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Open Thread: Arrow – Tremors

Sometimes, when I watch Arrow, I get so excited about what’s to come, I wish I could watch at super speed. Last night was one of those episodes. 

It’s not that I don’t want to watch what’s happening at the moment, it’s just that I can see exactly where they’re headed and it makes me so happy I just want to get there immediately. A few interesting moments from last night’s episode:

  • Knife knuckles under that guy’s skin! AAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Roy/Arrow and their Karate Kid training.
  • Laurel is currently reading “Awakening Intuition” in case you were interested.
  • So momma is gonna run for Mayor, huh? Sure, she’s not much worse than most politicians, plus she’s definitely better than Sebastian.
  • Roy looked more than a little ridiculous standing next to Arrow in just his hoodie.
  • Laurel’s friend Joanna tells her the bar is going through disciplinary hearings. Man, she cannot catch a break.
  • Diggle really is doing nothing now. I know I was excusing his staying in the Arrow lair after getting shot but he can’t even drive a drunk Laurel home when he’s already in the building?
  • Markovia was mentioned again. Will we be meeting Geo-Force soon?
  • Arrow revealed his identity to Roy! Called it last week!
  • “Amanda Waller’s” visit to Bronze Tiger. I may have said the word “Squad” out loud before she did. I may have annoyed my boyfriend with that.
  • Team Arrow. Giggle.
  • Very interested in how the Sara reveal will play out.


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  • J Ritchey

    Also, the return of workout porn.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Oh my god, I felt so BAD for Stephen Amell in that scene. He had full dialogue while doing those insane pull-up things. So mean.

  • J Ritchey

    He did mention in an interview a little while back that the shooting schedule doesn’t really let him train as much as he should. I’m sure someone was just being helpful by letting him do both :-p

  • Adrian

    Putting early money that Moira is assassinated while running for mayor by the end of the season.

  • Melissa Bramble

    Ooooo, I didn’t think of that! Now I’m going to be white-knuckling through the rest of the season!

  • TheChief

    So the Squad is being built before our eyes. I know it is doubtful, but it would be quite awesome if a certain Dr. Quinzel could show up as well.

  • Anonymous

    Her or Diggle. Team Arrow is getting a little crowded, Roy will probably become Oliver’s go-to sidekick on the field and more importantly, it’s getting pretty obvious the writers don’t know what to do with the character anymore. One could argue that Felicity doesn’t have that many story lines either but at least she’s the tech girl. Diggle is just sitting there.

  • Anonymous

    So-so episode for me. I didn’t like being reminded that this is the version of Amanda Waller that the show chose and Bronze Tiger is not a really good villain, especially for a range hero like Arrow. Also, we don’t know how much time passed since the trial but the idea that Moira could already run for office is a development worthy of The Simpsons. Between her and Sebastian Blood, Rob Ford doesn’t look so bad…

    Other than that, the lame way the show decided to kill off Shado is going to be a problem as long as Oliver keeps feeling guilty for something that was obviously not his fault. I don’t see how Ivo can twist the truth enough to make Wilson blame Oliver instead of him.

    On the positive side, I loved the scene where Oliver talks Slade out of his plan and the scene where Oliver tells his identity to Roy was also pretty good.

  • Leslee Bottomley Beldotti

    Maybe it’s because I’m 20+ years older than the target audience, but I find the Laurel character to be an insufferable, unappreciative brat! She’s supposed to be a lawyer? I wouldn’t trust her to represent me in traffic court!

    And who dresses like they’re in the middle of a Vogue spread just to work in the basement of a bar with two (now 3) dudes? If Felicity’s dresses get any tighter, they’re gonna end up behind her! Get that poor woman a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt, for cryin’ out loud!

  • WonderScott

    Hmmm… Team Arrow vs Suicide Squad with Slade and the League of Assassins in the middle/wings. (Or setting up the Squad for next season.)

    Canary, Arrow, Red Arrow, Diggle, Felicity, Huntress (would be great if they could snag her for a team episode/finale) and maybe… Laurel? (I have a feeling that Roy isn’t the only one who is going to get trained and let into the down low Verdant scene.)

    I like Bronze Tiger as a character and he’s a good fit for the Squad – we’ll see how he develops.

    The only part that annoyed be was Roy punching through the container. I’m not sure how I like that much super strength for the Mirakuru-enhanced humans like Roy and Slade vs Canary and Arrow.

  • Anonymous

    Are you officially not doing full recaps anymore? I’ll miss them if so.
    This show finally remembered to identify Bronze Tiger to the audience. I’m a little disappointed that he’s still a one-note merc instead of an honorable guy who has to deal with being frequently undercover or brainwashed. His lack of a tiger mask is most inexcusable.
    It was dumb that Merlyn had a working prototype of the earthquake device in his garage in an unhidden safe that the cops never confiscated, but it surprisingly didn’t ruin the episode for me.
    The inventor of the eartquake machine who was killed by Merlyn was named as Brion Markov, so probably no Geo-Force. I thought the 2 devices were stand-ins him & Terra anyway.
    I got really giddy over Slade making a huge trajectory diagram about shelling the S.S. AMAZO in the cave.
    Oliver’s speech to Slade was actually really good.
    Are Moira & Walter plotting to kill her OBGYN?
    I’d prefer Brother Blood to get elected Mayor instead of his cover being blown beforehand.
    After 2 straight episodes of Laurel suddenly being awesome, she’s back to being The Worst.
    Aside from Deadshot, what other characters can they put on the Suicide Squad? The terrible version of Count Vertigo is dead. I imagine they’ll do Plastique & Rick Flagg. Can they introduce Captain Boomerang here instead of The Flash’s show? I always thought he’s a bad foe for a speedster who’d work better against Green Arrow.
    Methinks they’ll build Roy up as the only person who can fight Deathstroke then have him get his arm sliced off.

