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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


That Time Housekeeping Found Jennifer Lawrence’s Sex Toys [VIDEO]

While vacationing at Disney World this past summer, I noticed housekeeping has a habit of moving things. Not in an obtrusive way but like, putting my new stuffed Stitch in a cute pose on our bed with our Mickey-shaped washcloth kind of way. Consider that, then watch this video of recent hotel stay Jennifer Lawrence had.

(via Pajiba)

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  • Anonymous

    Did she have the Burly Lumberjack butt-plug?

  • Kathryn (@Loerwyn)

    Suggested video: “Rent-An-A-Hole”. No, seriously.

  • Not So Young Democrat

    Anyone else and I’d say “yeah, as a joke, right.” But she seems to have no filter and I’m sure she’d just be up front about the nature of her butt plug collection

  • Rob Payne

    There’s just so much variety, they’re like the Pokemon of sex toys. Gotta catch ‘em all.

  • Ray Burns

    Okay, how can someone say “copious amounts of butt-plugs” and still make it cute??

  • Elias Algorithm

    She’s the female Kirk. She found a way.

    There’s a thought in there I wanted no part of.