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In Norway, You Can Watch People Knit For 5 Hours On TV

Any time I happen upon Big Brother, I can’t fathom how it’s still on television. It looks so boring. And then I heard about watching people knit competitively. And my mind was blown.

So apparently, Norway’s public television network, NRK, is planning to broadcast a bunch of folks attempting to break a world knitting record.

“The NRK network says the Nov. 1 broadcast will be preceded by a four-hour documentary on how the wool off a sheep’s back turns into a sweater,” according to the Associated Press. “NRK producer Rune Moeklebust said Friday that ‘it’s kind of ordinary TV but very slow, although they’ll be knitting as fast as they can.’”

They’ve dedicated five whole hours to the event to see if the individuals can beat the previous record held by Australia of 4 hours and 51 minutes of non-stop knitting. Originally, I was thinking grandmothers around the world must have beat this record 10 times over since the beginning of knitting, but the actual record involves the fastest time between the sheep to the actual finished sweater.

Producer Lise-May Spissoy told NRK TV’s website. But she is enthusiastic about the Norwegian bid: “We’ve already earmarked the lamb for shearing, and are putting together the team of eight record-breakers – one will shear, while the rest spin and knit as fast as they can.”

Previously, the network aired over 5 days of a cruise ship sailing along in the Arctic.

(via Yahoo, image via LlGC ~ NLW on Flickr)

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  • Julianne

    Within the fiber community, this is a pretty common competition. Teams usually compete against one another at a fiber festival or an agricultural fair. A sheep-to-shawl competition is more popular than a sheep-to-sweater competition.

  • Pål

    Don’t forget how they had an 8-hour show about firewood! Norwegian TV is weird but lovely in its quirkiness. Either way, I’ll be planted firmly in front of the NRK stream Nov. 1 with my own knitting in my hands :)

  • Cain S. Latrani

    Are they going to be knitting the Death Star? Serenity? The Enterprise?

    A full sized dragon?

    I think this is important to know.

  • Anonymous

    Just imagine the commentary! “Now Bob, don’t forget the importance of knit-one-purl-two here. If Joe misses this loop, it could be all over!”

  • According2Robyn

    This is still less boring than golf.

  • According2Robyn

    We now go live to reporter Hans Svegler, for an interview with the sheep.

  • Stewart Zoot Wymer

    I’m slightly embarrassed we have the current record. I guess it’s different cultural mores but there are some really interesting things happening in Norway (at least from an external perspective) but they don’t seem to want to televise that. Had a friend from there and she mentioned they have a whole bunch of shaman performing various sacred rites in Norway. Of course, if the shaman didn’t want to be recorded, I guess that would be a big factor but I personally would love to see something like that!

  • hermon

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  • Lady Commentariat

    It would probably take me watching the whole damn thing to finally be able to purl continental-style smoothly.

  • Helt oppgitt

    We even have a Guinness record for longest live broadcast of a tv-documentary (over 134 hours). It was an express boat ride from Bergen to Krikenes. Watched by 2,6 million norwegians. I love NRK.

  • Rica Eine

    I think this one will be more interesting than Big Brother!


  • Kelli Quinn

    All right! It is ON! [oils up Kromski folding spinning wheel, cues up "NBA Jamz" album on iPod and cracks knuckles]

  • Anja

    And these are actually the kinds of things we are known for here in Norway. Knitting TV, cruise TV, firewood TV. Not to mention the goat cheese fire that cast my little home town into despair because there was no longer an open highway out of the place.

  • Gena Merritt

    me too! :)

  • Anonymous

    Wish I could get the program but it’s not on the web. Norway? Could you please put it on the web? I could do with watching a program that is boring on purpose.