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Why Are the Mandalorians Just Staying on This Cursed Dinosaur Island?!

Was Jurassic Space Beach the only spot available?

Dino coming to kill Ragnar in the Mandalorian

Sometimes, there are things about the Children of the Watch on Star Wars series The Mandalorian that make no sense. To be fair, a lot of what they choose to do makes no sense, but in the case of hiding out on a cursed Jurassic Park ride, I really have to question their motives. The Children of the Watch are in hiding, so when Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) need somewhere to go, they choose to hide out with them—on a cursed beach with a giant alligator space dinosaur, and now velociraptors who will fly around and eat your children.

I wish I were joking. In the first episode of season 3, we saw as an alligator megalodon of an alien spun around and tried to kill Ragnar Vizsla. Then, in episode 4, Ragnar is almost killed again, this time by a flying dinosaur who swoops in when Ragnar is moodily staring at the water because he lost a duel with Grogu.

At this point, we hear Paz Vizsla say something along the lines of “Ugh, not again! And not my son!” meaning that dinosaurs have killed children and they will kill again. So my question is simply: WHY ARE YOU STILL THERE?! Of all the places in Star Wars, the Children of the Watch picked Earth from that Adam Driver movie 65 to hide out in. Truly, there are just a bunch of dinosaurs that they decided to fight off instead of moving literally anywhere else! It’s not that hard! Just go somewhere that isn’t a death trap!

But also, what we’ve learned is that Ragnar Vizsla just wants to get eaten. That’s the only explanation for his constant peril.

That kid has a death wish

Ragnar Vizsla waiting to die in the Mandalorian

When in doubt, I guess know that Ragnar will attract a flesh eating dinosaur to the door of the Children of the Watch. Like, it is laughable. From the first episode of season 3, he’s just been food. First, the alligator thing almost ate him twice. THEN, in episode 4, he’s the one that gets captured, and Paz Vizsla makes a big to do about it because it’s his son—which is odd given the fact that this is not the first child taken! Did Paz just go, “Oh well, sad day anyway,” with them?!

The point is: Paz cares this time because Ragnar’s death wish has struck again. I don’t know about you, but if I almost died from standing by the water one time, I wouldn’t do it again. I guess the difference is this time, the dinosaur came from the sky? Still, you’d think if they knew that the raptors would fly in, they’d maybe not hold training out in the open on the beach!

I don’t know, I just think they could think logically a bit more. Like what if the Children of the Watch used more than one braincell and actually tried to protect each other? Maybe then Jurassic Wars wouldn’t break out each week on The Mandalorian.

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