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YouTube Will Drop IE6 Support Come March 13th

Last month, Google signaled that it was going to phase out support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, which many web developers hate for its clunkiness and lack of app support.

But phasing out Google Docs and Google Sites on March 1 is nothing compared to Google’s latest announcement, at least from the average Joe’s perspective: on March 13th, YouTube will stop supporting IE6.

If you go to using IE6 (or any other “old” browser, including pre-3.0 Firefox, pre-4.0 Chrome, and pre-3.0 Safari), you’ll see the following message, followed by suggestions for alternative browsers:

On March 13, we are dropping support for your browser. You’ll still be able to watch videos after that date, but new features may not work properly.

According to our internal stats, only 3% of Geekosystem readers use IE6, but you all are kind of anomalies: a full 20% of Americans still use IE6, according to Ars Technica.

(h/t Ars Technica)

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