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The 500 Worst Computer Passwords, All in One Place

Obsessive Consumption‘s Kate Bingaman-Burt, who regularly makes humorous (and slightly obsessive, hence the name) ‘zines filled with pictures of every single item she buys in a given day, has brought her geekery to a new height: She’s taken the 500 worst computer passwords, as described in Mark Burnett‘s Perfect Password: Selection, Protection, Authentication and drawn them all in one sysop-vexing place.

The result: a lot of passwords that are people’s names (“Martin”; “Samantha”), easily guessable strings of letters or numbers (“123456”; “zxcvbn” [look down at your keyboard]), or highly profane, but all easily crackable. Larger shot after the jump:

You can check out (and buy) more of Bingaman-Burt’s work at her Etsy page.

(Kate Bingaman-Burt via NOTCOT)

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