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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kids Get On Our Good Side, Help Reveal a Pepper Potts Iron Man 3 Spoiler

The release of Iron Man 3 is fast approaching, and with that comes its stars doing their contractually required press junkets. And with that comes spoilers. Thank you, Gwyneth Paltrow‘s children, for pushing your mom in the direction of confirming a rather good one.

Unmarked spoilers under the cut, so proceed at your own risk.

Said Paltrow in an unnamed interview (but it was sent as part of a group of interviews by Marvel Studios to a bunch of different news outlets, among them the quite reliable SuperHeroHype, so it seems legit):

“I didn’t mind wearing the suit at all. I thought it was light and perfectly comfortable and my children thought I was extremely cool. They were here on a day where I was in it, so they were trying it on and when my son saw me in the suit, he had the biggest eyes, so it was definitely worth it.”

So. Pepper Potts definitely suits up, then. No more “she miiiight suit up” or “this leaked piece of merch shows her suiting up, but…” It’s confirmed, from the mouth of Paltrow herself. Bada-bing. Stick a fork in it, it’s done.

We don’t know at this point whether Pepper will assume her superhero alter-ego Rescue like she does in the comics. Even if she doesn’t, Iron Man 3 could always be setting that plotline up for later Marvel movies.

But whatever. I’m getting ahead of myself here. Pepper suiting up to save Tony’s behind in Iron Man 3 is good enough for me.

(And how cool is that that Paltrow’s kids got to see her in a super suit, by the way?)

(via: SuperHeroHype)

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  • James Gardiner

    That’s pretty neat, here’s hoping her and War Machine show up for Avengers 2 (considering they’re going up against Thanos they’ll need the help).
    Also, I feel like Gwyneth Paltrow is one of those actresses we forget how good she is.

  • Anonymous

    They should at least have him in a “reserve” capacity or something. Excluding him once, okay I can get that, but if it’s going to be a pattern that sort of stretches the suspension of disbelief. “Hey we’ve got a team of superheroes that have to literally fight evil alien armies, but let’s just keep it to these six people” is a little much.

  • Anonymous

    She is totally getting in trouble for this, lol. They put so much effort into keeping this a secret!

  • Rebecca Pahle

    The quote was part of a press packet sent out by Marvel Studios, so I think she’ll be OK. :)

  • Kim Pittman


  • Ryan Colson

    She’s gonna die, the suit just tries to protect her when it goes sentient

  • Totz_the_Plaid

    Here’s what I suspect:
    It’s not going to be her own suit, it’s one of Tony’s. She suits up, but it’s not built for her like the Rescue armor is in the comics. She’ll likely get her own armor in a future film, but not this one.

  • Penny Sautereau-Fife

    Perhaps if Downey’s “How much longer can I do this” rumblings take Tony out of the movies, Pepper can replace him?

  • Jason Rye

    Lego already spoiled the scene with a set, its just one of Tony’s suits to protect her from his falling house after the Mandarin blows it up.