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David S. Goyer Comments On Female Jimmy Olsen In Man Of Steel

“I can’t comment on that.”Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer speaking with I Am Rogue on the ongoing rumor of Jimmy Olsen actually being Jenny Olsen in the film.

You may remember director Zack Snyder recently saying how pleased he was so few Man of Steel secrets had gotten out. As to casting Laurence Fishburne, Goyer said, “I Thought it was an awesome choice. I think that it is silly that people are like, ‘You can’t have a black guy named White.’ But I’m like, well what about Barry White? I thought that was stupid. You just want to get the best actor.

(via ScreenRant)

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  • Matt Graham

    I did not know about either of these, but that is rad.

  • Jonathan Aaron

    That’s it? I’m sorry but was there a reason that I should have clicked on the headline…other than the headline?

    This just in – David S. Goyer Comments On Female Jimmy Olsen In Man Of Steel to say that he can’t comment on Female Jimmy Olsen in Man of Steel

  • Fourth-day Universe

    I had no problem with Laurence Fishburne being cast (except that it conflicted with my plans for him to play the Martian Manhunter). On the other hand, why change Jimmy to Jenny? He’s not just some throwaway character. This is “Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen”, who fell in love with Supergirl and all the other stuff he’s done. This would be akin to making Tim Drake into Tina Drake. Why do you need “more diversity”? Isn’t Lois Lane enough of a strong female lead?

  • Calum Syers

    I’ve never got the butthurt over casting actors of different races and genders for roles that were traditionally written as white and/or male. Surely it’s all about who is the best person for the job.

    Note: This is why I avoid IMDb. Ten ehousand threads of “Whyd they casted a black guy/a woman trololololololol!”

  • Fez Guy

    I don’t mind Perry White being Black or Jimmy Olsen being Jenny Olsen. But both together strikes me as more of a publicity ploy then anything else. We’ll have to see how it works.

    One thing I’m a little concerned with is Jimmy has this weird partner-ship with Superman that takes on less innocent and more creepy obsession when Olsen is made male (and older then teenaged)

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure I agree with the gender switch. Superman’s universe really isn’t crowded and the Jimmy Olsen character doesn’t have many qualities to would look better on a woman – the character is mostly there to be rescued – so adding another, stronger female character to the cast would’ve been better.

    Otherwise, a female Perry White and a black Jimmy Olsen would’ve been preferable.

  • Ali Jamar Taylor

    Why not change Jimmy to Jenny? We’ve had several incarnations of Jimmy Olsen over the past few years and regardless of who’s played him, it’s been the same character. They literally could’ve had a cardboard cutout of JO with one of those electronic speakers like in the greeting cards and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

    Jimmy also had a crush on Lois Lane. That’s become trite. For all of Lois Lane’s heroic qualities as a reporter and woman, I think it’s kind of odd that there’s not been another female character who’s become a part of the Planet because they were so inspired by her example.

    Also: girls can be photographers too.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure about this. I like Laurence Fishburne as Perry White. His race is not a major part of the character’s background. Changing Jimmy’s gender, on the other hand, significantly alters the character. Why not just add another female character to the cast (Cat Grant or Chloe Sullivan for instance)? I’m not sure that gender-swapping an existing character as if doing cosplay is the best way to introduce diversity to a cast. It seems more like gimmicky tokenism or stunt casting that way.

    Then again, we don’t know if it’s true and I haven’t seen who they cast. So I’ll try to reserve judgment.

  • Anonymous

    There was a rumor going around that it’d be a switcheroo ala the two Jimmy Olsens in Smallville. Specifically, Jenny would appear in the film but it’d be made clear that she’s just the sister of the “real” Jimmy, who could presumably show up in a sequel. Not sure if that’s true but it could be their solution to avoiding all the message board complaints.

  • libra113

    There are other females who work for the Daily Planet, Cat Grant being the most obvious. There was also a black reporter named Troupe (forget his first name). In any case the Perry White thing is fine and dandy, it’s not like Fishburn isn’t a top notch actor and it’s not like his race plays a big (or any) part of the character.
    As for the Olsen thing, like another poster said, the latest is this character is Jimmy’s sister. I’ve also heard a lot of speculation that she will get killed off in the movie and the real Jimmy will show up later.
    I think it’s much better that they’re planning ahead and saving things like Jimmy and Lex for later than feeling like they have to blow the whole wad all at once. Sort of throw everything against the movie screen and hope it sticks. This also goes for the whole Krytonite thing as well.