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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Olden Lore

Celebrities as Generals Lead a Charge Against Our Hearts

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If only I had the Photoshop knowhow to rig up a picture of General Helen Mirren leading a troop of soldiers—Jaimie Alexander would be there, and Ziyi Zhang, and the entire female cast of Game of Thrones—against an army of Steven Moffat clones enemy forces. Alas, I do not. But it looks awesome in my head.

(by Steve Payne, via BuzzFeed; prints available here)

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  • Anonymous

    Okay, where’s Lana Parrilla as Boudicca?

  • Bagel Garrison

    LOLOL. Best for last, indeed! Those are amazing.

  • Brooke Michelle

    Helloooooo David Bowie

  • Tiny Tina Booom
  • jenovapooh

    The neck on Simon Pegg makes him look like a gazelle.

  • Katy

    Haha! I thought the same thing! Why not some female generals? Still, RDJ looks perfect as a general.

  • Elizabeth Wells

    Will Smith and Elijah Wood both look way too young to be generals. Captains or Lieutenants maybe

  • Anonymous

    General Rock was good but I think I prefer General T.

  • Anonymous

    General Rock was good but I think I prefer General T.

  • Lien

    Morgan Freeman looks like he’s about to free Haiti from french occupation.

  • Mr The Batman

    They’re all fantastic but some blend into their fake bodies a lot better than others. Mr T looks great, but my favourites are David Bowie, Morgan Freeman and Sir Ian McKellan. Oh and Bill Murray.

  • Foomandoonian

    Come on! The artist deserves a little more credit than having his name used as a tag! Poor show The Mary Sue. How about a link to his website:

  • Joanna

    Bill Murray is perfect.