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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

If you liked it then you should have put a Lantern Ring on it

This Is Idris Elba As Green Lantern John Stewart

The announcement Warner Bros. should have made at San Diego Comic-Con. Well, besides that other one, of course.

(Marc-Antoine Poulin via Tights and Capes)

Previously in San Diego Comic-Con

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  • Anonymous

    Ooh, I’m tingly.

  • Amber Dawn

    Idris Elba is always a positive life choice.

  • Glitchy


    That is all.

  • Ashe

    *claps hands on cheeks*


  • Anonymous

    Depends entirely on whether it’s related to that other movie. /shudders

  • Anonymous

    Yummy. If he was Green Lantern, maybe, just perhaps, I wouldn’t have stormed out of Rave 18 Cinemas ranting about how I want my $7 and 3 hours back.

  • Julianna Condor

    Oh my good lord. Yes please. I’ll have two. (John Stewart is by far and away my favorite Lantern, and Idris Elba is AMAZING)

  • Samuel

    If they ever decide to make a Mass Effect Movie set in prequel Turian Wars times (which is when they’ve discussed setting it) Idris Elba should be Anderson (Keith David is awesome, but I don’t want to see a cgi-youngified Keith David).

  • Angela Korra’ti (Highland)

    OH GOD IF ONLY. My exposure to Green Lantern thus far has in fact been John Stewart, due to the most excellent long-running animated Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons back in the 90′s. I wouldn’t necessarily kill to hear Elba belting out the “IN DARKEST DAY” speech, but I’d consider _serious_ levels of property damage.

  • LifeLessons

    Is this for real? Can it be for real please?!?!

  • Thomas Hayes

    I’ve heard only bad things about it. Therefore I’m kinda curious as to just *how* bad it is (same reason I watched The Amazing Spider-Man a few weeks back). Will I forgive myself for sitting through Green Lantern or will I want to gouge my eyes out?

  • Laura Truxillo

    *grabby hands* Mmmmmmmppphhh! I want it! I want it so bad!

  • Aeryl

    It’s bad, but you’ll forgive yourself.

    After hearing how bad RIPD is, I have to say I miss the days when we were all LOOKING FORWARD to Ryan Reynolds comic book movie career(WE CAN HAZ DEADPOOL NAO)

  • Aeryl


  • Anonymous

    The characters are cardboard cutouts, the plot is cliche and a little disjointed, and the special effects are laughable, but it’s not at “gouge your eyes out” level, necessarily. (I got it out of the library, which is a good option if you’re curious as it wastes no money.)

    I’d put it on a level with the Fantastic 4 movie, which was also dreadful (caught that on on TV. I feel like I need disclaimers that I don’t rent these the bad ones).

    They’re both a lot worse than Amazing Spider-Man, which I really liked.

  • Mina

    It was pretty meh. I didn’t dislike it, but it was nothing special. I didn’t dislike it, but I have never had any desire to rewatch it.

  • Important Film Maker

    I feel a disturbance in the force— a million ovaries exploding at once….

  • Thomas Hayes

    I didn’t like TASM really but I’ll definitely put it in front of both F4 and F4:ROTSS. Both of those films sort of just “happen”, there’s barely anything of interest in them and they have pisspoor scripts and bad acting. TASM has way more going for it, especially as it has really good actors in it (Sheen, Stone, Garfield) but I think although it’s retelling of the origin isn’t bad and the character bits between Peter and Gwen are sort of nice in an awkward teen romance sort of way, it’s villain is awful and it feels too mopey and dark to me, completely devoid of any of the fun bits that Sam Raimi’s first two films had, which I really liked.

  • Logo Lou

    Green Lantern? I think we all know he should be Batman.

  • Abel Undercity

    On GL: When your Big Bad is an angry cloud, there is a problem.

  • Feliza

    Okay, but seriously, for most of my life, I was unaware there was a Green Lantern who wasn’t John Stewart. And now I am completely convinced that Idris Elba IS John Stewart.

  • postpunkprometheus

    Would have paid money to see this as opposed to none for the other.

  • Adam Cross

    we’ll just ignore that he played Heimdall in Thor, as well as an awesome Bond, he would clearly be an awesome Stewart/GL

  • Megaera

    Good lord! I guess I *will* watch a superhero film after all.

  • aggieagatha

    He will be amazing!

  • Anonymous

    I think he should have been the main movie Green Lantern from the start! I know that Hal Jordan was the original Green Lantern (if you don’t count Alan Scott) but John Stewart was the most interesting of the human ones. Even back when he was just supposed to be an “angry black man” he managed to be more sympathetic and have more personality than Hal ever did. Idris Elba being able to play him is just icing on a very badass and progressive cake.

