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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Today in Awesome

Ron Perlman Dons His Hellboy Costume For Make-A-Wish, Adorable Things Happen

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(via SuperheroHype)

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  • Anna Sophia May

    That’s so sweet. My gosh, that’s.. really heartwarming.

  • Aiden McbrinelobsterMcthermado

    So apparently Ron Perlman wasn’t awesome enough already.
    That warmed even my blackened hart.

  • PenguinGrenade

    This is why Ron Perlman deserves to have a day named after him for just being so cool.

  • John Wao

    Cool cool cool.

  • Anonymous

    My irisis have literally transformed into tiny hearts. This is the most adorable thing I have seen all day.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Did anybody else squee when they saw the make-up artist wearing a “Property of Miskatonic University” t-shirt?

  • John Paduch

    Mr. Perlman continues to radiate pure awesome. Good on ya, sir. ‘Twas a damn fine thing to do for this kid, bringing him that much joy.

  • Beau Nobo

    That’s the best they could do? At least give the kid a full coat of face paint, put some shading in there. Make it look like you tried, you heartless monsters.

  • Grace Mahoney

    This is cute, but why has this kid been watching Hellboy?

  • Scott Young

     I would imagine full on make up would be rather uncomfortable, especially for a young child.

  • David Ash

    While I agree.. I can’t help but notice you’ve misused the word “literally”.

  • Eternalgreenknight

    I grew up watching Robocop when I was his age.  I turned out ok.  But, if this kid is in the make-a-wish program, chances are you don’t have to worry about that.  Let him enjoy what little life he has.

  • Bill Hedrick

    As a makeup guy, both those thoughts went through my mind. it takes a couple hours for this, a kid probably couldn’t sit for more than a half hour. If it made him happy, we can just shut up about it

  • Diana Johansen

    I can’t help but notice that you’ve got no clue about the uses of the word literally.
    (Hint: It can be used for emphasis as an intensifier before a figurative expression.)

  • Anonymous

    Either that or I’m secretly a polymorph and my irisis shapeshif to reflect my emotions. Take your pick!

  • Brian Raper

     I adore pedants!

  • Brian Raper

     In the same vein as Mr Ash… Would require an apostrophe somewhere!

  • Brian Raper

     And a T

  • Brian Raper

     Yay! go girl! and I don’t mean that in a mocking sort of way as I love figurative expression… My girlfriend does it all the time… Especially late at night!

  • Brian Raper

     What’s Squee?

  • Brian Raper

     No. That is why we, as British people need to have a sovereign that recognises the deeds from nobles around the world and to stop being anal about the whole British thing when it comes to awarding Knight hoods and the lesser awards for people who do things for others without thinking about things such as’How much am I gonna get paid for this’. There is a whole shit load of good going on around this place as much as the bad,,, but then thinking about it, if it wasn’t for the bad, then how would we gauge the good… Sorry! now waffaling, so will shut up… Sorry! for those who would think that by saying waffaling, I am making a sweet dessert type thingy, but the meaning was somewhere along the lines of, to speak unwanted and superfluous stuff around the thingy in order to fill a space that I can fill with stuff like text as it is a big space and hasn’t given me an instruction to say that I can only fill it with text stuff amounting to a certain number of characters and such… It’s still going but I’m getting a pain in my wrist so will stop typing now… Sorry!

  • Brian Raper

     I’m sure the kid would disagree with you on every level… But then, he has not reached a point in his life where demand for something is paramount. He’s happy that someone like Mr Pearlman has taken the time to do what he has and that others around him have helped to bring this all about so after thinking about the whole logistic side of the thing in bringing all the elements together to reach the point that you see they got to. (and so much more wanted to be said but that would make me seem a little angry and blue in the mouth), do you still consider them to be heartless monsters… Question… How much have you done this week for your fellow man?

  • Brian Raper

     Mr Hedrick… I’m your number one fan! and the reason that I still have some faith… Thank you. and I sincerely mean that.

  • Brian Raper

     Errrrrrm! Yes, why has the kid been watching Hellboy. I’m a responsible father and I would never allow my children to watch movies that are rated above their age nor would I allow them to play video games that are also rated above their age, because, as stated before, I am a responsible father… But, unfortunately, I don’t agree with the censor’s and what they consider to be fit for us (at any age) I allow my children to make their own decisions (much to the contempt of others) mostly because, that’s how I grew up. To be dictated too with regards to what another would deem unfit because of age is, an insult to your child whom (if you remember anything of your childhood) is quite capable of figuring out what scares the living shit out of him/her and what doesn’t… They need nightmares, other wise they will only have you, as parents to tell them about what to do when a stranger offers them sweets, and to be quite blunt, some of you parents are shit at emphasising the dangers that are out there because you didn’t watch Hellboy when you were a child!

  • Brian Raper

     I’m your number one fan too because I was quite young when I watched Robocop and it also had an impact on me but not in a violent way…That accolade I give to my Grandad who taught me everything I needed to know about how to a successful serial killer.

    Disclaimer: I’m only joking about the serial killer thing so please don’t try it at home kids as the cops will know exactly where to find you!