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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Why Not Do It With Some Style?

With Disney Villain Heels You Can Walk All Over Your Enemies

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  • Anonymous

    The kind of shoes a Disney princess should wear, so that they could constantly be stepping on the face of their movie’s villain.

  • Lance Bravestar

    As Cinderella cries, her Fairy Godmother, in a leather jacket and shades, drove by on a magical Harley.

    “Screw glass! I’m gonna make slippers outta your stepmother!”

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never imagined I would see the Queen from Snow White make a Derp face. Thanks Internet.

  • J. Lee Milliren

    Just looking at these makes my ankles hurt

  • Magic Xylophone

    Nice touch with the polka dot tentacles on the Ursula one.

  • Andy Floyd


  • mary elizabeth newsom

    So, how do I own these?

  • Jill Pantozzi

    For the shoes? Click the links in the post.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    They don’t seem to be in his store, not sure if there are trademark issues.