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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

Remember When Doctor Who Had Dumb Looking Monsters?

I think all fans have a responsibility to laugh along with the the little voice in the back of our heads that says, occasionally, “You are a fan of a stupid thing.” Of course I’m a fan of things that have some stupid qualities! But I wouldn’t give up on Batman just because, say, Killer Moth and Crazy Quilt exist. Or because he got lost in time once and was impregnated with Omega particles that would destroy all time and space once he reached the present, and that was right after he escaped a brainwashing by reverting to a back up personality he’d installed in his own brain that called itself the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh.

Or something like that. It was stupid. And it is in that spirit that I call this recently revealed redesign for the classic Doctor Who monsters the Ice Warriors wonderfully stupid. Whovians, I’m looking forward to incorporating even this stupid thing into my fandom for Doctor Who. Full picture below:

Click to embiggen!

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  • Natalie Sharp

    Pssh… Says you. The Ice Warriors are awesome.

  • Joshua S. MacDougall


  • Natalie Sharp

    I only wish they’d have incorporated the hair at the joints. I always though that it gave them a rather creepy vibe knowing they’re some awful reptilian thing under all of that armor with weird bits of Chewbacca fur. Their stories were always great though. Some of the best of Patrick Troughton’s era.

  • Laszlo

    I think it looks pretty cool. Definitely not sillier than any other Who monsters.

  • Rachel Ripley

    Have only come across the ice warrior on an audio-adventure. This…is not how I imagined them. They might be something that works a whole lot better in just audio format…

  • Ryan Colson

    I see yet another person online didn’t understand that Grant Morrison’s run on Batman is pretty much the best thing in the world that has happened to Batman since The Killing Joke :)

  • Anonymous

    killing joke was pretty disappointing imo

  • Anonymous

    They look bad ass, I loved the Ice Warriors as a kid and had the toys . I think they had hairs on their joints as someone pointed out, been long time since I got me ICE WARRIORSS. I really hope they aint ruined!

  • Anonymous

    I actually like this. Like the Silurian redesign, this manages to be true to the classic series design while turning much of the ‘goofy monster’ appearance into a suit of armor.

    I mean, yes, the armor looks goofy. But, hey, ICE WARRIORS!

  • Elwood Grobnik

    It was a suit of armor before, as well. I may be wrong (I haven’t seen a few of the old episodes with Ice Warriors) but I believe we’ve never seen one with its helmet off, and so don’t actually know what they look like apart from their chins. This could have given them leeway to do a complete redesign, but they chose not to. Personally I don’t think the look is “stupid,” although I wish they’d changed the color. At the time, US Army vehicles and helmets were generally the same color green and gave them what would have been considered a snappy military look, but now it’s dated. A Martian red version of a military camouflage pattern would have been much cooler, and truer to the original intent of making their armor Army green.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. And we actually have seen Ice Warriors without their armor on, but I *think* only in the comics (which are, of course, “of uncertain canonical status”). Honestly, I’m fairly certain we’ll see an Ice Warrior without their armor during the new series, and so they will taken that opportunity to redesign them. Having the armor still strongly resemble the classic armor, though, feels like a nice touch of continuity to me.

    As for the color, I *vaguely* seem to at least one writer—maybe in the comics, maybe in the novels—justifying that their armor was green because it was a living bio-armor that was grown like a plant in nutrient tanks. But, y’know… this *is* Doctor Who. Explanations are frequently made of handwavium. :)

  • Corbomite

    Of all the monsters that have been brought back thus far, I would have been happiest with full redesign of the Ice Warriors. This is acceptable, but a few more liberties would have been fine. I do hope we’ll see whats under the armor.

    I also long ago decided that the armor is the carapace of some ancient Martian Bug. Maybe every warrior needs to slay their own suit?

    One thing I want to say the same, their whispy, hissing voices.

  • Corbomite

    We’ve seen their command officers without full armor(thats how we know its armor) but never without a helmet.

  • Emily Martin

    It STILL has dumb looking monsters, imo

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know that there’s any point being a fan of things that aren’t a little stupid.
    Doctor Who, never change.

  • ana

    how is this not a top ten list? and how are all of the characters from “paradise tower” not included?

  • Anonymous

    Woot! Ice Warriors Return! Villains in a half-shell!

  • Meaghan Whalen

    I don’t give up on Mary Sue when they write dumb blog entries either. Seriously singling out the ice warriors as “dumb” but daleks, the ood, the sontarans etc as “cool” or not “embarrassing” seems like a really stupid distinction. Christ they turned the statue of liberty into an angel…now THAT was dumb. I really enjoyed the original ice warriors serials, and I’m glad they are just updating the look but keeping their essential design. Excited for them to come back.