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Marvel’s Costume Evolution Covers Are Nothin’ but Nostagia

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Project: Rooftop has gathered a bunch of Marvel’s latest variant cover fad: X-Men: Evolution (presumably not to be confused with the WB show X-Men: Evolution), which showcases the various costume worn by characters over the years, and naturally we’ve grabbed all the ones of female characters and brought them here, to you.

Also, be not alarmed by the words on the art! These covers ran over the gamut of Marvel’s issues, so the titles may have nothing to do with the X-Man behind them. Or maybe Rogue guest starred in Cap’s comic?

Needless to say, we have the most affection in our hearts for the yellow Rogue costume with the little motorcycle jacket because we grew up in the nineties, okay?

Same thing goes for Storm’s shoulder-padded, white, full-body suit.

Anyways, here’s Kitty Pryde.

Yes, Emma Frost’s costume has always had its questionable elements, it’s not a recent thing.

I think my favorite for Jean Grey is actually the last one, I guess I have a weakness for jackets in superhero costumes.

If you want to check out the guys, as well, head on over to Project: Rooftop.

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