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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

What It Says On the Tin

Animal Sex, As Illustrated by Humanoid Cartoons

Animals have weird sex, you guys. But if putting the weird, wild mating habits of the animal kingdom has always been hard for you to put into human context, then you are in luck this afternoon! DeviantARTist Humon has created an illustrated guide to the many varieties of copulation in which God’s numerous creatures and beasts take part, featuring adorable humanoid cartoons showing us where on the human body all this stuff would happen. No, seriously — this is super educational!

After giving these a read, ask yourself the following: What is my sexual spirit animal?

(Humon on DeviantART via io9)

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  • Christopher LaHaise

    Showed my wife this yesterday, she absolutely loved it.  :)  And the artwork is so cute!

  • Joe Boyle

    That was cute!

  • Shae

    Humon does the best work. Her web comic Scandinavia and the World is my favorite.

  • Emma Jones

    This is adorable. The idea sounded a little creepy to me when I read the headline, but this is excellently executed.

  • Bronwyn Mroz

    These are great! :)

  • Anonymous

    These are really great…but I HATE it when female hyenas are described as having “pseudo penises!” Can’t we go with “super clits” instead?

  • Anonymous

    A very handy reference for anyone who points out that my atypically structured family is ‘unnatural’ :-)

  • Frodo Baggins

    You insert your ovipositor into your male mate’s egg pouch?

  • Ryan ‘Quavey’ Havers

    I’d want to be a Spotted Hyena, Discus Fish or Seahorse.

    Spotted Hyena, because its nice to see the women with more power than the men for a change and Discus fish because I -love- the equal parenting of it. :3

    Though I think my favourite is probably Seahorse. I’d happily volunteer to be pregnant instead of my lover, I’m already scared that she has to go through that.

  • ✰ Ємρʏяɛαℓ Ɖяɛαмɛя (´・ω・`)

    This is so cute! Heh, I love the cuttlefish one… :’D

  • Roslyn Martinez

    Also, loving the male skimpy outfit gallery on her profile. XD

  • Kellee Richards

    No kidding. I’m gaga for that comic.

  • Anonymous

     Only if he’s been a good boy ;-)

  • Sheila

    For a lot more of these (sans artwork, sadly), check out the book “Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to all Creation” by Olivia Judson. It’s fascinating and humorous and has long been one of my favorites. :)

  • Yup856

    ……the FUCK?

  • Benjamin Eugene NElson


  • Anonymous

    Yeah, those SCARY clits, getting all up in your business.

  • Anonymous

    How about catfish? They hatch their eggs, and then the little ones hang out around MaMa’s mouth. If threatened, they swim into her mouth for safety.  You can make inferences about how they got there, if you would let a slimy female with whiskers near anything important…

  • Tom ‘Rossy’ Rosbotham

    I think we should probably describe then as external vaginas… given hyena penetration occurs “dick”-to-dick. Last time I check most people don’t stick thing _in_ their penis… or clit, for that matter. 

  • Anonymous

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  • demon.3

     anyone ever see that animal sex thing on IFC?, reminds me of this somehow.
    but yes this is very cute.

  • Anonymous

    You forgot to list lions. That would have been fun.

  • Anonymous

    Really!? Exactly $5418?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah that ruins my day, too.

  • Jen H

    Animals are so creepy.

  • Anonymous

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