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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Pretty Pretty Princess

Exploding Disney Princesses, Because Really, What Else Were You Going to With These Three Minutes

Viewer discretion advised for bloody neck stumps, and probably some inner child wincing. But seriously you owe it to yourself to watch as far as the Belle one.

(via The Disney Blog.)

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  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t that be “Bibbity Bobbity Boom”?

  • RedReplicant

    If the link is broken for you, you can view it here at his tumblr:

  • Jen Rock

    I’m actually a huge fan of one on the blog where Rafiki chucks baby Simbaa off the cliff at his ceremony.

  • Elias Algorithm

    Yes, yep, nope, and you get that they’re not real, right?

  • Nick Gaston

    …is it churlish, socially responsible, or just plain hilarious to note how much bigger Jasmine’s explosion was?

  • Anonymous

    I hope they do Sansa.


    The mermaid one was hilarious! xD

  • EleniRPG

    Yeah, the site is called “exploding actresses”, and the explosions mostly target women (maybe now 15% men), mostly being girly. The men blown up are in romances, blown up in addition to their corresponding women. One man is edited to actively blow up a lady using laser vision. Yes, it’s really, really weird, and I’m not particularly comfortable with it. As a standalone video of Disney princesses, it’s just random and weird, and funny in the way they integrate it into the film, but in the context of that tumblr…Ick.