Mob holding a bouquet of flowers mere moments before our hearts get wrung out in Mob Psycho 100 III

Will ‘Mob Psycho 100’ Return for Season 4?

My heart. Oh god, my heart.

One of the shows I was most looking forward to in the fall 2022 anime season was Mob Psycho 100 III, the series’ third season. And dear god, did it deliver. Mob Psycho 100 delivered one of the best seasons of the year, and—in my humble opinion—cemented itself as one of the greatest series of all time. But that latter sentiment has a ring of finality to it, doesn’t it? And the final episode of Mob Psycho 100 III seemed pretty … final, didn’t it? Which leads us to the question: Will there be a Mob Psycho 100 IV, or was III the end of the series?

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Mob Psycho 100‘s first season premiered in 2016 and tells the story of gifted psychic Shigeo Kageyama, a.k.a. Mob, and his struggles to lead a “normal life,” while being aided/used/mostly aided (most of the time) by his “shisho,” or mentor, Arataka Reigen. Initially, the series seemed to leapfrog off the popularity of One Punch Man, which premiered a year earlier and is based off a title by the same mangaka, One. But it quickly became apparent that Mob Psycho 100 had its own incredibly strong identity. With its impeccable and subtle character development and its heartbreaking sincerity and kindness, Mob quickly surpassed One Punch Man (especially when you compare the shows’ second seasons. No further comment).

Throughout the ensuing six years, Mob Psycho 100 grew a loyal fanbase who deeply connected with its characters—especially Mob and his struggle to cope with the barrage of emotions and identity crises that come from being a middle-schooler, while also dealing with trauma (as becomes heartrendingly apparent in the final arc of Mob Psycho 100 III). Mob touched a lot of hearts. In the final episodes of the third season in particular, Mob basically ripped my heart out of my body entirely. I love him so much. Almost as much as I love Reigen, that fucking guy.

Given the emotional attachments we have all developed to these characters, I have some bad news for you. Mob Psycho 100 III was the final season of Mob Psycho 100. Episode 12, “Confession ~The Future~,” was the series finale. There will not be a Mob Psycho 100 IV because there is no more of the manga. I’m sorry. I know. It hurts for me to write that as much as it hurts you to read it.

The one shred of hope I can offer is that maybe we’ll get an OVA—a little extra episode or two that stand apart from the main season. After Mob Psycho 100 II, we got an OVA in which Mob, Reigen, and the crew try to solve a mysterious case at an onsen, and it was goddamned delightful. So maybe we’ll get something for Mob Psycho 100 III as well. Maybe.

On the other hand, I honestly think the series finale of Mob Psycho 100 was one of the best I’ve ever seen. It was the perfect cap for the series. As much as I don’t want to leave these characters, Bones did can excellent job of giving them the perfect send-off.

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