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Who Wants to See Black Widow Beat Up Some Dudes? I Do, I Do! [VIDEO]

We have some Captain America videos for you on this fine, cold Thursday. I know the new movie’s called The Winter Soldier, but damn, I wouldn’t object to it being warm when it comes out. The first video, above, is a new Winter Soldier clip in which Black Widow does what Black Widow does. Below you’ll find a Captain America Honest Trailer and a featurette for the Winter Soldier along the lines of the Falcon and Black Widow ones we saw before.

Warning for sweet summer children: The Winter Soldier featurette below spoils the thing that isn’t really a spoiler, except maybe it is if you have bad facial recognition of actors, know nothing about the background from the comics, and want to go in to Winter Soldier completely blind. In which case, why are you watching featurettes? Basically, don’t watch if you don’t already know who the Winter Soldier is. Anyone? Bueller?

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