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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

All this has happened before...

Updated: Arrow Casts Its Black Canary Despite The Fact That We Thought It Had Two Black Canaries Already

In a casting move that caused Arrow fans to tilt their heads and go Bzuh?, the show has chosen a new actress to play Black Canary even though there are already two characters on the show who could be versions of Black Canary because they, y’know, share her backstory. And her name. But now there’s a third character in the mix.

So. Many. Dinahs.

The actress in question is Caity Lotz, who starred in the low-budget horror flick The Pact and showed up in a few episodes of Mad Men‘s fourth season. To go off on an indie sci-ti tangent (you know I love my indie sci-fi), she also stars in The Machine, an amazing flick about artificial intelligence where she plays two roles and is absolutely amazing in both of them. It’s on the festival circuit right now, but if it ever comes to a theater near you you should see it like 12 times. It’s that good.

Moving on.

DC Women Kicking Ass has a more in-depth version of how exactly bringing in a new Black Canary is weird continuity-wise, but the short version is that at a certain point Black Canary has been two women: Dinah Laurel Lance and her mother Dinah Drake Lance. Arrow already has a Dinah “Laurel” Lance (Katie Cassidy), and her mother in the show (Alex Kingston) is named Dinah Lance. And now Lotz’s Black Canary will reportedly be named Dinah Drake.

Writes The Wrap:

“While the Black Canary will start out as a recurring role, Lotz is expected to eventually become a series regular, as her character will be groomed as a love interest for Arrow (Stephen Amell).”

Arrow, I’m not sure if what you’ve just done here is monumentally stupid or impressively original. Only season two will tell.

Aaaand here’s an update, courtesy of executive producer Andrew Kreisberg:

“There’s been a bit of misinformation printed out there and what I would say is, yes, Caity Lotz is joining the show in a recurring role and we’re really excited. She’s a tremendously talented actress. The character she’s playing is really the beginning of the story of the Black Canary.”

Also, he chose not to reveal her name, so we can assume the show won’t be suffering from Dinah overload, after all.

So… she’s not Black Canary, but she’s somehow involved with her origin story?

*throws up hands* I give up, Arrow.

(via: The Wrap, TV Guide)

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  • Ryan Colson

    Too many GL’s in the comics, too many Canaries on the show: gonna go with monumentally stupid lol

  • Captain ZADL

    As long as no one’s in the kitchen with Dinah….

  • Jenevieve DeFer

    This is such a bad idea that Lucas must have been involved LOL

  • Nat

    Nope. No thanks. That breaks my heart because Katie Cassidy is an amazing actress and has been so excited at the idea of eventually becoming Black Canary.

  • Mina


    I don’t understand why. Like, if this works out, it will indeed be impressively original. But I don’t understand why they went this direction. I am confused. And also sad. I really wanted to see Laurel become Black Canary.

  • Adrian

    This is weird even from a screenplay/production standpoint… three characters with the same name? …and back story??


  • Fred

    Katie Cassidy is a good actress, but they’ve written her so horribly that I wouldn’t mind if they just went with a different Black Canary. The only dumb thing is naming the new girl “Dinah” as well.

  • Anonymous

    My first thought was it was just going to be Kingston’s Dinah in flashbacks. But that doesn’t work if she’s a love interest to Ollie…

  • Fisty

    I don’t understand how DC lets weird things happen to their characters on film/screen.

  • Starman

    Skeptical Arrowhead Is Skeptical.

    I’m not sure how accurate the quoted article is given that they also identify Summer Glau’s character as a Queen family friend and love-interest for Ollie. This flies in the face of every other report about Glau’s role on the show, which say she’ll be playing a major villain across Season 2.

    Quick explanation for those who aren’t DC Comics buffs. The name of Glau’s character is Isabel Rochev. This is the same as comics villain “The Queen”, whose whole MO was trying to take control of Queen Industries, feeling it was owed to her after having an affair with Oliver Queen’s dad and being told he would ditch his family for her.

    That would be kind of a neat twist – that after all the lies, Moira WAS telling Ollie the truth about that point.

