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If You Don’t like T-Shirts That Yell at You, Then You Can MOVE

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I’m sure you’ve all seen someone in a t-shirt that has way too much written on it and that basically ignores the definition of freedom, right? The ones that are like “IF YOU DON’T LIKE MY GUNS, THEN YOU CAN MOVE” and things of that nature? They’re all the rage among some populations in America.

Anyway, they basically scream “I’m sexist and racist and I have the right to be because I’m an American and if you don’t like it, leave the country that promotes freedom!” and what a time. Now, if you still don’t know what shirts I’m talking about, one Twitter user has it covered for you. And lo, a great new meme resulted!

Okay so NOW that you know what sort of t-shirt I’m talking about, that’s an accurate description I gave, right? These shirts are all over the place in your local Walmart and many gas stations across the nation and they scream out that this (typically) white man has never seen a real struggle in his life but doesn’t want his guns taken from him, even if gun reform saves lives. He only cares about the deer head mounted in his living room.

Anyway, Twitter went off making this meme about themselves (or iconic songs) and it made for a great t-shirt business model.

Anyway, from now on, we’re just going to yell “if you don’t like it, MOVE” at everything.

Let’s make our own fun shirts and confuse these folks when they think we’re all on their “MOVE!” side. Because the Earth is on fire and we must take what respite comes our way. What would your declarative t-shirt say?

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