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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And All Was Right With the World

What Happened When The Author Of Game Of Thrones Met The Author Of The Last Unicorn?

THEY MADE STUFFED ANIMALS FROM THEIR STORIES KISS. Ok, maybe there wasn’t actual unicorn to direwolf lip contact here but it’s damn close. Thank you for being adorable, Peter S. Beagle and George R.R. Martin.

(Nerd Approved, image by Sarah Allegra)

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  • ♥☠ シイラ ☠♥

    Brb my childhood & my adulthood are screaming & dancing around.

  • Greycat


  • Charlie

    So true xD

  • Anonymous

    Two authors whose stories make people cry for different reasons.

  • Avril111

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