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Who is Mr. Knight in Marvel’s Moon Knight?

Mr Knight adjusting his gloves and his all white suit in a new poster for Marvel's Moon Knight on Disney+

More Moon Knight news! Disney+ has released an all-new poster for the upcoming Marvel show, and fans are excited because it features one of Marc Spector’s core personalities that has become a recent fan-favorite in the comics. Everyone say hello to Mr. Knight!

Who is Marc Spector?

The former boxer and marine-turned-mercenary Marc Spector is the man who hosts Moon Knight and his other personalities. Various iterations of the comic have gone back and forth over what triggered his Dissociative Identity Disorder: was it the early childhood trauma of facing a Nazi serial killer? Or was it the Egyptian god Khonshu marking him from a young age to be his vessel on earth? The deity Khonshu has four aspects: Pathfinder, Embracer, Defender, and the Watcher of Overnight Travelers. It’s possible that these four aspects materialized as different personalities within Spector’s mind. Or it’s possible that his mind fractured in an attempt to mirror the god. And even still, certain issues of the comic reveal that Spector (and others) still question whether or not his connection to the Moon god is even real or another aspect of psychosis.

What are his various identities?

Marc Spector has mutliplte identities that formed starting in early childhood, but he has four core personalities aside from himself: Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, Moon Knight, and Mr. Knight, and they all serve different purposes in his crime-fighting work.

Steven Grant

Grant was the first identity to fully manifest in Marc’s mind, beginning as a childhood friend when he was a boy. Steven Grant is a millionaire philanthropist and is responsible for funding Moon Knight’s crime-fighting. Grant is the monetary source behind all of Moon Knight’s advanced gadgets and weaponry. He gained his millions by investing Spector’s mercenary earnings in the stock market. In later issues of the comic he even uses his fortune to build a movie studio. In the comics, he is the most public-facing of Spector’s identities, with many wealthy connections.

Jake Lockley

Lockley is the exact opposite of Grant, and the second identity to manifest. Jake Lockley is a street-smart cab driver in New York City. He uses his job to form a network of thugs and informants that supply Moon Knight with information. Eventually, some of his informants (like Gena Landers and her sons Rick and Ray) become very close friends of Spector.

Moon Knight

Also known as the Fist of Khonshu and Khonshu’s high priest, Moon Knight is the superpowered vigilante that takes to the streets every night to fight crime. Sworn to do Khonshu’s bidding for eternity, Moon Knight is garbed in an iconic white suit, cape, and cowl to ensure his foes always see him coming. The small bit of Khonshu’s power that is a part of Moon Knight endows him with superhuman strength, speed, durability, and “lunar strength” (moonlight increases his powers and abilities, especially a full moon.)

So who is Mr. Knight?

Mr. Knight is the newest of the main identities of Marc Spector. He was introduced in 2014 when Warren Ellis and artist Declan Shalvey ran a six-issue series on Moon Knight. Mr. Knight is the identity that surfaces during Spector’s visits to his psychiatrist and when meeting civilians seeking help. He is the professional interfacer for the other personalities. He wears a crisp, all-white suit (white shirt, white tie, white shoes, white gloves), and a white mask with the outline of a crescent moon on the forehead. 

Moon Knight premieres on March 30 on Disney+.

(image: Marvel/Disney+)

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