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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Winter Is Coming

HBO Gives Us a Ton of New Photos from Game of Thrones Season Three; Here’s Hoping a Trailer’s Not Far Behind

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Just shy of two dozen character photos from the upcoming third season of Game of Thrones have given us our first official look at several new characters, among them Jojen and Meera Reed, the Blackfish, Thoros, and Beric Dondarrion. And all our old favorites—well, those who haven’t been killed off yet—are present, too. Plus some of our old not-so-favorites. Joffrey, I’m looking at you.


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  • John Wao

    Season Three is Coming! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

  • Kimberley T.

    I really hope Olenna Tyrell is played up well. She was a delightful character in the book. There is a lack of Martells in the photos though!

  • Hannele Kormano

    I love seeing the naturally older characters! It was one of my favourite thing about the Harry Potter movies, too.

  • Daniel Head

    The Blackfish! Always liked him in the books, I was wondering how much of a role he will have in the show.

  • Anatasia Beaverhousen

    OMG. Thoros of Myr being played by Paul Kaye? Of Mongrels and Dennis Pennis? That’s AWESOME!

  • Velma Lane Pendleton

    Ygritte’s biggest description in the book is messy frothy red curls, not saying it’s the end of the world they decided not to make her look like she has a rats nest on her head, it’s just not a hard thing to do either. *shrug*

  • Helen Grubb

    I always pictured Maggie Smith as the queen of thorns but I suppose she is to busy with Downton Abbey

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen Season 2 yet, so the pictures are some of my first views of its characters. Just wanted to say that Mance Raydar is perfect. Exactly how he should look.

    Jojen Reed looks cranky, and kind of like a younger Theon.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful photos! I want everyone on my wall. Just seeing them made me remember all the great (awful) things on the horizon for these characters!

  • John Wao

    I think you’re going to have to wait till S4.

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, this is cool.