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Legend of Korra Returns Friday, Here’s a New Trailer!

Oh, Legend of Korra, I wanted to like your first season more than I actually wound up liking it. And now there’s this trailer that’s just pulling me back in to all my Avatar feels… Of course I’m going to watch you, Korra Season 2, how could I stay mad at you?

(via Tor.)

Previously in Legend of Korra

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  • Anonymous

    If we don’t get an appearance from Koh this season, I’ll be very disappointed. Otherwise, bring on the spirits! This is gonna be…well, probably better than season one!

  • Turner Munch

    they are going to tell the story of the first avatar just as a side note!!!!!!! That should have been the entire new series! What is better than the last airbender?…… the first avatar!!!!!

  • Gerald Kirby

    Really looking forward to see how they expand the world of Avatar this season. Hopefully they change location somewhat more often than in season one.

  • Anonymous

    Well looks like this one is going to be primarily set in the South Pole and the Spirit World. I’m really looking forward to those locations. We spent all of two episodes in the South in A:TLA and I always wanted the series to go back. And the Spirit World is always fun.

  • Gerald Kirby

    There was some consternation about the amount of time spent in the Pro Bending stadium.

  • Anonymous

    Same here. Liked the first season but didn’t found it great. Part of that may have been that the original “Avatar” series had such an epic scope. While the Ga-ang was travelling one discovered this world with them. “Korra” was all centered to this one city. Here’s hope the scope and storylines will be greatly expanded in season 2.

  • Izzy

    I’ve been waiting for more spirit world! Also, I can’t remember, did tMS review book 1of Korra? Either way, this is quite exciting.

  • Anonymous

    Season one may have been rushed, but surely I can’t be the only one who LOVED it? I mean, come on! The music! The art! The Bolin!

  • Gregory Williams

    WE are so ready for this … while we wait for Haven, Lost Girl, Being Human, The Walking Dead, Elementary, Revolution, Person of Interest, Big Bang Theory, etc.etc.etc.

  • Spam

    Author of this peace, you are inside my head. I wanted to love Korra so much… But Mako… You fucking vapid Wanker! You took her from me! *sobs*

  • Aeryl

    They’ll be in Republic City too, Mako’s got a new job!


    He’s gonna be a cop!!

  • Camille Monae

    agree with the disappointment of season one. I am someone who was so caught up in the artistry, characters, and feel of the original series that it was going to be near impossible to please me with Korra. Perhaps it was a rush job to get new Avatar material out after the horror that was the movie-that-shall-not-be-named

    This trailer is making me a bit optimistic though. it looks as though they are going to try and recreate the feel of the original series a bit more