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Ten Things We’re Most Looking Forward To From Game of Thrones‘ Season Four

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  • DarthRachel

    Long Live The One True Lobster King of Westeros!

  • Laszlo

    But wait, the Meereen arc means she stops being a dragon boss, at least temporarily.

  • John W


  • Rebecca Pahle

    Praise R’hllor!

  • Anonymous

    I think Dany’s most “dragon boss” moment (until…several seasons later) was in Season 3, Episode 4; if I remember the book correctly, they don’t have a lot to do in her Season 4 story arc.

    But besides that, I’m looking forward to a lot of the things you list. The nice thing about Season 4 being a bloodbath is that [rot13] ng yrnfg vg’f n oybbqongu bs crbcyr jr QBA’G yvxr, guvf gvzr. Lbh uvg nyy guerr znwbe barf.

  • debijl

    Arya spent the last 2 seasons in the same outfit, and the “trailer for the trailer” shows her in the same one. (Well, probably not the SAME one as Maisie has grown..) but someday I’d love to see in her something other than that Night Watch recruit uniform.
    I CANNOT WAIT for 4/6!

  • Anonymous

    Did you see the Vine with the Red Viper?! Did you!!??
    Awsomesauce!!! With Dornish peppers!!

  • TokenOfficeGoth

    Brienne fanclub –hells to the yes, I want in.

  • Nigel Bradley

    Asha? Who’s Asha? That’s a picture of Yara… :-p (just kidding, just kidding…)

  • PITAchic

    I cannot. Freaking, Wait. To see Peter Dinklage and Charles Dance chew scenery around each other in the “smelly” scene they are destined to share. Lady Stoneheart: Yawn. Arya’s arc: Cool story, bro. Even the Sandsnakes are second fiddle to watching those two actors play off one another. And I’m team Martell all the way.

  • Anonymous


    I am going to cry buckets of tears when Charles Dance is no longer on the show.

  • Ryan Colson

    I hope they beef up Daeny, who is absolutely awful in the show. I don’t think anyone in my fan circle likes the show character much bc she kinda sucks honestly. Good thing she has dragons.

  • Jay Salinas

    The description you guys had for Asha should be the announcement every time she enters a room.

  • Anonymous

    “Jamie Lannister: Treasurer” — I see what you did there, ’cause he’s a Lannister.

  • Petrinka

    I am a book reader and I am super excited about Joffery part! I feel as much excitement over that as I did dread knowing the Red Wedding was going to happen.

    And of course, Tyrion and his dad issues.

  • María

    That Red Viper vs The Mountain vimeo got me ridiculously excited, even if I know the outcome. I want Dorne in the show!

    Brienne fan club: how do I become a member? Count me in!

    I just realised that I’m actually interested about seeing Stannis’ arc in the Wall… I guess Rebecca is right, we’ll all come around…

  • Anonymous

    That? That’s no-one.

  • kbroxmysox

    Should be interesting to see what happens with Pod. Sort of felt the “sexual dynamo that is Pod” was random and unnecessary. As for Yara, I hope they cut the Queensmoot storyline and all of the Greyjoys. Man, I HATED all of them save for Asha/Yara.

  • Tnuoc

    I really hope Dany doesn’t end up as the white liberator, freeing coloured people from their “barbaric” cultures.

  • Silverwisp

    Seriously, the Sand Snakes? To me they just seemed like bunch of idiots who almost ruined 15+ years of planning with their shortsighted meddling.

  • Aeryl

    You are confusing Arianne with the Sand Snakes. They are cousins, not sisters.

    Also, Doran holds responsibility on that for keeping Arianne in the dark about his plans.

  • Aeryl

    A photoshopped trailer went around tumblr in gif form, where Brienne was put into all the scenes since they stupidly excluded her. I can understand if they don’t want to spoil where she’s going, but NOT ONE SHOT???? Ridiculous

  • TokenOfficeGoth

    I had the EXACT same reaction, it was really really disappointing.

  • Aeryl

    I think D&D think the Brienne love comes because of Jaime, completely misunderstanding that we come to love Jaime, as BRIENNE DOES, not the other way around.

  • TokenOfficeGoth

    Well hopefully this will be a err of the trailer only, I think their rapport was the highlight of last season!

  • Laszlo

    In the book we see her from her own perspective, we see she’s like uncertain and conflicted, but ultimately trying to do the right thing, while in the show she’s presented as a totally awesome white savior.

  • Silverwisp

    I’m aware of the fact that they are cousins. I still don’t remember them having any plans beyond “Lets declare a queen and start a war!” without any important allies or understanding of how to fight a war for that matter.

  • Chríss

    I dunno, not sure you need to put the word barbaric in inverted commas when you’re talking about a society of slavers. That’s pretty much straight up barbaric. Anyway, no spoilers, but you’ll be pleased with how her story progresses.

    Many impatient people have been rattling on about how Dany’s story is that of the white colonialist, when humorously, it’s really an exploration of how parading into someone’s country and telling them what to do, even for a just cause, gets very, very messy.

  • Chríss

    I think it’s unreasonable to call the Sand Snakes stupid. Sure, they’re impatient, but the idea of forcing M to the throne really isn’t that silly. They see themselves as a proud but oppressed people who are having everything taken from them. D is extremely cunning, so it’s no surprise they don’t grasp his plan. M would have attracted a good deal of support from the Lannisters’ enemies, no doubt – of which there are clearly many.

  • Chríss

    I wasn’t to into the Queensmoot either, but I hope they find a good way of introducing V and E.

  • Chríss

    What do you want them to do? Give her a special, out of place, internal monologue for the presumptuous controversy hounds? Her ‘crusading’ pretty much destroys Salvers’ Bay – which people would realise if they’d wait to see where the story goes before decrying it.

  • Silverwisp


    Sorry, but at this point in the story I don’t really see any valuable allies: The North is more or less out of the picture, Riverlands are in shambles, The Veil is keeping out of it, the Iron Islands are in turmoil…
    Lannisters and Highgarden are best buds. The Redwine fleet dominates the sea…
    Really the only potential allies are across the sea (which the Sandsnakes did not know about).
    Really, apart from maybe sacking Oldtown, I don’t really see Dorn coming out on top here.

  • Aeryl

    “Them” had no plans. It was all Arianne’s. The Sand Snakes would have backed her of course, but the plan wasn’t theirs.

  • Chríss

    I think the added turmoil of the Dornish turning on the Lannisters would leave them in an awful position. The Lannisters themselves would have almost no allies, whilst battling off the insidious one they do have in King’s Landing.

  • Silverwisp

    Not really: See my above post for my assesment