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Will There Be a ‘Smiling Friends’ Season 3? Answered

Will I ever smile again? Or will life forever be a joyless slog of tedium and woe? There’s only one animated nonprofit organization that can blow my blues away: Smiling Friends. But will Smiling Friends Return for season 3? Will the clouds that lower over my heart lift? Yes, they will.

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So is there a new season coming?

Yes. Smiling Friends‘ third season was just announced by Adult Swim at its Defying Expectations Panel at Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Hooray! When is it coming? We still don’t know. Boo! But thankfully there’s still new Smiling Friends season 2 episodes rolling out! After that? I don’t know what I’ll do to shake off the sorrows? Just watch the first two seasons on repeat until the third comes out? It’s cheaper than therapy.

What’s Smiling Friends about again?

Smiling Friends is an animated comedy series created by Zach Hadel and Michael Cusack about a little nonprofit dedicated to making people smile! The series centers around two particular critters, the optimistic Pim and the cynical Charlie, who go on all sorts of joy spreading adventures. What’s a critter? I’ll tell you what a critter is not. A critter is not one of the humans, anthropomorphic animals, or magical miscellaneous creatures like fairies and demons that populate the world of Smiling Friends. They’re just… weird little guys? Despite their cartoonish physiology, critters are just as human as you and me. They want to spread joy to everyone! Including psychopathic superstar frogs! Horrible forest demons! Aliens! Ronald Reagan! Even a Gilbert Gottfried voiced God himself!

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