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David Tennant Talks Broadchurch Remake, Stubble

David Tennant is finally talking about his upcoming Fox television series, Gracepoint. You know, the remake of the UK’s Broadchurch where he’s playing the exact same character? 

For those who haven’t seen Broadchurch, it’s a compelling and dramatic crime story set in a small coastal town. The story follows the hunt for the killer of a young boy and the surprisingly numerous suspects in the community. Tennant and Olivia Colman both produced wonderful performances but it’s Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn who will join the Doctor Who star this time around.

Tennant told Entertainment Weekly it’s been “lovely” working with Gunn so far. “We’ve only done two days on set so we’re still at the beginning of our working relationship. But she’s very sparky and a fine actress and fun so far, which is a relief. We’re spending quite a bit of time together over the next few week,” he said. “She can take work very seriously but can also have a laugh which I think is important when working on something so intense.”

As for playing the same role, the actor said it’s been a “peculiar experience.” But as for why he said yes? “The fact I knew how good it was,” he told EW. “I knew what an exciting story it was and a lot of the same people are involved so I knew it wasn’t going to be turned into something … less good.”

Ok, that last bit I definitely heard in the Doctors voice. Moving on. If you’re a Broadchurch fan but wondering if Gracepoint is worth watching, Tennant also gave a few hints about changes.

In terms of the ending, I’m just as in the dark as everybody else. I’m following the rumors in the press. Which is the same as the experience as filming Broadchurch. I’m told there will be a change, whether that’s a fundamental change or a tweak I have no idea. Certainly the pilot episode sticks very closely to the original as the story goes on it eases out a bit, there’s extra twists and turns, some characters are more developed. I think the story will go in directions that fans wouldn’t necessarily recognize.

The actor also said he’s still waiting to hear if he’ll be back for Season 2 of Broadchurch before worrying about Gracepoint going further than a “limited series.” You can see above, Tennant’s look in both the UK and US versions are very similar. EW asked him why:

“I think there’s something about the character that has a certain unattended quality to him. His personal vanity is low on his list of priorities,” he said, “So I think there’s something about being slightly unkempt that tells a story about that character that’s quite useful. So it’s a similar look. I also think there was also a notion that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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  • Cait Barrett

    My biggest question is whether or not this is a continuation from the end of Broadchurch or like another world apart from Broadchurch. Either way I’m in.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    This story will start exactly where Broadchurch did.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not a continuation of Broadchurch.
    David Tennant plays a different character (it’s basically the same, but he’s American…)

  • Not So Young Democrat

    I’m not really onboard with the idea of a US remake but that seems less pointless than a season two of Broadchurch in the UK

  • Anonymous

    I had to skip part of the article as I have not yet had the time to see the original but I want to throw out my two cents. Stage performances are redone not only because their nature demands it but people like seeing the iterations the various takes. Why then are people so upset when television does this? I sometimes get the sense that marketing of shows has created a sort of “this is mine” mentality in fans and just like other sports teams, they want theirs to “win”.

  • Rose Tyler

    “I sometimes get the sense that marketing of shows has created a sort of ‘this is mine’ mentality in fans and just like other sports teams, they want theirs to ‘win’.”

    This is a FASCINATING observation. You’ve articulated something I’ve been aware of (and annoyed by) for years, but could never properly explain on put my finger on. WOW.

  • Jordan Ruttle

    Personally I think it’s more likely people are offended a show they enjoy is being completely remade for an American audience. Why can’t they just show the original? Are British accents/locations so foreign that you need to remade it without them?

    As someone who isn’t American, but has watched plenty of their media, it’s a baffling concept that a television show needs to be remade so that isn’t foreign.

    Just my two cents.

  • JustPlainSomething

    I think part of it is just that they don’t want to see something they like redone but badly. And that’s not saying you can’t enjoy the original even if the new adaptation is bad, but you don’t want to see the source material treated badly. And yes, American TV does have a bad history of doing that in general … but then again they’ve done good work with adaptations, too.

    TLDR: I get the frustration, but at worse you can always not watch the new version.

  • CyberIstari

    A lot of people, yes, they won’t/can’t handle the accents. I’m okay with this (as opposed to some remakes *cough*Life on Mars*cough*) because there is UK-production involvement. I liked (initially, at least) the US Office, though it wasn’t technically a remake.

  • BadTigz

    At that comment “…so I knew it wasn’t going to be turned into something … less good.” I just stopped. LOL. YES, I did hear it in The Doctor’s voice….which made it all the funnier when I read the first sentence of the next paragraph.