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Fans Do Cool Things

Watch “Joseph Gordon-Levitt” Make Batman Dance With His “Call Me Maybe” Parody

Look, I still haven’t listened to this “Call Me Maybe” song in its entirety and I really don’t want to. Getting the Wesley Freitas-directed “Batman Maybe” in my head is good enough. Plus, this Russ Russo guy does a spot-on concerned Christian Bale face. Watch as Blake from The Dark Knight Rises tries to get Batman back into action. Man, things would have been a lot different if Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character took this approach in the film, wouldn’t it? (Editors Note: Technically there are some TDKR spoilers in the video, watch at your own risk.)

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  • Skemono


    Okay, the singing and lyrics aren’t that great, but the video is amazing.  Bane on the drums made this for me.

  • Maxwell LaChance

    That might have been the best thing I saw all day?

  • Erica Throne

    Oh if only JGL would actually sing this. XD

  • Anonymous

    This is too fun – Bane on drums, Bruce looking down at the Bat cowl with his eye blacking in place, the dancing… oh, and the sign with Facial Hair Batman. I’m going to have this in my head all day, aren’t I. Worth it. So worth it.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously!  The headline got my hopes up. 

  • Bella Street

    Loved it. My fav was Bane drumming. LOL

  • Melissa Francis