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Gal Gadot Signs 3-Picture Deal With Warner Bros., Including Wonder Woman Feature?

Great Hera!

We thought you’d like to know. But does this really mean we’ve got a Wonder Woman feature film in our future?

The news is everywhere today that Gal Gadot, who has already been confirmed to play Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman, has signed with Warner Bros. to portray the character in at least three movies. That’s pretty standard, if not universal, for actors in any action film, but especially superhero franchises of the kind Warner Bros. wants to build. That is, of the kind the Marvel has already built.

But does this mean we’re definitely getting a Wonder Woman film? Variety says they have it on good authority that “Gadot will play the role in not only the upcoming “Batman-Superman” flick, but in a Justice League movie and a Wonder Woman standalone film.” And if this were Marvel we were talking about, I’d take that at face value.

But Marvel has the kind of franchise where nobody bats an eye if they quietly take the #5 highest grossing movie spot with a threequel. The kind of franchise whose biggest “flops” still make hundreds of millions of dollars of profit. Wander Bros. is just starting out, and they haven’t had a chance yet to establish whether they’re willing to stick in their heels and start announcing movies three steps in advance. That’s not their fault, necessarily. Everybody’s got to start somewhere. But when they can’t even work out what to name their Man of Steel sequel that features Batman and Wonder Woman (the answer is Superman: Trinity) I start to get nervous.

The idea that Warner Bros. is laying its ducks in order in case it decides to make a feature Wonder Woman film isn’t particularly heartening to me either, since whether it happens will almost certainly depend on how well Batman vs Superman and this putative Justice League movie perform at the box office. There was plenty of sequel talk for Green Lantern as well, before it became clear that it could only be mistaken for a good movie by a nearsighted box turtle who’d had a very sheltered childhood. Box turtles do not, historically, drive box office returns.

But I’m getting away from the subject at hand. Gal Godot is on contract for a Wonder Woman feature film. I hope she gets to do it.

(via Variety.)

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