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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

it's time to play the music

Music Takes Center Stage In One Last Desolation of Smaug Production Diary [VIDEO]

Band nerds, you’ll enjoy this one. BRB, I need to go listen to The White Tree several dozen times. Howard Shore is a god.

(via: Bleeding Cool)

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  • Angela Korra’ti (Highland)

    Flute section represent at the 7:40 mark (hi, I’m a band nerd)! :D Man, this video makes me HAPPY. The closest I ever got to this was playing the Raiders of the Lost Ark march in our 100+ seat middle school band, but still, wow, seventh-grade me is totally starry-eyed at the musicians here.

  • Madeleine Odowichuk

    There’s something really magical about people coming together to make music. One moment I will never forget was being in a 200-person choir, with a full orchestra, performing Carmina Burana. It was several smaller choirs from different towns coming together, and the first time everyone practiced ‘O Fortuna’ together, there was this huge echoing silence afterward, and everyone was too in awe to speak.
    I imagine the musicians who got to perform the score to “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” got that feeling every time they recorded. The score sends chills up my spine.

  • WheelchairNinja

    Howard Shore basically wrote an operatic masterpiece which then got used as background music for the Lord of the Rings movies. I don’t think many people realize it, but all of the vocalization that sound like generic “oohs” and “ahhs” is actually a choir singing in elvish:

    It would be worth seeing Peter Jackson create a Silmarillion trilogy if only to hear Shore’s version of the Ainulindalë—the creation story of Middle Earth where God and the angels sing the world into existence.