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Pros and Cons

Producer Wants Gambit Solo Film (Yes) With Channing Tatum (HA HA, No)

Lauren Shuler Donner is a producer with nearly $3 billion in movie grosses under the belt of her career. But now the lady who helped bring Free Willy, Pretty in Pink, and every movie in the X-Men franchise to theaters is trying to do something even less likely: convince me that a Gambit solo film starring Channing Tatum would work.

She recently told Empire:

I’m dying to do a Gambit movie with Channing Tatum… That doesn’t have to be a great big movie. It’s a thief in New Orleans, it’s a whole different story. He’s on board, and I have to get the studio on board. How can anyone resist Channing? He’s such a sweetheart.

Oh come, on Channing Tatum? That guy’s like the epitome of the square jawed action hero. I mean, I’m sure he picked up some lessons about what it actually means to play to the female gaze in Magic Mike, but Gambit isn’t supposed to be a beefy guy in the way that Cyclops or Wolverine or Colossus are. I mean, Channing Tatum? Re-

I would like to play Gambit. Gambit’s my favourite. I’m from New Orleans, around that area. My dad’s from New Orleans, and I like to do a Cajun accent. I could do it for real.

No knock on Taylor Kitsch, though, ’cause I actually like his Gambit, but I’ve always lived around Cajun people. Gambit was always like the woman-loving, cigarette-smoking, drinking guy. He was the punk rock of all the superheroes. He’s a thief. He kind of rode the line.

Oh no, Channing Tatum is a fan. No. I didn’t realize that Gambit was his favorite. I didn’t realize Gambit reflects part of his childhood. Fan sympathy… rising… Adorableness… overwhelming cynicism…

So what do you think? Would you accept a Remy LeBeau whose neck is as wide as his jaw?

(via Collider.)

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  • Travis

    “Gambit isn’t supposed to be a beefy guy in the way that Cyclops or Wolverine or Colossus are.”

    Wait… what? Cyclops to Colossus is a pretty big scale where “beefyness” is concerned.

  • Katie Frederick

    Mmmmmmm, mmmmmaaaybe??? I dunno, I haven’t watched Channing Tatum in anything for a while, so I can’t really say. Convincing cajun accent is definitely a must. I’m trying to think what he’d look like with long hair, because that is also pretty key in my book for portraying Gambit. (But hey if they’re considering making a Gambit movie I’m all for it! Remy is the character who got me obsessed with comic books in the first place! So long as it’s, y’know, better than all the other X-movies)

  • Cad Wallader

    Tatum has been excellent in pretty much everything I’ve seen him in, especially Magic Mike. I’m more concerned about whether the producers of the X-Men films thus far can bring us a good film featuring an X-Man. That seems to be the real challenge at this point.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. Cyclops is on a spectrum of characters who train daily to maintain a certain muscle mass in order to go out and punch folks, jump around, and be heavily involved in combat situations. Somebody who looks like this
    in skintight spandex spends a lot of time working out. He’s not Bane, but he’s also not a guy whose muscles show just because he doesn’t store a lot of fat.

    Gambit is one of the few male characters out there who have a power set, costume, backstory, and fighting style where they could legitimately just be trim, not jacked.

  • Adrian

    I was FORCED to watch The Vow… but I gotta say, after watching that movie, which was actually pretty nice and sincere, I think Channing Tatum has a lot more range as an actor than people give him credit for. I say give him a shot!

  • Adrian

    Also, that GIF you chose, is a turtle post-coitus. Just saying.

  • Margo Romanowski

    Nope nope nope nope…. gosh.. He needs to be built like Ryan Reynolds – who I bet could play the part if he got the accent right. Maybe. Or Ben Whishaw if he got everything right….

  • Simon Williams

    I wish studios would put this much effort into making a Black Panther movie. We’ve had enough superhero movies starring white guys for awhile.

  • Gerald Kirby

    Channing Tatum gets a lot of hate, but he’s not a terrible actor. My only concern is that Gambit is a slimmer, more acrobatic character, much like Spider-Man. Tatum does not really have the body type to play the character. Yes, many actors are willing to go great lengths to fit the physical requirements of a role (Christian Bale in The Fighter, Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club), but I don’t really see that working for Tatum.

  • Medusa Fairchild

    No no no no no!

  • Anonymous

    Susana, no offense, but this whole post says “I didn’t spend 3 minutes finding out anything about Channing Tatum’s career before posting. I mean “I’m sure he picked up some lessons about what it actually means to play to the female gaze in Magic Mike,”?