  • Adrian

    The events in Starling City take place in real-time. So, however long ago State v. Queen aired is however long ago Moira was acquitted.

  • Aline

    I don’t think they’ll kill the OBGYN. It would seem very out of character for Walter to agree to it, even if the show sort of implied it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering if it’s a test by Walter to see if Moira truly reformed.

  • Starman

    No. I’m in the target audience and Laurel annoys the piss out of me too.

  • Starman

    Lots of motion on all the subplots and all of the ensemble get a moment to shine. Like last week, the last ten minutes make up for the slow bits but the island flashbacks are officially getting weaker and weaker.

    Also, Laurel is still completely unsympathetic and I’m glad to see Sara has come back to slap some sense into her. Or, at the very least, slap her.

  • Skol Troll

    Who IS the OBGYN? It immediately struck me as odd that a superhero show would decide to put a plot point about a long-past OBGYN. Methinks that the good doctor is more than just a doctor somehow.

  • Skol Troll

    And/or one of the two Lance girls. I’d hope for Lauren. I’m expecting it to be Sara.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Yeah, sorry, Arrow recaps are gone for the foreseeable future.

    Not sure where they’re taking that OBGYN thing, but I can’t believe either of them would have meant murder, even though that’s how they wanted it to sound to viewers. I can’t even imagine they’d simply mean pay the person off, because that would still be illegal.

  • Adrian

    From what I’ve read elsewhere, Diggle will be getting another episode dedicated to him later this season. We’ll see if it’s true.

    I think Diggle could be used better by having him help train Roy in combat. Oliver and Diggle used to practice all the time.

  • Anonymous

    I like that addition recovery has a strong part so far in Laurel’s storyline. AA isn’t perfect (nothing human is), but them and other similar groups are how a lot of people survive. I’m glad Arrow has been respectful of that so far.

    Relatedly, wouldn’t Justice League Anonymous be a great graphic novel? Various super heroes discussing their addition recovery. “My name’s Speedy and I’m a heroin addict. I’ve been clean since October 1971.”

  • Anonymous

    @ Laurel. No I don’t particularly like her either. But I think that’s partly intentional and that’s part of why I like her story right now. I mean, addicts aren’t always the most likeable people.

    @ Vogue. I consider this part of the “everyone is beautiful on TV” thing and just ignore it.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    I confess, I kinda hope we don’t see Terra show up. With Deathstroke in the series, including Terra could create some…Really icky and stupid possibilities. XP

  • Anonymous

    I’m more angry at the fact her family and friends were meant to help
    her. She’s struggling with depression and substance abuse and everyone
    keeps acting like she’s too much trouble to actually deal with. Instead
    of acting like people who love her and actually trying to help her get

    Go take your ableism elsewhere, thanks.

  • Adrian

    As far as Laurel goes, I think the dislike is supposed to be intentional, for the most part. It also seems to me that some of those haters don’t take her perspective.

    When people complain about her with the writers, I laugh because sometimes people don’t realize that they’ve had a plan for her before the season started.

  • Leslee Bottomley Beldotti

    Are we watching the same show? How many times have other characters asked Laurel if she was ok, or in some way tried to offer her help? Her father even took her to an AA meeting, and she STILL acted like a spoiled brat.

    I’m not sure how I’m expressing ableism by disliking a character who keeps refusing to accept help?

  • Mark Matson

    I was a little surprised that no one mentioned to Moira that many people consider her the hero for announcing the earthquake plot ahead of time, starting the evacuation and getting one of the two devices disarmed. Sure, many consider her the villain, particularly in the Glades, but it seemed reasonable to me that many would not. I actually find this plotline more reasonable than most.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, so… you can’t get disbarred for allegedly taking drugs that aren’t prescribed to you. You have to do something illegal within the court system.Just saying. Also, I’m pretty sure a fair number of people would vote for Charles Manson.

  • Anonymous

    It depends. If you do something that reflects badly on you as a lawyer & the legal profession you can still be disbarred even if it it’s not court related. There does need to be a disciplinary hearing first though.

  • Anonymous

    Right, there’s just an extensive and time consuming process. Not something that happens in a day or even a week, and it’s usually for something a little bit larger than possession of a controlled substance or script that’s not hers. All she’d really need is a decent lawyer to get the charge tossed brought down. Unless in the world of Starling city arrest = conviction. :/

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, this twist drove me a little bonkers too (I really try and ignore the horrible legal stuff on this show, but sometimes it’s really difficult). Sure, it’s POSSIBLE to be disbarred for drug-related offenses, but it would probably need to be a ongoing problem, with evidence of its effect on your law practice, and a history of failed or refused treatment. I actually read attorney discipline cases regularly (because I’m a nerd), and frankly, the only things that are “quick” roads to disbarment are messing with client funds and lying to judges. Show a law student you’re mentoring your junk then pressure her to drop charges? 90 days suspension. Mess around with client funds and evade taxes? Disbarred.

  • Holly DY

    He was talking?????

  • Holly DY

    I think that Laurel is normally an independent character and the one that the others depend on so once her addiction spirals out of control, it is difficult for the other characters to cope. Not an excuse of their behaviour but explains why her behaviour seems to change pretty quickly.

    I loved Oliver’s reveal to Roy – so touching!

    Wow things are bad in Starling City when you have ‘man of the people’ go up against ‘ tried to kill all the poor people’? I mean we know Blood is trying to kill everyone but the general voting public don’t so that is going to be tough sell I think also trying to kill your Maternity doctors seems a bit harsh. Thea already knows right? So does it really matter to anyone else?