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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

To Boldly Go

How To Raise A Geek: An Adorable, Felt Star Trek Activity Book

Maybe you remember these from your childhood: the sturdy cloth object (maybe a book, I think I had a stuffed cube) covered in various fasteners, zippers, and pockets, specifically designed to take a bored or fussy toddler and engage them in opening and shutting, zipping and unzipping, and learning how to do things like lace shoelaces or button buttons.

Well, that’s precisely what Julie of Julie’s Blog has done, but with a genre twist that makes us wish we were four years old again.

And if we were four years old, here’s what we would do:

Who are the crew, hiding behind that zippered door? FINGER PUPPETS.

Julie notes:

Matt pointed out that Picard has 4 dots, not 3. He’s the Captain. AND maybe some other ranks are wrong too. I know I know… I didn’t feel like remaking them.

Fair enough, when this book is actually a prototype for creating Julie’s actual product: how to kits of how to make your own.

The Vulcan Salute can be tricky for little hands. (This one is actually a glove for kids to stick their hand in.)

And it’s important to teach children that this happens sometimes, and that when it does it’s because things just got real.

And last but not least, kids need stories about redemption.

Jean-Luc Picard in red underwear being a necessary side effect.

Unfortunately, the how-to kit for the Star Trek quiet book isn’t available yet. So you can either watch Julie’s Etsy page, or go there anyway and buy the kit for her equally cute Star Wars quiet book.

(via Tor)


  • Anonymous

    This is so cute! My one complaint is that there’s no love for the girls here. Where are the little felt Troi and Crusher? :( Part of what makes TNG great are the awesome ladies. I hate to nitpick b/c this is so adorable and awesome, but the lack of ladies made me sad.

  • Christina Perez

    I agree with cancyapplecat. That was my first thought, honestly. That and she used the older “where no MAN has gone before” rather than the newer gender neutral version. :-(