    Magic Mike was Tatum’s idea, _based on his own real life experiences as a male stripper_.

    “Oh come, on Channing Tatum? That guy’s like the epitome of the square jawed action hero.”

    Much of Tatum’s early career was as a dancer. This clip is old, but still, it’s 30 seconds of googling.

  • Cait Barrett

    The only times Channing Tatum has pulled off a remotely good performance were when he was being directed by Steven Soderbergh and even then it’s iffy. I mean it’s nice that he’s a fan of Gambit but he has no real acting ability, and if being a fan was the only requirement we’d all be starring in these movies too.

  • Joanna


  • Joanna

    But Ryan Reynolds is already Deadpool AND Green Lantern! Let somebody else be a superhero lol.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Ok…? What does that have to do with her opinion of him not being quite right for Gambit? He’s still a jacked, square jawed action hero, even if he started as a dancer. Haywire, 21 Jump Street, GI Joe, White House Down is what she’s basing her opinion on, all of which are more recent.

  • Melynda

    I love, love, love Gambit. Nothing would ever convince me that this is a good idea.

  • Lady Commentariat

    ACK. I re-looked after reading this comment and now I can never unsee that tortoise dong.

  • Lady Commentariat

    I would love a Gambit movie. I have no opinion on Channing Tatum having never watched anything he was in. If this comes to pass, they had better cast a guy who can pull off a charming, sarcastic bastard with a really good Cajun accent (because a bad Cajun accent is just untenable).

  • Gerald Kirby

    I agree with Wonder Man.

  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t have to like the idea of Tatum as Gambit, of course. It just has it has to do with her take, mirrored widely around the web, that goes “Channing Tatum? But he’s this beefy beefhead action star! Gambit is an agile heartthrob for the ladies, Tatum would know nothing about that!” He’s too much of an action hero to play an uh…..action hero like Gambit!

    No minimally researched, thoughtful notion like “Well, he does have a background in dance and martial arts, which might come in handy for a character like Gambit.” Or “If he gets the role, we can only hope a bit of the Tatum from The Vow, Step Up, or Magic Mike shows up.” (Or whatever, I’m no editor).

  • Anonymous

    Which Ryan Reynolds? Blade 3 Ryan Reynolds? Actors change their bodies for roles all the time.

  • Adrian

    Would I love to see Fox just reboot the franchise and get more than just a handful of casting decisions right? Yup. Is it ever going to happen? Nope.

  • Anonymous

    So…what part of Louisiana is he from?

  • Jill Pantozzi

    She actually said he *did* know about being a heartthrob. And not for nothing but consider the joking tone of the entire post. It’s meant to be all about him not being right for the role, if she brought in reasons why he could be right for it, that tone really wouldn’t work now would it?

  • Anonymous

    I would prefer Bradley Cooper for the part. Cooper knows how to walk the thin line between charming and unlikable and Gambit’s identity is that he’s hard to trust.

  • Skemono

    According to Wikipedia, the Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida parts of Louisiana.

  • Anonymous

    NOPE! NOPE NOPE!! Ugh, if only they could give one of the other x-men girls a shot…oh wait if they were to do Rogue we’d be stuck with anna pacquin…nevermind.

  • MeatyStakes

    Channing Tatum is a treasure, and I would be all over that choice if I wasn’t sure he could pull off the cajun. Why don’t we just get Michael Raymond-James?

    I don’t think Tatum is the wrongest choice, but neither the best.

  • Mauve_Avenger


  • AnnaB

    Thought about this for a bit and I can see it now. Tatum can play Gambit. I can even imagine him in costume. I’m sure he could get into Gambit shape. A leaner Tatum would probably be nice to look at. He’s not a bad actor and he can be funny when he wants to be. Furthermore, he could laugh at himself–he proved that with 21 Jump Street, SNL, and probably a few viral videos. I don’t know if that’s in any way important for an actor, but I’ve found that actors who act so intense all the time (read: Jonathyn Rhys Meyers) can become unintentionally funny–so not a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins is Gambit forever.

  • Channelgirl

    Hollywood doesn’t know what a “convincing” southern or cajun accent is.

  • Travis

    Come on now, Gambit is so jacked that even his body armor has a six-pack. :p

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    If there around the Gulf, there culturally similar enough. Bret Favre is a Cajun and he was born and raised in Kiln, Mississippi.

