Gen Narumi, Kaiju No. 8, in battle suit, hair spiked up

Meet ‘Kaiju No. 8’s Strongest Defence Force Combatant

Introducing a new character in the finale is a ballsy move, Kaiju No. 8. The final episode of the season saw Kaiju No. 8 and Director Shinomiya go head to head, but someone else was on standby as well. At the end of the fight, we were introduced to the spiky-haired Gen Narumi.

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Kaiju No. 8 season 1 finished strong with an epic battle between one of the strongest members of the Defence Force and a berserker Kaiju No. 8. Kafka finally managed to regain control of his kaiju body before landing a fatal blow on the Director. He redirected the attack at himself, damaging his kaiju core and passing out. Quick to jump in was a masked figure sporting a rather ginormous and sharp blade that was aimed right at the unconscious Kafka. The figure was halted by Shinomiya who ordered him to drop his weapon.

Who Is Gen Narumi?

The fact we got a name immediately informed us that this was no grunt, this was a respected officer. Gen Narumi is the Captain of the First Division and is also known as “Japan’s Strongest Anti-Kaiju Combatant.” His skill and ability are therefore greater than what we have witnessed from Mina Ashiro and Director Shinomiya. He was likely present during the fight to put down Kaiju No. 8 if Shinomiya failed.

Narumi is a young man with spiky grey and black hair, signaling his somewhat split personality. In his free time, when not fighting kaiju, Narumi can be childish and even lazy, but that all stops once he is on the battlefield. Though we haven’t seen much of Narumi yet, we’re going to, considering that the second season is going to move across from the Third Division to the First Division. Kafka will likely be watched and controlled by Narumi to an extent, given that Narumi is probably one of the few people the Defence Force trusts to put down Kaiju No. 8 if needs be.

Narumi wields a GS-3305 Bayonet from Izumo Tech and is also a weapon crafted from the remains of Kaiju No. 1, making him the wielder of the oldest kaiju weapon in the Defence Force. His weapon allows him access to some pretty fantastic abilities, including the ability to visualize the brain signals of a living being and predict their movements before they make them. Basically, he can see what move his opponent will make before they make it.

Gen Narumi will be voiced by Koki Uchiyama, who has also voiced the villainous Tomura Shigaraki My Hero Academia and wordsmith Toge Inumaki from Jujutsu Kaisen.

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