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    Jill Pantozzi — Editor in Chief

    Jill Pantozzi is a pop-culture journalist and host who writes about all things nerdy and beyond! She’s Editor in Chief of the geek girl culture site The Mary Sue (Abrams Media Network), and hosts her own blog “Has Boobs, Reads Comics” ( She co-hosts the Crazy Sexy Geeks podcast along with superhero historian Alan Kistler, contributed to a book of essays titled “Chicks Read Comics,” (Mad Norwegian Press) and had her first comic book story in the IDW anthology, “Womanthology.” In 2012, she was featured on National Geographic’s "Comic Store Heroes," a documentary on the lives of comic book fans and the following year she was one of many Batman fans profiled in the documentary, "Legends of the Knight."

  1. Ryan Reynolds Invites Little Deadpool Fan to Set for a Special Make-a-Wish

    I'm very happy young Tony Acevedo was able to get a Deadpool set visit through the Make-a-Wish Foundation as we've previously learned that film will DEFINITELY be rated R. All the fun, none of the expletives!

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  2. Twin Peaks Newbie Recap: “The Condemned Woman” & “Wounds and Scars”

    Could not be more excited for this development.

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  3. Marvel Science! An Astrophysicist Tries to Explain the Plausibility of Multiple Universes

    This is heavy.

    I, for one, can't wait to meet one of my alternate selves. Particularly the "good" one. Muahahahahahaha!

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  4. The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: G. Willow Wilson’s Ms. Marvel #16

    We're huge Kamala Khan fans here at The Mary Sue so we're especially happy to share with you our latest Marvel exclusive -- G. Willow Wilson's Ms. Marvel #16.

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  5. JK Rowling Gets an Eye-Full of Grown up Neville Longbottom, Matthew Lewis Proceeds to Apologize for His Abs & Junk

    And then Lucius Malfoy made a butt joke.

    While Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling didn't create the films, she was heavily involved in the process and therefore became close with the cast. When Matthew Lewis tweeted a link to a magazine he's being featured in, Rowling was in for a bit of a shock. Warning: serious abs ahead.

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  6. The On-Screen Response and Reaction to Televised Rape and Sexual Assault Needs to Change

    So you may have heard that The Mary Sue will no longer be covering one of HBO's biggest shows because of the inclusion of yet another unnecessary and exploitative rape scene. There have been many reactions to this scene, including discussions of censorship, the right to adapt and revise literature, marketing vs. editorial coverage, and the difference between addressing and depicting rape on-screen.

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  7. The Opening Scene of Witcher 3 Has The Most Butt I’ve Ever Seen In A Video Game

    Bottoms. Buttocks everywhere.

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  8. [UPDATED] Gamergate Death Threat Is a Slam Dunk for Prosecutors. Will They Act?

    The death threat you're about to hear in this tape comes from Columbus, Ohio. The prosecuting attorney in that district is Ron O’Brien. If he wished, he could bring criminal charges against this man by the end of the day. I have an employee at my company whose entire job it is to research and catalogue these threats for law enforcement. And yet, terrifyingly, nothing has been done.

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  9. DC Entertainment Is Currently Trying to Protect Their Robin IP from Singer Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty

    DC: "This falls under our umbrella, ella, ella..."

    DC vs. Rihanna in the comic book event of the century!!! Ok, it's actually just a little legal battle but think of the cover possibilities!

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  10. Mad Max: Furry Road and More Amazing Imperator Furiosa Fan Art

    Mad Max: Fury Road won us over and did well for an R-rated film for its opening weekend but talented folks have been using their drawing skills to make us want that sequel right the hell now.

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  11. When Art Targets Marginalized People

    A game was recently removed from Steam, the major platform for PC gaming distribution. It’s a light gun game: a target reticule is all you control as characters pop on screen to shoot. Indeed: Shooting is all you can do. As with all such games, the challenge is in the position and appearance of targets, as well as the type of characters who appear: Some are meant to be shot, some grant bonuses, others result in penalties. The challenge is knowing who to shoot. The game is called “Kill the F*****

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  12. We Will No Longer Be Promoting HBO’s Game of Thrones

    The Mary Sue has decided we will no longer be actively promoting the HBO series Game of Thrones. Allow us to explain.

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  13. Steven Moffat on His Doctor Who & Sherlock Actors Working for Marvel & the Possibility of a Female Doctor

    Last night, The Mary Sue attended a BAFTA celebration of ten years of (new) Doctor Who at the New York Institute of Technology. It featured a Welsh reception and a lovely toast to the media industry in Wales, a screening of the Season 8 episode "Listen," and a Q&A with showrunner Steven Moffat.

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  14. Mad Max: Fury Road’s George Miller: “Initially, There Wasn’t a Feminist Agenda”

    Charlize Theron: "People keep saying ‘strong women,’ but we are actually just women."

    It's really something amazing to witness a huge Hollywood action blockbuster starting serious, positive, feminist discussions in the news, but with the cast and creators involved, it seems like it was a story just waiting to be broken.

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  15. Review: Mad Max: Fury Road Is a Lovely Orgasm for Your Eyes

    And you'll want to go for multiples.

    You've watched the trailers. You've heard the feminist buzz and the anti-feminist cries. Now let us tell you what we thought about George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road.

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  16. New Footage From CBS’s Supergirl Features Villains & Badass Heat Vision

    Don't. Mess. With. Supergirl.

    Was the six minutes of footage from Supergirl we debuted yesterday enough for you? No? Me neither. Watch Kara flex her powers and kick some more butt in the name of good.

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  17. Legends of Tomorrow Cast Photo & Caity Lotz’s Character Revealed, Updates on the Titans TV Show

    I was really hoping to see some Hawkgirl wings but I'll settle for finally knowing who Arrow's Caity Lotz is playing.

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  18. It’s Not a Man, It’s Supergirl: CBS Releases First Trailer for Their New DC Comics TV Series, I Cry a Lot

    Today is the best day. Up, up, and away!

    I don't care if anyone finds this cheesy. The first extended look at CBS's forthcoming Supergirl television show made me cry tears of joy and I am over the moon about it.

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  19. Watch the Black Widow Title Sequence for the Black Widow Movie You’ve Always Wanted


    Christopher Haley just shared something magical with us. He decided to create a Black Widow movie title sequence for his After Effects class final project. It is everything we've always wanted. Well, except for the movie being real.

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  20. Feminist Lisa Frank Will Knock Your Rainbow Unicorn Socks Off

    We love Lisa Frank. Full stop. But we also really appreciate when the internet takes Lisa Frank and injects it with an extra dose of amazing. Like that time we posted "If Lisa Frank Designed The Game Of Thrones House Sigils" or "Our Favorite Nerd Celebrities Are Wearing Lisa Frank." The Feminist Lisa Frank tumblr also makes sure to be inclusive while employing a lovely bit of snark when necessary. We approve.

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