A disheveled red head looks pleadingly at a conversation partner in "Wolf Like Me"

We’re Howling for a Third Season of ‘Wolf Like Me’

The werewolves want to know.

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They’ve seen every werewolf movie on this list three times already. They’ve had the MCU’s Werewolf By Night on repeat. They crave something new. More than romping in moonlight fields. More than tearing off the limbs of small animals. They need their T.V. fix. And if the world doesn’t decide to give it to them, we’re gonna have a big problem on our hands.

For non-lycanthropes unfamiliar with the series, Wolf Like Me is a story about a single father named Gary (played by Josh Gad of Frozen) who is doing his damnedest trying to raise his little daughter. The grieving widower soon finds hope for the future when he meets the charming Mary (played by Isla Fisher from Confessions of a Shopaholic) and thinks he’s gonna be lucky in love once more! Unluckily for Gar-bear, Mary is a werewolf. But it’s not a total red flag deal breaker! Gary and Mary are working through it!

Is Season 3 coming?

At this point, Peacock has not officially greenlit a third season. Why not? Don’t they know the havoc that impatient lycanthropic fans of the series could wreak upon the general public if forced to wait any longer? While the first season of the series got off to a slow start, Wolf Like Me found its four-legged stride during season 2. To be fair, the second season dropped in October, so it may be a bit early to call for a third. It’s likely that the people at Peacock are waiting to see how the second season is received, and will evaluate if they want to move forward with a third season in 2024 or even 2025. Until then, we’ll simply have to stock up on silver bullets and wait.

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