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Our Adorable Past

BREAKING: Jennifer Lawrence Took The Same Pictures In Middle School As You Did

I swear, if I dig through some boxes I could find 20 pictures just like this from my middle school years. This one of Jennifer Lawrence comes courtesy of a reddit user who went to school with the Oscar-winning actress. “She hasn’t changed much since,” wrote user miloblue12. I believe it.

(via Jezebel)

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  • Episkey

    Holy perfect curls, Middle School J-Law! Where’s all the awkward?

  • Elwyne

    No way any of my middle school pics look this good.

  • Anonymous

    Notice she’s the only one in the picture with “Hollywood Hair”. I used to work with a former soap actress, who had quit to care for her two daughters as a single mom.

  • AverageDrafter

    Jesus, did she just come out of the womb with perfect hair?

    Just like people don’t realize how massive pro athletes are until they stand next to them, you just can’t appreciate how insanely gorgeous our celebrities are until you show them next to normal looking people.

  • John Keegan

    I have to admit, I’m not sure what those two sentences you wrote have to do with one another. Can you explain…?

  • Anonymous

    lol – sorry, I’d written some of the rest out but then changed my mind – but didn’t delete enough.

    Though she hadn’t been an active actress in about 10-years she had what I described as “Hollywood Hair”. Even on a bad hair day she still looked like she was ready for a photo shoot. Its hard to explain, other than she took VERY good care of her hair, and the rest of herself. She was a great mom too, and being gorgeous she naturally was being wooed by a local millionaire (30-something year old real estate developer). I worked with her for a couple years, she was one of the sweetest persons I’ve known, but her ex-husband was a flake.

  • Andrew Orillion

    Wow, so Jennifer Lawrence is a normal person, with normal experiences. It’s almost like she’s a regular human being.