    The Arrow panel is Saturday. Doubtlessly we’ll know for sure then.

  • Starman

    Or they’re bringing Earth 2 into play.

  • Starman

    I was thinking flashbacks too. Or – given the timeline – maybe it would be a Grandma Canary kicking Nazi butt in World War II, who was also Dinah Drake.

    Now THAT would be awesome!

    But alas, as you say, there’s no way that works if she’s supposed to be Ollie’s love-interest. Unless Ollie gets his hand on the cosmic treadmill and goes on a cross-time booty call. And unless Judd Winick is writing for the show now, I doubt that’s the case.

  • Anonymous

    Well, there goes the dream of seeing Alex Kingston in superhero gear…

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Maybe she’ll wind up being another, long-lost sister of Laurel’s. That way, Kingston still has a chance to suit up.

  • Jim Richards

    … oh, you so-o-o bad ….

  • Christian Hoffer

    I think it’s important to note that Lotz’s Black Canary character wasn’t named Dinah in the initial report. While the role is anyone’s guess, maybe this is a character who mentors Laurel and eventually comes into contact with Oliver that way?

  • ArcLight

    I’m fearing that ARROW will become another series killed by needless second season tinkering….

  • GeekWithATude

    Dinah Drake was the name of the pre-COIE Black Canary, who was then retconned into Dinah lance after COIE (when they wanted to fit her in along with Dinah Laurel Lance). From a continuity perspective, it would only work if she was used for flashbacks for Alex Kingston’s Dinah, but I don’t see that happening with the way it was announced. Once again, DC will let it all get screwed up and ruin a good show.

  • Starman

    I’ve posted my own thoughts and wild speculations on this on my own blog.

  • Anonymous

    I sure am glad they spent so much time foreshadowing Dinah Laurel Lance as the most important woman in the Green Arrow mythos.

  • BatiHoney

    I am so happy to hear this. I love Arrow, except for the way Oliver/Laurel turned out at the end of the season and how Oliver manages to make ALL women in the show except his own relatives and Carly (Diggle´s love interest), but I wasn’t liking the idea of Laurel = Black Canary, mostly because I just… didn’t see her having BC’s personality. I love Laurel, she’s strong and a badass lawyer… but I like her like that. So I was really hoping she wouldn’t be Black Canary, and this news just made my dreams come true! So, so glad.

    Now, the name issue may sound like huh, and I agree. Three Dinahs? Although it’s only two, because I haven’t seen any indication that Laurel is named anything other than Laurel, and her mom just made an appearance and if they mentioned her name, I don’t think that won’t be too much of a problem. It is definitely something that makes me tilt my head, and I wonder why didn’t they just go with Dinah from the very beginning instead of having 2 characters based off of her? Idk. Even if there were 3 Dinahs, , hey, it happens. I have been in the same room with 2 other girls who I share my name with…

    If anything, what worries me, again, is the introduction of a bunch of female characters that ARE ALL GOING TO FALL FOR OLIVER. Arrow, give me a break.

    I hope they at least make Black Canary right…

  • Harrison Grey

    Considering that the Laurel character is so far removed from the Black Canary of the comics, (I’d say in name only, but even that’s not quite right), I’m actually ok that they’re taking the opportunity to start from scratch on the character and possibly get her right this time.

    That said, I am thinking that this is going to be Sara with a new actress, and my big reason why is the name: two Dinah’s in the show, a mother and daughter pair, I can get. A third, random woman showing up also named Dinah is a stretch. I’m guessing it’s Sara taking her mother’s maiden name.

  • Harrison Grey

    Honestly, every attractive female on the show is a possible love interest for Oliver, so they’re probably not too far off by that guess.

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    To be honest, did anyone really expect Alex Kingston or Katie Cassidy to suit up? I didn’t. Alex least of all, just wouldn’t seem in character and Katie less and less as the series went on. Caity Lotz seems to have the physical chops to pull this off….I did not mean for that to rhyme. -.-

  • Melynda

    I know nothing about DC comics so whenever I see a casting announcement for an expected character on Arrow I just sit here and do the online equivalent of nodding. But just so put it out there, it would be nice if Laurel would do something other than be someone’s girlfriend. I hope she has a bigger role to play in the future, Black Canary stuff or whatever.