  • Anonymous

    Not a bad choice. He is a much better Gambit than he is Duke.

  • Troy Lenze

    Now I want to see Dwayne Johnson as Wonder Man.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to even bring this up, because I’m sure I’ll get flamed for it. But I’m going to because I think it’s relevant and important.

    When Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman and people responded negatively because she doesn’t physically fit the role, you accused her critics of body-shaming.

    How is your criticism of Tatum any different? It’s hypocritical to support Gadot and shame her detractors if you’re going to respond to Tatum’s potential casting by saying he’s physically wrong for the part.

  • Amourah

    If Gal Gadot is gonna be Wonder Woman why not Channing Tatum as Gambit?

    Note that I’m not pleased about either prospect. I’ll continue to dream of Gambit protrayed by (a younger) Josh Holloway.

  • Laura Truxillo


    Look, Nicholas Cage is a huge Superman fan, but that doesn’t mean we let him don the red underpants.

    Firstly, Gambit is a wiry thief and scoundrel. Channing, you’re not. Secondly: “I like to do a Cajun accent. I could do it for real.” I…I doubt that. I doubt that so much. You can barely do an emotive voice, and you’re asking me to believe that you can do the French-inflection-with-an-Irish-lilt-and-a-bit-of-a-slur beautiful mess that is a Cajun accent? No. (And then let’s have it on about the difference between a New Orleans accent and a Cajun one.)

    Gaaaaaaaaaah I really just can’t stand Channing Tatum. I literally yawn whenever I see his face. He is just so. BORING.

    And that’s the thing. Gambit can’t just be “pretty”–he has to look intesting. Tatum can’t.

  • Laura Truxillo

    You can buff up or bulk up or lose weight, but you really can’t change your frame.

    I dunno if he’s a terrible actor, but I find him to be an unimpressing one. As in, he literally leaves no impression on me. I was legitimately surprised when I realized he was considered a heartthrob, because to me he looks like a generic Biff McHardCheese.

  • Alexa

    Its not just physically, its also the fact that Gambit is an interesting, engaging, and fun character, and sadly Channing Tatum isn’t any of those things.

  • Alexa

    Yeah I thought he was ok in 21 Jump Street, and man does he try and I appreciate his efforts but yeah he’s pretty uninteresting in the end.

  • Anonymous

    If we are going by dream casting …. Stephen Dorf in blade WAS gambit.
    He even had the black eye in a few scenes

  • Anonymous

    This is so going to get made. Jackman is aging and Wolverine cannot age so the days of the Wolverine Xmen movies are numbered. Who else would they look at for the future movies than a pseudo hunk that has been overyhyped by studios lately? Almost makes me want to stop reading Marvel comic books just to pay them back for ruining my Xmen on screen.

  • Diaspora

    I’m sorry, who are they thinking of casting? I missed it because my inner fangirl started shrieking with joy at the words ‘Director wants to make a Gambit Film’

  • Anonymous

    I was specifically addressing The Mary Sue staff rather than any of the people in the comments section. The article itself doesn’t address his abilities as an actor–only his looks.

  • Diaspora

    Nawlins Forever!

  • ASM

    I think Gal Gadot can increase her muscle to look more like what we expect from Wonder Woman. However Channing would have lose a lot of muscle to be Gambit. It’d be very difficult for him to lose all the muscle he’d need to lose.

  • Olivia Ripley-Duggan

    Thank you! When I first saw the casting choice for Gambit I was quite happy, he had the looks for it, was a good actor etc. Then I saw the film. Fox is so bent on including ALL the characters that they are developing them poorly. And I sincerely think they should give him another shot but with a better scenario and character development.
    I do like Tatum, he really surprised me in The Eagle, but for Gambit just no, I can’t see it even if he is native to New Orleans. How many actors plays characters from different countries? LOADS.

  • Anastasia Lynn Storer

    You know, you’re right. He’s very…. bland. Kinda like the lead guy in Agents of Shield… Ward? Is that his name? He is just… there. Nothing draws my attention to him at all, even when he’s the focus of the scene.

  • Anastasia Lynn Storer

    It’s not the muscle – it’s his overall body frame. He’s straight and heavier than Gambit should be.

  • Amourah

    Dude no way. It’s Hollywood. There’s not a snowflakes chance on Tatooine that a female hero is going to bulk up for the big screen. She may get more toned but that’s about it. No increase in muscle or mass.