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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

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The Mary Sue’s Favorite Posts of 2013

Allow Us To Explain

Allow Us To Explain

We’ve shown you the posts that got you clicking and talking in 2013, but now it’s time to get biased. See, all of us here at The Mary Sue love writing for The Mary Sue in general, but there are some posts that we just love more than the others. Maybe something exciting happened. Maybe something disappointing happened and we relished the opportunity to write about it and discuss it with our readers. Maybe someone sent us superhero-themed sex toys. 2013 was a weird year.

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  • Elwyne

    The DW writers thing makes me very sad. I love the show, flaws and all; Moffat’s garbage only makes me feel bad for loving it. :(

  • Anonymous

    While I am also sad about the lack of women writers on Who, I have an excellent piece of advice for you: if you don’t like the show right now, stop watching for a bit. I am feeling terrible for all these poor people who must suffer through the “garbage” television they obviously hate, because apparently their eyes or minds are glued to the screen in some sort of supernatural manner and they can’t look away. How painful it must be, that’s evident from the way they feel the need to spew their hate all over every single who-related post on the entirety of the internet. If only they could stop watching for a bit. But nope. They gotta get their neg vented.

  • Kaleb

    Isn’t a comment section intended to be an open forum for people to discuss their opinions about things? I think telling someone that they need to stop voicing their opinion about something because it personally annoys you completely destroys the point of an open comment section.

    I find it interesting when people assume that you should only post positive things if it is a topic regarding a show that has a strong fanbase. As long as no insults are thrown, criticism of a program is not only valid but should be embraced.

    If people didn’t get their ‘neg vented’ as you put, there are a lot of shows that would become complacent and dull. It isn’t whining if you actually feel that something is of generally low quality and can be improved. That’s a criticism.

  • Elwyne

    You misunderstand me. I love the show; I just don’t think much of the showrunner. The effect of his attitudes on the content of the show are as easily shrugged off as rubber monsters and farting aliens; the optimistic, adventurous soul remains. The effects on the real world – ie the boys’ club in the writers’ room – are harder to ignore.

    So no, I’m not going to stop watching. Instead, I struggle with the question, addressed on this site in the past, of how to love problematic things. (Orson Scott Card, anyone? Sherlock? DC Comics?)

    In addition, I agree with you that the hate from fans is mind-blowing at times. There’s disagreement over attitudes or creative choices, and then there’s venom. Ick.

  • Vera

    The thing that upsets me the most about the lack of female writers in Doctor Who? The show has just become more and more anti-male and ridiculously pro-feminist under Moffat.

  • Guest
  • Vera

    I think the issue isn’t so much that people are critical–it’s that too many people confuse their own opinions with “the only way things are and can be.” People who insist on a particular character being unrelatable garbage, for instance, rather than offering or responding to critiques.

    There’s also a rash of people who criticize the show based on what it DIDN’T do, rather than looking at what it DID do–focusing on some hypothetical or on what they personally think would have been better, rather than on what actually happened.

  • Kaleb

    Hmm, good point. I can see where that can get irritating

  • Anonymous

    ok, that’s fair! I agree that Moff has said a lot off shitty things and I don’t agree with any of them.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing. The vast majority of current Who neg/venom isn’t fair criticism, it’s “wow this show is so awful now I hate it, I wish it was good like back in the Ten episodes”, which is what I misinterpreted Elwyne as saying as well. I don’t think anyone thinks we shouldn’t be critical – I certainly don’t – but people who ONLY talk about how awful something is and how much they hate it should probably stop consuming it regularily, for their own good. For example, I watched one episode of Sherlock, didn’t like it at all, so I stopped.

  • Lyss

    I’d rather have rubber monster, Clara, Amy and River than farting aliens, Rose and endless, endless Companions Are Never Complete Without the Doctor, thanks. Luckily, the current era caters to all my iddish needs.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    “For example, I watched one episode of Sherlock, didn’t like it at all, so I stopped” is a lot different than “I’ve been watching this show since I was a child and it’s really disappointing me right now but I don’t want to give up on it because I have great affection for it on the whole.” Which, I think, is a lot of where the criticisms you’re referring to are coming from.

  • Anonymous

    TBH, I think VERY few people who make this complaints have watched since they were kids, they probably came on during the Tennant years (I did too, I started during the second half of series 2). And to make a better example (I now I have to be a little negative, but it will be quick), I hated the specials. hated. So I quit and came back for The Eleventh Hour. It’s doable, it’s not “giving up”, it’s taking a break and mainly stop ruining it for those of who enjoy it. Because it’s rarely as balanced as you express it, it’s usually a rainfall of “wow this show sucks now” “Moffat shouldn’t be allowed to write women”, “Moffat should be fired” “Moffat has ruined the work of 47 years of writing” (I am not kidding about this one), “Moffat shouldn’t be allowed to change canon” (welcome to how writing tv shows works) , “This show makes me sick to the stomach”, “the badness of this show makes me cry”. Etc. All over twitter, tumblr, and comments in blogs like these. And if people feel like that way, maybe they should do themselves a favor back back off it for a bit. For their own sake.

    (another reason why I don’t think they’re oldschool who fans is that those I know are used to writing changes and take them in their stride.)