  • Anonymous

    Ohhh my. This does things to me. Good things. I’d love this.

  • Nat

    I look at Ryan the same way I look at Nicholas Cage. He does the movies he wants and gives no f*cks whatsoever. Because omg did the previews for RIPD give me feels and my psychic character want to come out and play [with him]. But I think Ryan is a GREAT actor — he did this great movie… I think it was called Chaos Theory? Phenominal.

  • javakoala

    *NerdgasmFlail* Holy Mother of Batman. This is the best thing I’ve seen all week.

  • Joanna

    That man just exudes cool.

  • Elizabeth Wells

    Great, now you’re offering me choice! What to do????

    Can we have both?

  • Elizabeth Wells

    It was frakking HILARIOUS in that wonderful way FF was or the first Transformers movie or the live action Ben 10 movies made by the Cartoon Network. Not as amazing as Batman and Robin or Street Fighter though.
    I’ve watched it a few times, the first time I was just shouting random things at my laptop, the second time I was doing all the dialogue of the background characters after deciding that they all thoguht Hal Jordan was insane and were desperately in love with Tomar-Re (who shunned them in celibate Nikolai Tesla fashion… I may write that fic someday)

  • Jeff Demos

    I had no clue he was such a sex symbol. But yeah he’d pull off the John Stewart pretty well.

  • Andrea Pantoja

    Somebody start writing a crossover fic where Heimdall is actually John Stewart from the past!!! Or the future. I’m fine with that.

  • Aeryl

    I really love him as an actor, to be honest, I am disappointed that his comic book movies are bombing. I loved him on Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place.

    I’ve not seen Chaos Theory, but if you like Reynolds, check out The Nines, which also star Melissa McCarthy.

  • Petrinka

    Oh wow…I thought I was the only one that was a fan of him from Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. He is so funny and it’s sad that his movies are tanking. I think he’s trying to do a “Jim Carey.” He’s better at comedy but keeps trying the serious stuff.

  • Nat

    Well to be fair, I thought Carey was great in Number 23. I really preferred him in that to his comedic roles.

  • Anonymous

    Personally I’d rather have Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje for T’Challa, but I sure wouldn’t complain if Idris got the role. Really, that’s my biggest issue with Idris as Heimdall: he should be the star of his own damn superhero movie, not a bit-player in someone else’s.

  • totz the plaid

    I only need two words to say how I feel about this idea: FUCK YES!!!

    (Though I still don’t like the way the costume was done for the Green Lantern film, so maybe if they’re smart enough to do this, they’d be smart enough to fix that.)

    The world needs more Idris Elba roles.

  • Bianca Gallegly Horkan

    I’d jump on that!! :-D

  • Anonymous

    No clue? Then you haven’t seen him cook you eggs for breakfast.

  • blu girl

    *GASP* That would be epic!

  • The 2.5th Doctor

    Idris Elba is Batman.

  • Angry And Yellow

    After seeing Pacific Rim, this needs to happen ASAP.

  • Adron Buske

    As others have noted here, because of the animated Justice League, John Stewart is _my_ Green Lantern. I’d never cared about any GL before that. The idea of Idris in that role? Awesome. The thought of his John Stewart leading a team in space and yelling “Light ‘em up!” (like in Justice League Unlimited “The Return” versus Amazo)? Fan-freaking-tastic.

  • Anonymous

    Thisssssssss. Make a sequel. Go the James Cameron route—simply call it Green Lanterns.

    Open with the GL base. Sinestro totally rings up, and kills the hell out of everybody there. Nobody is left but the handful of Lanterns who were offworld at the time, including Ryan Reynolds. They only have a short amount of time to recruit anybody they can, try to train up an army and figure out a way to fight somebody whose power slices right through anything they do with the ring.

    Enter Idris Elba. Apocalypse: cancelled.

    Holy shit, it writes itself, you guys!

  • Samuel

    Don’t need to ignore much, Reynolds is Deadpool and Green Lantern and possibly Flash. Chris Evans is Whiny Storm and Cap Am.

  • Anonymous

    The animated Justice League show came out in 2001 not in the 90′s.

  • Angela Korra’ti (Highland)

    I stand corrected, thank you. :) I was blurring the time I think since it’s one great big continuity with the Batman and Superman cartoons, and those did come first.

  • noaneo

    No Shemar Moore !! Better.