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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Gosh I Love Arrows: A Look at Archery in Film

Slacktory calls this a “definitive” look at archer characters in film, but, while I respect their effort, that’s a dangerous thing to say on the internet. After all, I didn’t see Hannah or Guinevere here!

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  • Hugh Davis

    Given how much archery is available in film, having clips from _Arrow_ seems to be unnecessary. Save that for The “Definitive” Archery on TV supercut (including Eric from _Dungeons & Dragons_ & William Tell from _Crossbow_). I saw Richard Todd’s Robin Hood, but he did play that role once in a film, so I suppose he is a crossover. I agree about the need for more Flynn!

  • Jayme

    I’ll give it points for Rambo. That made me laugh. But negative points for claiming to be definitive when it is not.

  • Chris de la Rosa

    I appreciate how much they point at Hawkeye for bad Hollywood archery. He had to wear two arm guards because of the improper training and stupid trick shots in the choreography. Some really fantastic archers don’t even need a guard, though you still should wear one regardless.

    BTW, you can split an arrow with a second shot. It’s more unlikely with traditional equipment (i.e. Robin Hood, Merida), but it actually does happen, especially with frequently practicing archers. I’ve seen my father get a second shot stuck in the knock of the first with his aluminum arrows.

  • Anonymous

    I would have liked to see “Electra” with her enormeous compound bow!

  • Anonymous

    I was unreasonably pleased to see “Throne of Blood” represented. (Alas, no “Seven Samurai”.)