getting out of hand.

    Netflix I love you right now.

    For Xena.

  • Emily

    As someone who was to young to see Xena, I would love this. It would be a really cool way for me to get into the series.

  • Erin Treat

    I don’t know what this is apropos of. The new heroine’s sexuality could be whatever but it’s not like being trained by a lesbian couple will make her gay too.

    Also I have to say, growing up gay my perception is very different from yours. No matter how baddass the heroine is she always had to reaffirm her heterosexuality to prove that she wasn’t threatening to men. Usually by putting her in some hyperfeminized clothes and situation where she had to “prove” she was a stright woman. Whatever that means.

  • chris

    YES! please make this so. Xena was AWESOMESAUCE!

  • chris

    RE-watching it with my teen daughter now. How cool is that?

  • Anonymous

    I think this would be absolutely brilliant. I could begrudgingly get behind a new generation of Warrior Princess so long as we get some original cast love (and closure that is not the FIN finale… erugh). Though I would hope that the next Warrior Princess will have a Gabrielle of her own. Not necessarily as the Xena/Gabby romance and subtext variety, I just mean that I hope the lady protagonist (Warrior Princess) has a very important, valued, and supporting fellow woman character with her.

    To this day, Xena is still one of the rare shows that is built around *two women* and their characters, their dramas, their battles (physical and otherwise), and their friendship/relationship. I’d like seeing more of that.

  • Charlie

    Oh of course I wasn’t saying that first part. That’s silly. :)
    Maybe it’s because I’m a gamer I’m used to straight heroines never getting a love interest on screen.

  • Samuel

    Lucy Lawless is literally the best. There’s an excerpt in Bruce Campbell’s biography where she came up to him at a book signing wearing a trenchcoat and sunglasses and acted like a crazy-stalker fan until he got super freaked out before she revealed who it was.

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Morrison!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Could they find someone as awesome as Lucy Lawless??

  • Rachel Banzhaf

    Only speedbump I see is replacing Ares, I believe the only god whose actor died. But how about this? Some or all of the old gods were banished from Olympus and reborn as mortals. Something something their powers begin to reawaken and Xena’s heir is called upon to prevent them from causing too much trouble. Room for totally new main cast but the old cast could still appear as spirits or whatnot on occasion.

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious what your age is. Not because I think you’re wrong and therefore young, but because I think the tough = *actually* a lesbian has not been around for very long. Tough and people *think* she’s a lesbian, sure, but actual queer women in media is not a very common phenomenon historically.

  • Charlie

    I’m 32. So not that young. I think you are correct though perhaps it’s the presumption of being a lesbian that is there more than anything. As I’m straight and a massive ‘tomboy’ it hurts a little bit when people make that assumption. As I’m sure lesbians wouldn’t want people to assume you they straight either.

  • Mark Brown

    Hell, since when has being dead stopped Xena in particular?

  • Mark Brown

    Hmm. And there is precedence in the ancient world for reanimating a dismembered corpse. They just have to pay a visit to Isis and beg the use of her sarcophagus.

  • Anonymous

    Most important is that the script should be written by those who were really responsible for the success of the series: Steven L. Sears & R. J. Stewart. What ever will happen then in the movie would be fine!

  • Melynda

    I love how you mention the logistics of sticking Xena’s head back on… Like something like that ever stopped them before. But any show in the Xena-verse wouldn’t be the same without Kevin Smith. :

  • aggieagatha

    OH GOD. She’s so beautiful and amazing and cool and smart and funny and nice and …..

    I’ve had the biggest crush on her since i was about 5

  • Emily Walton

    Yes, this. I love that Xena and Gabrielle ended up together, but I also notice a lack of intimate female friendships in popular media, so either way it would be fantastic for the show to continue to focus on two women.

  • Emily Walton

    The great thing about your premise is that it could work in any time period from Rome (where they more or less worshiped the same gods) to the Victorian era (where Europe’s academic/educated types were in love with all things Greco-Roman) to the modern day.

  • Emily Walton

    Xena would make a great god of war.

  • Emily Walton

    I didn’t realize it at the time, but Gabrielle was my first female crush. By the time I realized I was bisexual, Xena and Gabrielle were together, and Willow and Tara were together, and being a queer young woman wasn’t so scary. I really need to re-watch Xena, since I missed a few seasons the first time through.

  • Graeme in scotland

    lucy lawless or no one! I mean who could take her place, and who cares about the previous ending, many fans fell away due to silly stories etc, GET REAL! like as in “The Debt”, leave the slapstick, musical rubbish and the heavy lezzer slant, friggin story writers should ave been beheaded!