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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Pretty Pretty Princess

13 Disney Princesses Magically Transformed Into Magazine Cover Models

What can you say about Disney Princesses? They’re meant to be charming, beautiful and aspired to. Kind of like magazine cover models, no? Well thanks to Tumblr user Petite Tiaras, we can now see what our favorite Disney ladies would look like on the cover of today’s popular magazines. And Petite Tiaras didn’t just plop them onto the magazines, s/he went a step further and created character specific headlines and teasers to go with them. Hit the jump to see thirteen absolutely fabulous creations. 

This one of Tiana was actually the very first of the series and more pop-art inspired than what the artist eventually wound up going with. So here’s Tiana, take 2.

I love, love, LOVE these. We know you probably aren’t anywhere near to being done with this series, Petite Tiara, but we have a few suggestions we’d love to see realized in the future:

  • Lilo on the cover of Highlights
  • Jessie on the cover of Doll Collector
  • Nala on the cover of National Geographic
  • Eve on the cover of Popular Science
  • Alice on the cover of Mad Magazine

Just to name a few. Thank you in advance.

The tumblr has lots of fun Disney stuff but if you’d like to see just the Disney Princess Magazine covers you can see them here.

(via Awaked2007)

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  • Richard Holliday

    Wow, there’s a lot of little touches here. Like the issues were all published on the release date of the movies.

  • Al

    Haha! Very clever stuff!

  • The Lewd Ood

    Most are pretty cool, but that Rapunzel image is crawling real deep in the “uncanny valley.”

  • Anonymous

    Sally Carrera on the cover of Car & Driver? No?

  • A Talbot

    i love them all except for Rapunzel. She looks really funny in that picture. I dunno, maybe it the pink of her skin with the background, but there’s just something that feels really off.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    This is one Disney fan/journalist/magazine lovers favorite graphic art mash-up of ALL TIME!

  • Frodo Baggins

    What I’ve learned from this is how bizarre the characters’ proportions look close up. Where is the back of Pocahontas’ head?

  • Anonymous

    I was also struck by the proportions…but more in the consistent “head>waist” problem that is consistent on magazine covers, even ones that aren’t drawings. 

  • Null

    Actually, it’s interesting. I’ve read that proportions appear different in 2D and 3D, which apparently leads to the optimal body type for a magazine being unhealthily thin…which leads to all the body issues you’re familiar with.

  • Anonymous

    She’s an Injun, Baggins: the brains of those mindless savages aren’t as developed as Mighty Whitey’s engorged and distended craniums!

    (this post brought to you by Colonial Phrenologists)

  • Frodo Baggins

    You would not believe how recently I found myself debating this very subject with a college-educated peer.

  • Anonymous

  • Robert Wilson

    Here comes the obligatory comment everyone has been dreading: Technically there are only 12 women featured here as Tiana is on two covers and 4 of those women are not princesses.

  • Margaret Straszewski

    If you are into Sailor Moon here are some similar awesome covers

  • Teresa Jusino

    Actually, only 2 of those women, Tink and Mulan, are not princesses. The rest become princesses over the course of their movies, so they are all considered Disney Princesses. Although I also think that when Disney says “Disney Princesses” they lump all their female characters together – like, “ALL girls are princesses!” Gag. :) But true.

    But yes, only 12 women. :)

  • kalsangikid

    I have a nit to pick: the headlines they put on Snow White’s cover are more suited to Cosmo or Seventeen than Vogue. :/

  • Julianne McCartney

    This is pretty cool :)

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t to crazy about Jasmine cover but, these covers are totally cute and I know a friend or two that would love to have these framed in hung in their homes 

  • Anonymous

    There is no such thing as “uncanny valley” in static images.
    It’s an animation problem.

  • Christie

    Love this post!  Shared this on my blog @  Thank you!!!!

  • Anonymous

    And then blurbs ob Nylon belong on YM.

  • Valeria Ragonese

    Awwww they’re beautiful!! 

  • Maricela Gonzalez

    I could see Merida on the cover of Interview in black-and-white with just her curly and freckles dominating the cover.

  • Thalia Sutton

    Absolutely love the bit about “the 25 best shipwrecks to find thingamabobs.” XD Good call with the dates on the magazines, too, though I think perhaps the fonts and layouts would have been different in ’59, for example. (Which would only make it more fun.) Love it. A great and colorful way to start the Monday.

  • Ohaeri

    My friend was looking over my shoulder while I was looking at these and asked, “Why does Tiana #2 have a black eye?”

    Now it looks like she has a black eye to me too. o_O But it didn’t before!

  • rivetheart

    i just went to follow them on tumblr and it says the tumblr has officially closed :(

  • Anonymous

    I want cartoon-land and reality-land to come together just long enough for Ariel to be on an episode of Hoarders.