  • Rizz Rustbolt


  • MeatyStakes

    “is really the beginning of the story of the Black Canary”

    That phrase gives me ideas, very interesting ones. Black Canary was already a legacy character in the comics, what if Laurel is given the mantle in this incarnation too; not by her mother, but by this first Black Canary?

  • Starman
  • Nick Gaston

    Maybe it’ll all be explained with a cutaway to John Newton furiously punching the walls of reality, shifting the cast and backstory with each blow.

  • Anonymous

    Another blonde with an unimpressive resume. Color me shocked.

  • Mark Brown

    Yeah, I can see this turning into Laurel’s equivalent of Yao Fei. It might not take much to push her to vigilanteism, given how much she’s lost.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    umm…..going by the plot of the show thus far, im going to guess it will turn out to be the mothers twin or something silly like that

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    She becomes someone Laurel cares about, gets killed, Laurel reacts by becoming Canary

  • Anonymous

    I really, really, really hope this new actress/character will not be the on-going Black Canary in the Arrow Series. From the start, Katie Cassidy has been fielding the questions and possibilities of being Black Canary organically in the show’s storyline, and Laurel has been teased in-show with being Black Canary (anyone else remember the Lance family Canary bird scene?). I cannot see Black Canary as anyone but Laurel now. Regardless of whether Laurel is similar at all to the Black Canary of the comics, in this version that’s who I have been rooting for from the start.

    If all she ever turns out to be is someone’s girlfriend (good lord how many plots did we have of the dutiful girlfriend — either with Ollie or Tommy — this season? :P) and have romance-pang plots with the occasional facepunching of Thug #1 and #2, I’ll be so put off and disappointed. There’s so much potential for Laurel as a character, imo. Being her own self-made independent crime fighter, yes please.

  • blu girl

    LOL darn interwebs!

  • Jason Atkins

    It’s worth bearing in mind that in the New 52, “Dinah Drake” is the incumbent Black Canary. She’s the same age as Oliver Queen but, to my knowledge, is not affiliated with Oliver in any way (though I’m only a half-dozen issues through Birds of Prey, so I may just not know that she is yet). It could be that the writers decided they wanted to a version of Black Canary who *wasn’t* affiliated with Green Arrow, but they also felt that the Laurel/Oliver arc was important to the story.

    To my mind, it sets up some interesting story potential. Thus far, the fan assumption has been that Laurel would become Black Canary “because of Oliver” in some way. But in the comics, that wasn’t the case. Laurel became Black Canary because she was adopting an existing legacy – her mothers, specifically – and while she did have a relationship with Green Arrow she was already a hero in her own right because of that. Robbing Laurel of that independence might have weakened the character… but by introducing a Dinah Drake character, if she ever becomes Black Canary it’ll be something that happens outside of Oliver’s shadow.

    Also, remember that the writers have been telling us since day one that they’re planning to use our fan knowledge/expectations to screw with us. Stuff like this seems confusing as hell… but it means that instead of knowing all the things and being able to see what’s coming a mile off, we’re in the same position as the rest of the audience, and we won’t understand what the deal is until the writers are ready to understand.

    They used the name “Tommy Merlyn” (who is effectively the New 52 version of the Merlyn villain) to screw with us, and make us expect Tommy to eventually become Ollie’s rival. Right up until the end, it looked like Tommy was teetering on the edge of following his father into villainy… and then the writers flipped it around and side-swiped us with the season finale. I imagine that this Black Canary casting is a similar tactic.

    I’m going to assume “dastardly and cunning plan” for now!

  • Ryan Colson

    …Lady Shiva?

  • Joe E Dangerously

    She could still don the fishnets in the future. In fact, that’s exactly what I think will happen.

  • James Anderson Merritt

    The original DC comics Black Canary WAS “thick” (as in, not “needs to eat a sandwich emaciated”) and curvy. She was also a brunette (in secret-identity mode).