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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

How to Make Tiny Dinosaurs Eat an Actor Alive

You know this would have been a lot easier if they’d just covered the guy in peanut butter. Dinosaurs love peanut butter.

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  • Ellie

    Practical effects you guys <3

  • Silvermoonlight

    Don’t get me wrong I love CGI but in terms of monsters its never quite looked right up until recently and I still think has some way to go. As good a tool as it is, practical animatronic puppets are still a wonderful medium and I always feel really sorry for the puppeteers when someone says, oh that’s CGI because it must be a sort of soul crushing at times as they put so much effort in to their work.

    This isn’t the first instance of heard about where the thing has been mistaken for CGI in Harry Potter The Chamber Of Secrets the huge snake door with its moving stones snakes was all animatronic. As is the tiny Alien in a human head in Men In Black in both case there were no computers involved, just brilliant puppet work.